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Where is the missing 777?



Messages posted to thread:
Shuteye 10-Mar-14
TD 10-Mar-14
bb 10-Mar-14
HA2/KS 10-Mar-14
Bluetick 10-Mar-14
Meat Grinder 10-Mar-14
Shuteye 10-Mar-14
GregE 10-Mar-14
muskeg 10-Mar-14
HA2/KS 10-Mar-14
Woods Walker 10-Mar-14
slade 10-Mar-14
GregE 10-Mar-14
TD 11-Mar-14
slade 11-Mar-14
Bluetick 11-Mar-14
Shuteye 11-Mar-14
Hunting555 11-Mar-14
Dave G. 11-Mar-14
Straight —» Arrow 11-Mar-14
JTV 11-Mar-14
Joey Ward 11-Mar-14
Shuteye 11-Mar-14
MI-Bowman 11-Mar-14
Shuteye 11-Mar-14
Thumper 11-Mar-14
HA2/KS 11-Mar-14
Grounblind 11-Mar-14
JTV 11-Mar-14
Shuteye 11-Mar-14
Thumper 12-Mar-14
Thumper 12-Mar-14
Sixby 12-Mar-14
DaleM 12-Mar-14
Narlyhorn 12-Mar-14
Sage Buffalo 12-Mar-14
Glunt@work 12-Mar-14
Two Feathers 12-Mar-14
bad karma 12-Mar-14
JTV 12-Mar-14
Hunting555 12-Mar-14
MI-Bowman 12-Mar-14
Woods Walker 12-Mar-14
MI-Bowman 12-Mar-14
Shuteye 12-Mar-14
trublucolo 12-Mar-14
HA2/KS 12-Mar-14
MI-Bowman 13-Mar-14
DaleM 13-Mar-14
Shuteye 13-Mar-14
Thumper 13-Mar-14
Woods Walker 13-Mar-14
MI-Bowman 13-Mar-14
Thumper 14-Mar-14
Shuteye 14-Mar-14
Bluetick 14-Mar-14
Dave G. 14-Mar-14
Woods Walker 14-Mar-14
Bluetick 14-Mar-14
Sixby 14-Mar-14
Hunting555 14-Mar-14
Glunt@work 14-Mar-14
muskeg 14-Mar-14
Woods Walker 14-Mar-14
JTV 14-Mar-14
TD 14-Mar-14
'Ike' 14-Mar-14
Anony Mouse 14-Mar-14
TD 14-Mar-14
Woods Walker 14-Mar-14
Coyote 65 14-Mar-14
bluedog 14-Mar-14
MI-Bowman 15-Mar-14
JTV 15-Mar-14
Steve CO 15-Mar-14
Thumper 15-Mar-14
Shuteye 15-Mar-14
Anony Mouse 15-Mar-14
'Ike' (Phone) 15-Mar-14
AZOnecam 16-Mar-14
Woods Walker 16-Mar-14
Meat Grinder 16-Mar-14
Anony Mouse 16-Mar-14
HA2/KS 16-Mar-14
trublucolo 16-Mar-14
Woods Walker 17-Mar-14
HA2/KS 17-Mar-14
doug 17-Mar-14
TD 17-Mar-14
JD 17-Mar-14
bohunt47 17-Mar-14
trublucolo 17-Mar-14
Anony Mouse 17-Mar-14
MI-Bowman 17-Mar-14
Woods Walker 17-Mar-14
Anony Mouse 17-Mar-14
MI-Bowman 17-Mar-14
Anony Mouse 18-Mar-14
Spike Bull 18-Mar-14
Woods Walker 18-Mar-14
Steve CO 18-Mar-14
Shuteye 18-Mar-14
Norseman 18-Mar-14
Russ Koon 18-Mar-14
Norseman 18-Mar-14
Steve CO 18-Mar-14
Spike Bull 18-Mar-14
Dave G. 18-Mar-14
Spike Bull 18-Mar-14
Norseman 18-Mar-14
Dave G. 18-Mar-14
Glunt@work 18-Mar-14
Woods Walker 18-Mar-14
Norseman 18-Mar-14
Bluetick 18-Mar-14
Dave G. 18-Mar-14
MI-Bowman 18-Mar-14
Dogsoldier 18-Mar-14
HA/KS 18-Mar-14
trublucolo 18-Mar-14
trublucolo 18-Mar-14
Woods Walker 18-Mar-14
trublucolo 18-Mar-14
trublucolo 18-Mar-14
Woods Walker 18-Mar-14
Rocky 18-Mar-14
Hunting555 19-Mar-14
Spike Bull 19-Mar-14
Glunt@work 19-Mar-14
Dave G. 19-Mar-14
TD 19-Mar-14
bb 19-Mar-14
Thumper 19-Mar-14
bluedog 19-Mar-14
trublucolo 19-Mar-14
Thumper 19-Mar-14
TD 19-Mar-14
Anony Mouse 19-Mar-14
MI-Bowman 19-Mar-14
Thumper 19-Mar-14
MI-Bowman 19-Mar-14
trublucolo 19-Mar-14
Thumper 19-Mar-14
HA/KS 19-Mar-14
Salagi 19-Mar-14
Anony Mouse 19-Mar-14
'Ike' (Phone) 19-Mar-14
bb 20-Mar-14
MI-Bowman 20-Mar-14
bb 20-Mar-14
slade 20-Mar-14
Shuteye 20-Mar-14
Dave G. 20-Mar-14
MI-Bowman 20-Mar-14
bb 20-Mar-14
MI-Bowman 20-Mar-14
bb 20-Mar-14
MI-Bowman 20-Mar-14
Glunt@work 20-Mar-14
trublucolo 23-Mar-14
Shuteye 23-Mar-14
Shuteye 23-Mar-14
Thumper 23-Mar-14
absaroka6 24-Mar-14
slade 24-Mar-14
JTV 24-Mar-14
MI-Bowman 24-Mar-14
MI-Bowman 24-Mar-14
absaroka6 24-Mar-14
Iktomi 24-Mar-14
MI-Bowman 24-Mar-14
Woods Walker 24-Mar-14
Thumper 25-Mar-14
BowSniper 25-Mar-14
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From: Shuteye Date: 10-Mar-14
Thought there would be something on here about the missing plane. Any ideas?

