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Age my deer. Score not important 7 02-Sep-14
At the range - cant believe it. 22 02-Sep-14
Lighted nocks- do we really need them?! 12 02-Sep-14
Full marathon, training etc 5 02-Sep-14
Big 'ol brassicas 24 02-Sep-14
I pay zero attention to the wind 41 02-Sep-14
Hoyt Tribute Compound 7 02-Sep-14
NJ. Animal cruelty for shooting a dog 49 02-Sep-14
Ogden Willard peaks Utah questions 7 02-Sep-14
First bear! 16 02-Sep-14
The Crush hits an all time low! 75 02-Sep-14
Buffalo with Daretobowhunt 7 02-Sep-14
Archery Kryg Mid Asian Ibex 51 02-Sep-14
Just back from Limcroma 42 02-Sep-14
Shoulder hit--8" penetration --fatal?? 103 02-Sep-14
2014 Bugling Report 13 02-Sep-14
Where to buy hunting clothing 11 02-Sep-14
Returning from a hunt with Angus Brown 19 02-Sep-14
20 more days Blacktail Bob &I do Az 104 02-Sep-14
Fake Rage broadheads 50 02-Sep-14
wood bison 2 02-Sep-14
Rage Broadheads for nilgai 7 02-Sep-14
Buffalo 99 02-Sep-14
boots after achilles surgery & rehab 8 02-Sep-14
Accuracy of Nockturnal Nocks 4 02-Sep-14
Bow sling? 10 02-Sep-14
My 2014 Stone Sheep Hunt 101 02-Sep-14
SW Nebraska wind patterns? 1 02-Sep-14
Trophy Safaris Fall 2014 ,giant down 25 02-Sep-14
Elk Hunting Wyoming's Area 116 3 02-Sep-14
Where would you shoot? 44 02-Sep-14
New First Lite gear 10 02-Sep-14
Half Cocked, Unlocked, and Loaded Lite 48 02-Sep-14
Tunes while hiking in 49 02-Sep-14
Ohio anti crazy ideas! 18 02-Sep-14
2014 Meatpole 50 02-Sep-14
Out of sate elk hunt check list 6 02-Sep-14
Pop up blind shoot thru mesh???? 4 02-Sep-14
why do my arrows corkscrew or barrel rol 21 02-Sep-14
I know what he scored - how good R U? Field Judge Request 133 02-Sep-14
Sheep in my honey hole! 22 02-Sep-14
Bushnell truth w/ ARC ???? 9 02-Sep-14
Montana Mule Deer Hunt - 2010 Flashback 83 02-Sep-14
tough one to guess Field Judge Request 12 02-Sep-14
Let's see your Moose with Papa Bear Adv 1 02-Sep-14
Glacier Bears? 17 02-Sep-14
New 'Wild Sheep" Cover ROCKS!! 9 02-Sep-14
Best Elevation in CO last week of season 5 02-Sep-14
Are you concerned about CWD? 23 02-Sep-14
Rocking R Ranch Meatpole 2014 8 02-Sep-14
1/2 122 02-Sep-14
dayone camo wool quality 8 02-Sep-14
Sitka Coldfront Jacket sizing 4 02-Sep-14
bowtech limb failure, is it common? 19 02-Sep-14
Ken Moody Hunting Africa - Update 5 02-Sep-14
Hunting Big Woods 7 02-Sep-14
What has happened to the Mule Deer 12 02-Sep-14
Bear harvest 2014 5 02-Sep-14
NIMH batteries in game cameras. 9 02-Sep-14
Too far forward 13 02-Sep-14
Mountain Goat Success! 64 02-Sep-14
Book now for 2015 and pay 2012 rates!!! 20 02-Sep-14
Scouting Drones? 45 02-Sep-14
What do ya think? Field Judge Request 23 02-Sep-14
Would you shoot anymore does? 25 02-Sep-14
VPA broadheads 7 02-Sep-14
score game Field Judge Request 21 02-Sep-14
Elk & Trad Bow? 95 02-Sep-14
Good enough for me.... Field Judge Request 27 02-Sep-14
JLS goes solo in the Ruby Mountains 159 02-Sep-14
bear hunting 2 02-Sep-14
UTV Selection Help eeded 13 02-Sep-14
Trouble sleeping 39 02-Sep-14
Whoa....Search Function changes??? 7 02-Sep-14
Archery Hunting for Turkey 34 02-Sep-14
Utah Scenery Pics and Hunt 86 02-Sep-14
Good bow! 7 02-Sep-14
arrow spine? 11 02-Sep-14
Bow cables in sight?? 6 02-Sep-14
Weekend 1 update from the Zirkels 2 02-Sep-14
Hunting elk is HARD?! 7 02-Sep-14
How about a NY Black Bear? Field Judge Request 4 01-Sep-14
Arrow toughness 27 01-Sep-14
Dennis Weller giant Muley success! 35 01-Sep-14
Therma Cell 10 01-Sep-14
caution to Mexican Desert Bighorn hunter 10 01-Sep-14
Skb 4114a bow case? 7 01-Sep-14
Unusual combinations 3 01-Sep-14
Count down to BC 4 01-Sep-14
Big 11... Field Judge Request 32 01-Sep-14
Windy day strategies 12 01-Sep-14
True or not? 5 01-Sep-14
Needs another year Field Judge Request 8 01-Sep-14
What will he score? Field Judge Request 28 01-Sep-14
AK Caribou Hunt 59 01-Sep-14
Leather boot waterproofer 12 01-Sep-14
Kelli VanCleave 9 01-Sep-14
New Bowsite Functionality - read here 228 01-Sep-14
need hunting partner 9 01-Sep-14
For those heading to the mountains... 42 01-Sep-14

