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Modern tech and kill range
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gangster40 11-Jan-18
swede 11-Jan-18
From: gangster40
It has taken me a while to figure out a title to this, just because of the subject. Basically I want to take about the problems with modern bows and some of the hunters beliefs in what these new bows can do. I am going to state my beliefs, and why I believe them. With the speeds and accuracy of the modern compound bow, and some of our T.V. hunters, a lot of hunters have the belief that they can easily take large game at ranges from 70 to close to a hundred yards. Yes the accuracy can be there, but is the arrow caring enough kinetic energy and momentum to get a good clean harvest. So I did my own research and my own beliefs. I do not take shots with my compound bow of more then 40-45 yards. I get asked a lot why do I pass on shots I could do at longer ranges, and after a lot of soul searching and looking things up, here is my answer. Yes I probable could hit a standing target that did not move, but in the split second it takes for the arrow to get there a lot of things might happen (personal view). My research came up with this, as with any projectile as it travels down range it is expending its kinetic energy, and also with that it is losing its momentum to penetrate. Is it worth the chance? The chance of hitting a rib and further impeding is to great for me. So what are your thoughts on this?

From: swede
I will not shoot at deer and elk beyond about 40 yards. I am a good shot for an old geezer, but have my limitations. Sure I could kill one at 60 yards, but a hit could also be off a little and I could spend the next two days looking for a wounded animal. If we are honest, most of us will recognize there is a point where the risk factor make a shot unethical. I have a friend that shoot a heavier bow and is a great shot. He has a longer effective range than I do. I will leave it to him to decide based not only on himself and his equipment, but also on the situation.

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