From: TD Date: 10-Mar-14
Don't know about where the place may be or what happened, but pretty crazy stuff about a couple passengers with forged passports and apparently several people removed or left the plane before take off.

From: bb Date: 10-Mar-14
Several people were removed or left the plane? I hadn't heard that. Defenitely some strange stuff going on.

From: HA2/KS Date: 10-Mar-14
Both pilots had interesting names.

The pilot of the missing plane is Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah

The first officer, Fariq Ab Hamid

Aviation experts say it's particularly puzzling that the pilots didn't report any kind of problems before contact was lost.

From: Bluetick Date: 10-Mar-14
How do they know that plane isn't sitting on a tarmac in Iran? Why are they so sure it went in?

From: Meat Grinder Date: 10-Mar-14
I haven't been closely following the story, but with no debris found floating in the ocean, no distress call, no signal from the black box, I can't help but wonder if the plane dropped below radar, changed direction and landed somewhere. I haven't heard enough on the news to know if they saw the plane dropping in altitude before it disappeared from radar.

If they crashed, may God rest their souls and comfort their loved ones. If they landed, I pray they are found alive and well, and are returned home asap.

From: Shuteye Date: 10-Mar-14
My wife is worried because Lex Jr. and his wife are heading to Beijing, China and they are on a 777. I told her that they are very safe planes but she still doesn't like it. I hope they like a bearded American musician in China.

From: GregE Date: 10-Mar-14
Lex, the missing plane is a 737-200

From: muskeg Date: 10-Mar-14
Kuala Lumpur is a very strange place and many of my international hunters that come hunt with me try everything to not have a connection or landing there.

Can be bad juju.

They are being very tight lipped about about things ... thats for sure.

From: HA2/KS Date: 10-Mar-14
"Lex, the missing plane is a 737-200"???

From: Woods Walker Date: 10-Mar-14
The same people that stole the last election from Ron Paul have done the same thing to the plane.

Damn statists!

From: slade Date: 10-Mar-14


From: GregE Date: 10-Mar-14
Hmmmm, the first news reports stated it was and showed pictures of the 737. sorry for the confusion


From: TD Date: 11-Mar-14

TD's Supporting Link

Sorry, 5 people who actually checked in for the flight never boarded the flight, their luggage removed. Did they know something? Were warned of something?

The folks with the stolen passports however, they were booked by an Iranian named "Mr Ali"? Seriously?

The plane just disappeared. Transponders, black box, etc. either shut off or destroyed.... somehow. The black boxes are pretty well armored and protected. Many are speculating it was manually shut off.

Doesn't look good.

From: slade Date: 11-Mar-14
The Iranians were trying to flee the hell hole of a country they lives in, using a fake or stolen passport to do so is not that uncommon. It has been reported one of them has family there.

From: Bluetick Date: 11-Mar-14
Lots of things on a plane float. Yet not a single article of flotsam?

From: Shuteye Date: 11-Mar-14
If it disintegrated mid air there would be flotsam every where. Remember the Challenger, they recovered a lot of it and that was about the biggest mid air explosion you will ever see.

From: Hunting555 Date: 11-Mar-14
Not to mention, if an explosion the black box would still be intact and broadcasting a signal.

They say this area is covered by radar and any missile launch would have been detected.

Very interesting to say the least.

From: Dave G. Date: 11-Mar-14
My guess, its in the water.

But I'm also guessing that it could be anywhere from the Andaman Sea , Gulf of Thailand, or South China Sea.

From: Straight —» Arrow Date: 11-Mar-14
it is in a million pieces on the bottom of one or more of the bodies of water listed above.

From: JTV Date: 11-Mar-14
Now they are saying it might have made landfall..... it will be found, may take some time...there was a airliner a while back that took two years I believe to find after a water crash ..... if it went in pretty much straight down at very high speed, a retired 777 pilot said there wouldnt be much debris to find .....

From: Joey Ward Date: 11-Mar-14
"The searchers all say they'd have made Casbah Bay if they'd put fifteen more miles behind 'er."

From: Shuteye Date: 11-Mar-14
Now they are saying that military radar says the plane made a 90^ turn, dropped way down in altitude and kept on flying? They said the military radar doesn't know the flight number but can track better than the commercial radar.

From: MI-Bowman Date: 11-Mar-14
They had better find it.

Are all these things you guys are saying reported facts?

I thought they found a door and part of what they believe is the tail piece near the oil slicks?

Next we will here some conspiracy that terrorist have the plane and dropped a door and part of a 777 tail section to throw everyone off the trail.

From: Shuteye Date: 11-Mar-14
They checked out the thing that was reported to be a door and it wasn't, it was trash. The oil slicks were checked out and were not jet fuel.

From: Thumper Date: 11-Mar-14
Mechanical failure, hi-jack'ers, missile strike, and/or bomb damage, all could have caused the plane to turn around. I'd like to know what level of decent and course changes the radar showed after it turned around. Was the plane being flown or just in its final glide path?

For the passengers well being I sure hope its been hi-jacked.

From: HA2/KS Date: 11-Mar-14
The problem is not thinking of things that could of happened, but explaining why there was no distress call from the cockpit with most of them.

The pilot of the missing plane is Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah

The first officer, Fariq Ab Hamid

From: Grounblind Date: 11-Mar-14
They pulled a David Copperfield and made it disappear. It very well might become a weapon of mass destruction. It took a big plane to carry "Little Boy" to Hiroshima and "Fat Man" to Nagasaki.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but in today's world you just never know. Iran is a left hand turn away from Malaysia. Pray for those souls on the jet who had no choice but to go along for the ride regardless of what happened here.