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Community Forum
#description# Videos
My Kids First Kills On Video.

This is what it's about.
by DC

On a recent Elk scouting trip I brought the video camera along to capture some of the many forms of wildlife that surround this Montana town. Gorgeous country as you'll see

Wildlife of Gardiner, Montana
by LeSausage

50 yd shot, 60 yd recovery

Spot & Stalk Antelope 2014
by BowCrossSkin

Luke Russell returns to Namibia with Englebrecht Safaris for his big Kudu bull.

A Kudu for my son
by Jerry Russell

5th day I finally got him.

AZ sot & stalk
by glass eye

August 2014

Plotwatcher August
by nehunter

When we were Black Bear Hunting in Montana we walked up on a Ruffed Grouse on his drumming log. You can hear him for miles it felt like. 

***For best sound wear head phones***

Ruffed Grouse Drumming UP CLOSE
by Mr_steve

During early December of 2014, our friend James was able to put down a great whitetail deer in the state of Kansas. We only had one weekend to get it done!

Big Kansas Buck Down
by Mr_steve

While in Montana on a bear hunt we decided to to an updated trailer tour. It is a black 16' enclosed trailer. Enjoy!

Perfect Hunting Trailer
by Mr_steve

Testing the No-Glow feature to see if Deer are keying in on the trail camera. In ten clips, none have looked at the camera.

First test of the Moultrie 1100i Trail Camera
by Pat Lefemine

Getting ready for archery season. This is a video of a 6x5 bull elk. Subscribe to my youtube channel and check out my other trailcam videos.

nice 6x5 bull elk
by Fred

Third Self Filmed DIY Hunts. Just for fun.

Self Filmed Hunts
by DC

Bear is shot and then falls from tree!

Bear Kill Video, Saskatchewan
by Charlie Rehor

A review of my hunt with Rock Ridge Outfitting

Bear Kill Video, Saskatchewan
by Charlie Rehor

DIY Multiple Self Filmed Hunts.

by DC

Different DIY

A season to remember
by DC

A review of my hunt at La Griffe d'Ours

La Griffe d'Ours, Black Bear Bow Hunt
by Charlie Rehor

night video of 3 bulls discussing dining arrangements. Subscribe to my youtube channel for more videos.

3 bulls feeding
by Fred

Big Manitoba bear with North Mountain Adventures

Big Spring Bear
by jmail20

deer skinned in under 2 minutes

Worlds Fastest Deer Skinning
by Perry

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