From: JTV Date: 11-Mar-14
Its sitting on the tarmac of some Muuuuslime held country...... just sayin' ....

From: Shuteye Date: 11-Mar-14
JVT, you may be right, I just hope the passengers are still alive if that happened. The thing I don't understand is now the military is saying they tracked it for several hundred miles after it made the turn. If so, why did they have all those ships looking in the wrong area,spending millions?

From: Thumper Date: 12-Mar-14
To find evidence of an in-flight bomb detonation?

From: Thumper Date: 12-Mar-14

From: Sixby Date: 12-Mar-14
My thinking is this, Iran either has or is about to get the bomb. They need a long range , inconspicuous bomber . Two Muzzy pilots and a passenger control unit. disable the black boxes, land in a friendly Muzzy airport and voila. As to the passengers., I pray that they will be held as future hostages./ The alternative could be terrible.

I am willing to bet that our government already knows where this plane is but we will never know.

God bless, Steve

From: DaleM Date: 12-Mar-14
Like others I think it was hijacked mid air and all they wanted was the plane, no other demands. It's currently being loaded with some weapon and getting set to head out, whereabouts unknown.

From: Narlyhorn Date: 12-Mar-14
I think it most likely a terrorist event. Especially since the government of denial says so. Just like Benghazi, Ft. Hood and other administration attempts to deny, deny, deny.

Difficult to believe a 777 could hide from 24/7 internet. If it could, it would have to be well planned.

From: Sage Buffalo Date: 12-Mar-14
Anyone watch Lost? bingo. Darma project.

From: Glunt@work Date: 12-Mar-14
I wouldn't rule anything out. Could be a group with intentions of using it for something bad, could be a malfunction, could be a terrorist attack, could have been one important passenger that was a target for a hit or to be kidnapped, could be all the passengers were taken as hostages, could be someone in control of the plane went off the deep end.

Very odd story but its rare that things are complete or 100% accurate in initial news reports. It will take a while for other new facts, or facts that are being held back, to come out. I assume there is more to every major news story and that sometimes the news what someone very powerful wants it to be. The transponder failing would suggest a major incident like a powerful expolosion, but the lack of debri suggests it didn't come apart...odd.

Its easy to think we can find anything in this day and age, but no pinpoint location and a huge expanse water is a pretty tough. If it went down and stayed mostly intact after a ditch, then sank, the debris trail would be small. I read the beacon lasts 30 days and then its on to sonar imaging like when they search for sunken ships.

From: Two Feathers Date: 12-Mar-14
Alien abduction!

From: bad karma Date: 12-Mar-14
Half this puzzle is still missing. Nothing makes sense today.

From: JTV Date: 12-Mar-14
Ah, Two Feathers.......the Bermuda Triangle is in a different ocean ;0)

From: Hunting555 Date: 12-Mar-14
Listened to a caller into a show last night. This caller claims to have inside information regarding military stuff.

Supposedly, there were 20 scientist on board the aircraft that work for a company that makes computer chips and circuits for defense department equipment. Think chips for drones, etc.....

He also claims we have sonar nets in that area and we could pinpoint exactly where if it had hit the water. He also confirmed this area is completely covered by radar and even if the planes systems were shutoff, it would have been tract by ground radar.

Him and some other insiders are saying everything on the plane was just switched off all of a sudden. They say this is only possible for someone with extensive knowledge of the aircraft and proper passwords etc...

They also talked about the fact that some passengers cell phones will still ring if called. Generally in a case where the phone is destroyed or off it would go straight to voice mail.

I don't have a clue, just telling you what I heard.

From: MI-Bowman Date: 12-Mar-14
Cell phones going to voice mail if shut off or destroyed is not right. I flushed mine in a toilet once totally ruining it and for a week I had to call it to retrieve my voicemails. It rang like normal.

From: Woods Walker Date: 12-Mar-14
The more this goes on, the more it stinks.

From: MI-Bowman Date: 12-Mar-14
Just looked at china pics on yahoo from a satellite that show something floating.

Its funny because you cannot make it out. I thought satellites could zoom in and see your car plate?

From: Shuteye Date: 12-Mar-14
One of those floating pieces is 70 feet long.

From: trublucolo Date: 12-Mar-14
"Just looked at china pics on yahoo from a satellite that show something floating."


From: HA2/KS Date: 12-Mar-14
Now they claim to have photos of a smoking spot in the jungle of southern Vietnam.

From: MI-Bowman Date: 13-Mar-14

MI-Bowman's embedded Photo

No sign of debris at this location.

I still do not understand why the satellite image is so bad. Are we the only ones that can zoom in on people and see them walking about?

From: DaleM Date: 13-Mar-14
China's sat images are bad because they want them to be bad. Misinformation, they don't want us to know how good their satellites really are at this stuff.

From: Shuteye Date: 13-Mar-14
Dale, you are right.

From: Thumper Date: 13-Mar-14
Any accurate news?

From: Woods Walker Date: 13-Mar-14
Obama is a bald faced liar. Now THAT'S accurate information!

From: MI-Bowman Date: 13-Mar-14

MI-Bowman's Supporting Link

From: Thumper Date: 14-Mar-14

Thumper's embedded Photo

Experts Have Narrowed Down the Location of the Missing Flight to This One Little Circle.

From: Shuteye Date: 14-Mar-14
The USA must have a clue, they are sending a destroyer into the Indian ocean.

From: Bluetick Date: 14-Mar-14

From: Dave G. Date: 14-Mar-14
"The USA must have a clue, they are sending a destroyer into the Indian ocean."


That's because if there's anything floating around out there in that 28 million square miles, the Navy's bound to run over it. :^)

From: Woods Walker Date: 14-Mar-14
They probably showed a bad in flight movie, and the Muslim pilots becamse enraged just like at Benghazi.

They need to arrest the maker of the movie and the whole event will disappear. Besides at this point...


From: Bluetick Date: 14-Mar-14
Two noteworthy developments: 1) The transponder and navcomms were manually shut off; and 2) There was a Ughar Chinese (read muslim), on board who had been recently taking flight time in a simulator for that type of plane. I saw this over on Atlas Shrugs ( -- you sure won't see item number two on the mainstream media.

From: Sixby Date: 14-Mar-14
The United States is running a dis-information program on this with a huge cost to us and our safety. I heard from a young man yesterday that just returned from China. He said that the plane landed safely and that was reported on their news for about an hour before the state shut the news up. Considering the scientist ect on the plane this could very well be the largest kidnapping in recent history. Our government would keep this quiet because in truth we are not going to do anything that would compromise Chinese USA relationships at this time with our economy.

God bless, Steve

From: Hunting555 Date: 14-Mar-14
Yeah, read yesterday that the plane was on radar for 4 hours after the transponders were shut off.

Don't kid yourself, we know where that plane is.

Who is standing up with Russia in regards to the Ukraine? China.

What did those 20 scientists know a lot about? U.S. Drone systems.

Hmmmmmm Makes you wonder...........

From: Glunt@work Date: 14-Mar-14
Lots of wild theories around. One has to do with a new patent on semiconductor manufacturing. 4 of the 5 patent holders were on the flight, the 5th is a US company that stands to reap a huge financial benefit.

Also read that the engines are linked via satellite to Boeing to transmit operating data. The full link wasn't never enabled but the basic communication ping was showing it operational for several hours.

No idea what happened, but I'm fairly certain we are getting a line of BS.

From: muskeg Date: 14-Mar-14
The US knows what goes on around the Indian Ocean from Diego Garcia.

From: Woods Walker Date: 14-Mar-14
What's so sad about this is that based on the lies that our government feeds on a daily basis about things like Obamacare and Beghazi (just to BARELY scratch the surface), I have no faith whatsoever in the truth of what they are/will be saying about this incident.

The one thing that IS true for sure is that they are NOT telling us everything.

From: JTV Date: 14-Mar-14
Here is what is happening I said earlier, it is on the tarmac in some Muuuuslime held country, the US knows where it is and they are doing recon trying to find out where the passengers are and the terrorist set up and will then pull a Entabbe/Israel type of raid to rescue the hostages.....

From: TD Date: 14-Mar-14
I think JTV nailed it.

From: 'Ike' Date: 14-Mar-14
No, it'd been leaked by now...7 days! Something would have come up...

From: Anony Mouse Date: 14-Mar-14

Anony Mouse's Supporting Link

Reuters via Breitbart:


1. The flight was hijacked. Reuters quotes a source saying: "What we can say is we are looking at sabotage, with hijack still on the cards." Hijacking may be the best way to account for the gradual and incremental--as opposed to sudden and total--shutdown in various transmissions from the flight as it slowly slipped away.

2. The flight may have landed. On Thursday, new evidence of satellite transmissions from equipment on the flight suggested that it may have remained airborne for about four hours after it lost contact with civilian radar. That, in turn, raised the possibility the flight landed, which would explain why the "black box" has not transmitted a signal. The Reuters story adds weight to that possibility: perhaps it was flown to a specific place.

3. The passengers may be alive. The Boston Globe identified this on Wednesday as one of several "crazy" conspiracy theories. And one hesitates to speculate about the fate of the passengers--and this is pure speculation--while families are going through torture over the fate of their loved ones. Yet if the flight was deliberately flown along a different path, and may have landed, its crew and passengers may be alive somewhere. That might explain why some of their cellphones still appeared to ring when called by relatives.

4. The flight may have been intercepted. Venturing into wild speculation, if military data exist but are being withheld, then perhaps there is a good reason. One reason would be if the flight had been shot down, which has happened in the past when flights have veered from their normal course. Given the possibility of a hijacking, in the post-9/11 world, an airstrike cannot be ruled out--and have to would be revealed delicately.

5. There may be a rescue under way. If the flight was hijacked, and landed, and the passengers may be alive, and there is some idea about where the Boeing 777 might be, then military authorities might not want to let the hijackers know how closely they are being tracked. It is not only improbable, but wildly conspiratorial, to imagine a rescue--except that it has happened before, at Entebbe--though that flight had not simply vanished.

From: TD Date: 14-Mar-14
Entebbe the goal was taking hostages.

In this case, if hijacked etc, the plane itself may be the goal as a vehicle for some kind of WMD. That would explain why no ransom "note" nor any group claiming responsibility for it. Any communication may tip off the plan before they can pull it off. Hostages may be of little to no use.

All speculation but they could all have been gassed on the plane already for that matter. If the plane still flew for several hours one would think at least one cell phone call from a passenger would have gotten out?

From: Woods Walker Date: 14-Mar-14
"If the plane still flew for several hours one would think at least one cell phone call from a passenger would have gotten out?"

Not if they slaughtered every last soul on that plane and stripped the bodies. Don't forget, these ARE Muslims that were talking about here. Barbarity is their modus operandi. If they didn't need hostages then they'd have no problem whatsoever killing the infidels, whether they be adults or children.

From: Coyote 65 Date: 14-Mar-14
I may be mistaken, but don't think there are too many cell towers in the ocean.


From: bluedog Date: 14-Mar-14
"Venturing into wild speculation"

Sums up most of the posts I don't know.

From: MI-Bowman Date: 15-Mar-14

MI-Bowman's Supporting Link

Investigators now say the plane was high-jacked

"It is conclusive"

From: JTV Date: 15-Mar-14
Use the plane as a method of delivery for a wmd and put the passengers on board as hostages daring anyone to shoot it down....but, I still think we know where it is and are going to send in a rescue team/Seals/Chuck Norris when enough intel is known.....

From: Steve CO Date: 15-Mar-14
"Venturing into wild speculation"

In the Community Forum? Who are you trying to kid? ;-)

From: Thumper Date: 15-Mar-14
Plane could have flown for over 7 hours.


MULTIPLE COUNTRIES EXPAND search for missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner after authorities say its last communication came 7 1/2 hours after takeoff, which means the plane could have made it as far as Kazakhstan.

From: Shuteye Date: 15-Mar-14
Well at least my son and his wife made it to Beijing last night on a 777. I'll hold my breath until they get back. Talk about a long flight.

I just hope we can find out what happened and with the way it is being reported I wonder if we will ever know the truth.

From: Anony Mouse Date: 15-Mar-14
Widening the story, it gets even weirder: more data points.

How do you make a get away and vanish with an oil tanker?

This is like a riddle for Banacek. (Am I alone here? Does anyone remember Banacek?)


Malaysia Airlines flight 370 is not the only craft to have vanished this week. A North Korean-flagged oil tanker, the Morning Glory, hasn’t been seen since illicitly loading up with some $25 million of crude at a Libyan port, earlier this week, then sailing away while under attack by armed sailors. +

The Morning Glory had taken on 234,000 barrels of Libyan crude at the eastern port of Es Sidr, which is held by Libyan rebels. The Libyan navy tried to seize it and escort it to a government-held port on March 10, but it escaped while under escort, even though the navy fired on it. It was thought to be heading toward—or even eventually anchored in—Egyptian waters, although that isn’t known with certainty. Here is a photo taken of the tanker in Es Sidr on March 8, while officials were figuring out how to react.


From: 'Ike' (Phone) Date: 15-Mar-14
Not sure what kind of radar they use in that part of world, but how's a jet liner fly for another 6-7 hours and nobody can figure it out...?

From: AZOnecam Date: 16-Mar-14
My gut feeling is, that plane didn't crash.

From: Woods Walker Date: 16-Mar-14
So here we are over a week later and the only thing we do know for sure is that this plane is missing. Everything else is speculation.

From: Meat Grinder Date: 16-Mar-14

Meat Grinder's Supporting Link

Anony Mouse--I remember Banacek. Loved the show. After Barney Miller was cancelled, Hal Linden had a short-lived show called "Black's Magic". The first show used the same storyline as a Banacek episode. Since I knew whodunit, it pretty well spoiled the new show for me.

As for missing plane, I hope they figure this out soon, and find the passengers safe and sound.

From: Anony Mouse Date: 16-Mar-14

Anony Mouse's Supporting Link

From: HA2/KS Date: 16-Mar-14
A comment on the article at mouse's link makes a lot of sense:

I think his intentions may have been to land the plane at an undisclosed location and offer to trade the 239 passengers for the immediate release of Ibrahim. Perhaps the Malaysian government accidentally shot down the unidentified aircraft flying over their nation before they had found out that Flight 370 was missing and perhaps this is the reason they keep sending the international search crews on wild goose chases so that the evidence is not found.

From: trublucolo Date: 16-Mar-14
"Perhaps the Malaysian government accidentally shot down the unidentified aircraft flying over their nation before they had found out that Flight 370 was missing and perhaps this is the reason they keep sending the international search crews on wild goose chases so that the evidence is not found."

Maybe, but one of the 30 plus countries aiding in the search would have had sat recon of Malaysia in by now from looking for wreckage during the first days of the search before foul play entered the pic.

From: Woods Walker Date: 17-Mar-14
I've got an idea! It's speculative but so's everything else that's been spoken about this incident so far.

Let it "slip", that there's evidence on that plane that will directly link Gov Christie to Bridgegate, or that will unquestionably prove that the Benghazi attack was indeed just some really angry Mulsim movie critics afterall, and that Obama/Hilary were right all the time and the MSM's reporters will find that plane in under 24 hours.

From: HA2/KS Date: 17-Mar-14

HA2/KS's Supporting Link

Mouse, the ship Morning Glory is found. The Seals have it.:

Navy SEALs have boarded and taken command of an oil tanker that was seized by three armed men at a Libyan port earlier this month, thwarting an attempt by a splinter militia group from selling nationalized Libyan oil on the black market.

From: doug Date: 17-Mar-14
trust me on this::::: our military knows where that plane is but won't say anything because they might give have to give up how they knew.

From: TD Date: 17-Mar-14
At one point the plane climbed to 45,000 feet (over it's suggested safe ceiling). An airliner "expert" on Fox was speculating the passengers were likely killed while well out of cellphone range. Simply decompress the plane, pilots go on oxygen and the passengers would be unconscious in a few minutes, dead shortly after. While the normal cruising altitude would have been enough to kill the passengers the speculation was the higher altitude was obtained specifically to make sure of it.

They don't want hostages. No hostage demands have been made. They want the plane. I would think the reasons obvious. I becomes a suicide WMD. It even had the range to get to know hostiles who have or are near having nukes.

I agree, the military/intelligence knows where this plane is. Or at least I hope so.

From: JD Date: 17-Mar-14

My boss is a AF Academy grad. He was laying out that 'no fuss" kill the passengers scenario for us at lunch last week.

That plane is on the ground somewhere...

From: bohunt47 Date: 17-Mar-14
Good one Woods Walker, Actually I think the Bush Administration did it.

From: trublucolo Date: 17-Mar-14
"That plane is on the ground somewhere..."

Safe bet if there ever was one :-)

- Rather it's on the ocean floor, splattered on a hillside, or as some here think, in hostile hands (I'm in this group as well).

From: Anony Mouse Date: 17-Mar-14
Found it!!

From: MI-Bowman Date: 17-Mar-14

How do you do that every time? Its impossible for me to think of an appropriate picture for any 1 topic but you have them for all of them I have been in over the last month.

You must have a photographic memory to know how to do that.

From: Woods Walker Date: 17-Mar-14
Or Obama could promise them....

"If you like the plane you hijacked, you can keep the plane you hijacked...period."

From: Anony Mouse Date: 17-Mar-14
Some people surf the Internet...I blogjog. ;o)

There's an app for that:

From: MI-Bowman Date: 17-Mar-14

From: Anony Mouse Date: 18-Mar-14

Anony Mouse's embedded Photo

Friend sent me the above...the ultimate bit of irony:

From: Spike Bull Date: 18-Mar-14
Not to change the great mood, but I fear this airplane will be loaded with dirty nukes and crash landed in Isreal before they even admit it has been stolen by terrorists.

From: Woods Walker Date: 18-Mar-14
I think Spikey's prediction is accurate overall. It's still all guess work for sure, but if I had to make a call I'd say that it WAS a hijacking, and that the passengers are all dead. Not that they had anything against the passengers, more like they were collateral damage. The destination of the now armed plane is anyone's guess, but if I had to bet I'd say Israel is at the top of the list. I'd also be wary of the Chinese Islamotards, the Uyghur's. They're the ones responsible for the recent knife attacks.

They either had to want the plane, OR the passengers. If they wanted the passengers then it would have been to make a statement or demand of some sort and I think that they'd have already made it by this time.

If they wanted the plane, then the passengers are SOL.

Of course, they may find the remains of the plane and everything else that was in there and ALL these predictions will go out the window!

From: Steve CO Date: 18-Mar-14
Or they may never find anything at all and all the speculation goes out the window. However it ends, the News Organizations have milked this cow for everything it's worth and then some.

From: Shuteye Date: 18-Mar-14
Israel has fighter jets ready to rumble. They are armed and watching.

From: Norseman Date: 18-Mar-14

about your pic, Triple 7s only have 2 engines....

just sayin' ;^)

From: Russ Koon Date: 18-Mar-14
Beg to differ there, Steve CO. I expect there are several books and movies being written as we type based on the episode.

We're still seeing them based on Lincoln's assassination, the Pearl Harbor attack preparations, the Kennedy assassination, and sightings of various real or imaginary figures such as Hitler, Elvis, Bigfoot, and little green guys from Mars.

I bet the milking is just getting started. Probably some fingers poised over keyboards right now awaiting further news to see which alternative ending to go with.

From: Norseman Date: 18-Mar-14
question for you guys?

If Russia, China or some "Goldfinger" type outfit launches a ICBM from the Indian Ocean via a submarine, no one would know about it until it reach a nearby country's airspace?

I find this hard to believe.

From: Steve CO Date: 18-Mar-14
When you're right, you're really right... Of course there will be another shiny thing to show us next week, and the next. None of it really informs us, but it sure keeps us entertained.

From: Spike Bull Date: 18-Mar-14
...and NOT looking at the acts of our traitorous BHOr.

From: Dave G. Date: 18-Mar-14
"If Russia, China or some "Goldfinger" type outfit launches a ICBM from the Indian Ocean via a submarine, no one would know about it until it reach a nearby country's airspace?"


From: Spike Bull Date: 18-Mar-14

Spike Bull 's Supporting Link

Great minds ....

From: Norseman Date: 18-Mar-14
What's false?

From: Dave G. Date: 18-Mar-14
If an ICBM is launched from the Indian Ocean via a sub, somebody would know about it before it reached a nearby country's airspace.

From: Glunt@work Date: 18-Mar-14
I'm guessing someone would know about a missile launch in the Indian ocean pretty quickly as well. Thats why its hard to believe someone doesn't know where a lumbering 777 went.

From: Woods Walker Date: 18-Mar-14
BREAKING NEWS!!!! The plane has been found!'s been waiting for a gate at O'Hare since last Monday! Airport authorities state that it's turn is coming soon.....

From: Norseman Date: 18-Mar-14

From: Bluetick Date: 18-Mar-14

Bluetick's Supporting Link

Here's what some Israeli security experts think. Interesting. And from other articles I've been reading, they can't say for sure where the plane went, but they've got a good idea it's supposed to end up in Tel Aviv.

From: Dave G. Date: 18-Mar-14
ICBM launch in that part of the world - very unique signature - we're VERY interested...

Boeing 777 in that part of the world - one of many - we could give a rat's patoot...

From: MI-Bowman Date: 18-Mar-14

MI-Bowman's Supporting Link

From: Dogsoldier Date: 18-Mar-14

Dogsoldier's embedded Photo

From: HA/KS Date: 18-Mar-14
I think that if it landed intact somewhere our government knows where it is. If it ditched in the ocean or crashed on some remote piece of land, they do not.

From: trublucolo Date: 18-Mar-14
Nice one Dog :-)

From: trublucolo Date: 18-Mar-14

trublucolo's Supporting Link

From: Woods Walker Date: 18-Mar-14
trub: Linkee no workee

From: trublucolo Date: 18-Mar-14
Yeah, I went back and looked at it. It was an opinion piece written by an individual who was involved with the post 9-11 recommendations.

He was questioning why pilots still have the ability to shut off the transponders. You might be able to google it. Think it was in the NY Times.

From: trublucolo Date: 18-Mar-14
"Why Can Pilots Still Shut Off Transponders? - Real Clear Politics"


"14 hours ago - WASHINGTON — WHEN mass murderers took over the cockpits of four American airliners on Sept. 11, 2001, one of the first things they did was ..."

From: Woods Walker Date: 18-Mar-14

From: Rocky Date: 18-Mar-14
Dog...LMAO...when that picture came up I blew chunks. You are a sick dude.... Da plane Da was that good.

The Rock

From: Hunting555 Date: 19-Mar-14
We may need him later...... "Oh crap, da plane, da plane!!!!"

Read yesterday that Boeing engineers have said they know the plane was in the air for at least 4 hours after the transponders were shut off.

The plane's engines are linked up via satellite for real time monitoring of their systems. Because the plane dropped below 5000 feet, the system wasn't continuously connected, but when it could it would reconnect.

Four hours of flight time puts it able to land in several middle eastern countries including Iran.

From: Spike Bull Date: 19-Mar-14
Perhaps a secondary target is the airline industry itself. It would not take too many jetliner highjackings to shut that industry right down.

This is like pirates of Somalia, airborne.

From: Glunt@work Date: 19-Mar-14
777s are expensive. Not sure how you sell or utilize a stolen one, but they are $300,000,000 new. I don't see straight up theft as a likely scenario, but people have gone through more for way less.

From: Dave G. Date: 19-Mar-14
Obama's folks will have their eye on Craigs list, no doubt.

From: TD Date: 19-Mar-14
I wouldn't want to be flying a plane right now without a transponder....

If I remember they are required equipment even in smaller private planes? I know my Dad was required to install one in the 185 many years ago. He was upset... it was a VERY expensive installation.

I would guess around any populations there would be a scramble. I'd bet armed forces all over the globe are on high alert right now.

Edit: WRT transponders, not sure how easy it is to re-program a transponder to be "seen" as another plane, I thought it would be pretty tough. But just informed it would be relatively easy to steal the transponder from another plane somewhere, wire it in and use it's signature/registration.

With all the air traffic in this world..... good chance no one will ever see what's coming.

From: bb Date: 19-Mar-14
A transponder is not unique to a given aircraft. Its basically a radio that broacasts a specific code that is assigned for a particular flight by air traffic control. All it does is all ow you radar signature to be identified as your plane you will be assigned different codes on different flights. Setting the code is just the same as dialing a frequency on your voice radio The frequency is assigned by traffic control, and can change during a flight. For example when you are handed of from one traffic control center to another, the new center may assign you a different code that can happen throughout a flight

From: Thumper Date: 19-Mar-14
Two planes in the air can also link up and swap codes.

From: bluedog Date: 19-Mar-14
"Where is the missing 777?"

I'll play speculation and handicap it..

85%.... bottom of the sea

14%.... crashed in mountains and/or jungle terrain

less than 1%..... sitting on some airport

less than 1%.... abducted by aliens to the Mother ship.

Why I don't know... maybe terrorist suicide murder, maybe a mental breakdown suicide, hell maybe a lover's pact suicide.

Chances of finding it in near future? less than 40%

From: trublucolo Date: 19-Mar-14
"I'll play speculation and handicap it..

85%.... bottom of the sea"

Sounds about right, latest news showed the military losing radar on it way out over open water.

From: Thumper Date: 19-Mar-14
I wonder if they know how much fuel the plane actually had when it took off?

"NEW DELHI: As multiple nations search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 frantically, reports are emerging that the plane was spotted by some people near the Maldivian islands.

Maldivian news website Haveeru reported that residents of the remote Maldives island of Kuda Huvadhoo in Dhaal Atoll said they saw a "low-flying jumbo jet" around 6.15am (Maldivian time) on March 8, the day when the flight disappeared. It also said the residents reported that that it was a white aircraft, with red stripes across it like the planes operated by Malaysia Airlines."

The sighting at Kuda Huvadhoo in Dhaal Atoll is about half way to Somalia, if confirmed, Flight 370 is looking for fuel at 0815hrs Malaysian time. She's thirsty, if they didn't get to refuel this will narrow the search area.

From: TD Date: 19-Mar-14
Good info, my understanding is transponders also identified that specific unique aircraft as well as give heading, speed, altitude, etc. for the controllers. I do recall the controllers could assign flight codes. But I thought it ID'ed the specific plane as well. Or maybe just that specific transponder?

If in the water the emergency beacons as well as the black box is activated. There would have been something found by now by someone. The transponder etc. were very likely manually shut off. The described maneuvers the plane took are not maneuvers the auto-pilot would have made. With no pilots the plane would not have gone far without auto-pilot.

I'd say 90% it was skyjacked. It didn't blow up in the sky. No distress calls.. Flew on and on for hours after transponder etc. turned off. Still no distress calls.

From: Anony Mouse Date: 19-Mar-14

From: MI-Bowman Date: 19-Mar-14
The question I have is why would the transponder be anywhere that a human can get to it while in flight?

After 9-11 the transponder being reached by a human is self defeating.

From: Thumper Date: 19-Mar-14
Because the pilot is given different codes to enter by each traffic controller assigned to the plane during the flight.

From: MI-Bowman Date: 19-Mar-14
That's fine but there needs to be one that no one can interfere with.

The one the pilot uses can be like it is now but all planes should have a secret transponder.

From: trublucolo Date: 19-Mar-14
"Because the pilot is given different codes to enter by each traffic controller assigned to the plane during the flight."

Why not have the controller enter them electronically? Or the pilot enter them electronically and if they don't match a air traffic controllers computer program red flags are raised? Just thoughts, but redundancy is common in many aviation applications.

From: Thumper Date: 19-Mar-14
"I'd say 90% it was skyjacked. It didn't blow up in the sky. No distress calls.. Flew on and on for hours after transponder etc. turned off. Still no distress calls."

Missing jetliner's flight path changed before co-pilot's signoff, source says. AP/Reuters

"THE MALAYSIA AIRLINES flight that vanished 10 days ago was already 12 minutes into its diverted course when the plane's co-pilot calmly gave a routine 'all right' in his final radio call," says former FAA spokesman Scott Brenner."

From: HA/KS Date: 19-Mar-14
I would put the odds it is in the ocean at higher than 85%, but basically agree with that analysis.

One thing I have not heard discussed is what flying at 5,000 ft or less does to fuel consumption and possible range?

From: Salagi Date: 19-Mar-14

Salagi's Supporting Link

Here's an interesting non-conspiracy take.

From: Anony Mouse Date: 19-Mar-14
Think Bill Whittle pretty much gave evidence to dismiss that...

Seen several other pilots whose opinions agree with Whittle.

From: 'Ike' (Phone) Date: 19-Mar-14
We'll never know...

From: bb Date: 20-Mar-14
The transponder is intended to be set by the pilot, It is also designed to be able to be shut off by the pilot. You shut it off when you are on the ground, it's not intended to allow anyone to keep track of airplanes, it is intended to make your particular plane more visible to someone watching a radar screen so they can keep track of all the planes in a particular controllers quadrant of responsibility and provide traffic separation to the pilots. They don't always make the plane more visible just by "squawking " the code there is what they call an ident feature, which the pilot will press a button that will make his plane glow brighter on the radar screen for a few minutes so traffic control can positively identify the particular plane, the only purpose for the transponder is for traffic separation. A typical communication from air traffic control will go something like this, after the pilot calls into the control center and identifies his aircraft and tells them he is entering their control area. Amongst other things, he will be instructed to squawk,a 4 digit code and they may ask him to ident at the same time. As he is handed off from one Center to the next, he will be instructed to squawk another code and so on.

From: MI-Bowman Date: 20-Mar-14
It needs to change. Obviously.

From: bb Date: 20-Mar-14
It obviously needs to change to what? It sounds like you are trying to make a spark plug do the job of a radiator.

From: slade Date: 20-Mar-14
Latest Intel leak from Boeing has the plane landing in Pakistan and retired General Doug Nash claiming on Fox

“If this had been a violent crash the emergency locator transmitters would have been activated which automatically notifies a satellite constellation TSARSAT, a satellite system that looks for emergency transmissions on certain frequencies. So, if it were a violent crash, either on land or at sea we would have had a couple pings at least even at sea on the ELTs. So, whatever happened, it may not have been violent, it may have been a soft landing in the water which is a little bit unlikely because of where in the ocean they’re looking, which is down southwest of Australia. But, if it were to have been landed on an airfield, on terra firma, then that would explain why there was no ELT."

From: Shuteye Date: 20-Mar-14
The Australians have some satellite photos that they are looking at pretty closely. Will have to see what that shows.

From: Dave G. Date: 20-Mar-14

Dave G. 's embedded Photo

From: MI-Bowman Date: 20-Mar-14
bb- It needs to change so any commercial plane can be tracked whether the pilot or a terrorist shuts off the electronics on a potential WOMD or not.

I do not know exactly how it all works but it looks like a knowledgeable person can shut off the transponder leaving limited ground radar as the source to track it.

It is a technological age we are in so there is no excuse for loosing a plane.

From: bb Date: 20-Mar-14
UPS uses a GPS system that is installed on their trucks. It sounds like something similar is what you are looking for.

From: MI-Bowman Date: 20-Mar-14
GPS would be great. Maybe something wireless that also recognizes the signal and sends out notice when the main transponder is shut off.

An independent system that cannot be altered by human intervention from the plane seems appropriate for the times we live in.

From: bb Date: 20-Mar-14
Problem as I see it is assuming that someone is monitoring every flight out there to make sure they don't deviate from their flight plan and if one decides to deviate, what is anyone going to do about it? I guess there's the option of shooting it down but geeez, that's a hell of a predicament.

From: MI-Bowman Date: 20-Mar-14
I bet people are monitoring the planes. If there was a transponder that could not be interfered with and main transponder was shut off it could send the signal giving an alert.

Scramble the jets and try to make contact. At that point if it is a terrorist they will put it in the ground anyway to take out the ones they do have but at least civilians in buildings are not killed.

I think it would be an easy but awful call to take out a plane that's tampered with and refusing to comply to radio instructions from a fighter jet.

From: Glunt@work Date: 20-Mar-14
Can't imagine it will be too long until we can just fly the plane from the tower in an emergency situation.

From: trublucolo Date: 23-Mar-14

trublucolo's Supporting Link

From: Shuteye Date: 23-Mar-14
Trublucolo, that was a good one.

From: Shuteye Date: 23-Mar-14
How come they aren't using our Global Hawks? They can stay up for thirty five hours and are about the best equipment we have for finding stuff. A general told Huck that they are over the Middle East. I bet he knows something that we don't know.

From: Thumper Date: 23-Mar-14
Hi-jacked, suicide crash or parked in Pakistan. 95%

Air to air missile strike or bomb took the cockpit out causing the plane fly itself above 45k ft killing all aboard, or the plane was flown to 45k ft to put a fire out. Stalled then turned south and flew until the fuel ran out. 5%

Looking for debris West of Australia is a diversion. 50/50


From: absaroka6 Date: 24-Mar-14
The Daily Mail is reporting that Malay Officials are declaring the Plane went down, with all aboard lost. (don't know how to cut and paste, or link)nk

From: slade Date: 24-Mar-14
Debris located in the Indian Ocean near Australia.

From: JTV Date: 24-Mar-14
I'll believe it when they find parts of it.....

From: MI-Bowman Date: 24-Mar-14

MI-Bowman's Supporting Link

From: MI-Bowman Date: 24-Mar-14
absaroka6- Check your PM

From: absaroka6 Date: 24-Mar-14
Thank You, I will give it a try.

From: Iktomi Date: 24-Mar-14

Iktomi's embedded Photo

I found it!

From: MI-Bowman Date: 24-Mar-14
The Mouse guy posted that picture half way up. You both found it.

From: Woods Walker Date: 24-Mar-14
Wait a minute. The Malaysian government...the same one that took several days to tell us that the plane had made a left turn...SAYS that the plane went down in the southern Indian Ocean with no real physical proof? And were supposed to believe them??? I don't think so.

Do I think the plane is sitting on the bottom of the ocean somewhere? Yes. But until they find physical evidence then what I think is just that...what I think. It's no more true or false than anyone else's opinion.

So the bottom line 16 days later is that the ONLY thing we know for sure is that the plane is missing.

From: Thumper Date: 25-Mar-14
Its still missing.

From: BowSniper Date: 25-Mar-14
Here is a NY Times story that didn’t get much TV coverage. Apparently witnesses in the ongoing NYC federal Bin Laden trial (an Al’Queda bomb maker) specifically mentioned a plot to hijack a Malaysian flight He gave the Malaysian terrorists an explosive shoe he made, so they could get through the reinforced cockpit door. Coincidence?!?

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