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Trail Cam Photo.... What is this? 16 28-Jul-14
Elk Camp 124 28-Jul-14
cover scents 10 28-Jul-14
Frontal shot moose? 83 28-Jul-14
scouting photos 6 27-Jul-14
Moose Decoy 16 27-Jul-14
lost speed on bow 8 27-Jul-14
Arctic Red River Bound! 45 27-Jul-14
Nose jammer work?? 42 27-Jul-14
New antler growth 86 27-Jul-14
Best Training State? 49 27-Jul-14
Slam species?? 13 27-Jul-14
Brand Name seed vs Brown Bag 19 27-Jul-14
Gortex Boot Life Span 10 27-Jul-14
last minute stone hunts 99 27-Jul-14
Easiest diaphram call? 16 27-Jul-14
Hunter Ethics 36 27-Jul-14
JHA 2014 31 27-Jul-14
Can someone else tune your bow? 36 27-Jul-14
Tree stand harness 18 27-Jul-14
Relocate? 5 27-Jul-14
Anyone do a Tough Mudder this year? 31 27-Jul-14
If you couldn't hunt,would you watch it? 48 27-Jul-14
whitetail'r scentpurge 3 27-Jul-14
Helical on Blazer vanes 35 27-Jul-14
Recommend a magazine 47 27-Jul-14
Hunting the full moon. Good or Bad? 24 27-Jul-14
High energy lightweight packable food 13 27-Jul-14
Summer whitetails 11 27-Jul-14
Barry Wensel's Stand Details - Discuss 22 27-Jul-14
Muche 60 27-Jul-14
South African Lion Hunt 2 27-Jul-14
past dui and entering Canada 37 27-Jul-14
My new Kubota is on it's way! 11 27-Jul-14
What to do? 14 27-Jul-14
IBEX BABY!!! 33 27-Jul-14
OTC units in New Mexico ?? 13 27-Jul-14
Magnus Rackpak for Packframe 2 27-Jul-14
DIY HUNTS & VIDEO 2 27-Jul-14
New Bowsite Functionality - read here 115 27-Jul-14
Use of oilseed radish to improve plot? 5 27-Jul-14
New Website 3 27-Jul-14
Alaska Vs Yukon for Archery Moose 14 27-Jul-14
Pat on on P&Y magazine cover 18 27-Jul-14
Moose, Bison, Goat arrow?? 20 27-Jul-14
Ramcat Broadheads 13 27-Jul-14
Magnus Stinger vs. field tip 8 27-Jul-14
CO Unit 3/301 Archery Experience 11 27-Jul-14
Game processing in Laramie, WY? 15 27-Jul-14
S-12 Help! 24 27-Jul-14
First Timers, rookies, greenhorns 120 27-Jul-14
fold flat climbing stand 4 27-Jul-14
17 Days until a leave for the Haul 10 27-Jul-14
Pope and Young museum 4 27-Jul-14
Dysentery 42 27-Jul-14
Backyard test plot 10 27-Jul-14
Darn Tough Socks 42 27-Jul-14
Success with double fencing 2 27-Jul-14
Man, I'm dry!! 71 27-Jul-14
Arizona Coues January 1-5, 2015 4 27-Jul-14
SW Colorado (help) 9 27-Jul-14
Good Bad Ugly 3 27-Jul-14
WY wilderness how is this legal 129 27-Jul-14
New to the site 34 27-Jul-14
Need full body mount ideas! Photos? 73 27-Jul-14
Hunting the bluff along lake Michigan 1 27-Jul-14
Sounds that might stop antelope? 15 27-Jul-14
VPA adds a 100gr 2 Blade 57 26-Jul-14
Great message...worth a look 5 26-Jul-14
Brassicas issues 6 26-Jul-14
Turnips by hand (question) 22 26-Jul-14
a long break 9 26-Jul-14
Sitka Early Season Whitetail pants. 20 26-Jul-14
Outdoor Life Magazine Great Buy Awards 5 26-Jul-14
Book now for 2015 and pay 2012 rates!!! 10 26-Jul-14
Blacktail Stalk FAIL 10 26-Jul-14
Food plot questions 4 26-Jul-14
Clethodin, Ammonium Sulfate and Crop Oil 12 26-Jul-14
cableas did not tune my cam timing 85 26-Jul-14
pinnacle outfitters 6 26-Jul-14
In Memory Tanner Sinclair 76 26-Jul-14
Just had this pop up on the computer 4 26-Jul-14
Trail Cam Pics - Xtreme Hunts 2014 34 26-Jul-14
Dangerous game 3 26-Jul-14
Rage open ??? 60 26-Jul-14
Tips for hunting over bait. 33 26-Jul-14
what is the step on paper tuning bow ? 13 26-Jul-14
POLARIS RZR owners 35 26-Jul-14
Unit 66 Colorado 6 26-Jul-14
Extreme Elk Magazine - Fall Issue 29 25-Jul-14
Packers in the Montrose area 10 25-Jul-14
2014 Success Thread 232 25-Jul-14
TV show ARROW 15 25-Jul-14
Record shark with a bow 2 25-Jul-14
how to tune my broadheads ? 18 25-Jul-14
lining broadheads to vanes 42 25-Jul-14
What's in your day pack? 32 25-Jul-14
NO RESERVE Auction for Outitted Az Coues 23 25-Jul-14
Back tension release for hunting?? 31 25-Jul-14
Broad head for wife??? 30 25-Jul-14

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Community Forum
#description# Videos
Demonstration of the Chippewa Tree Stand

Chippewa Tree Stand Demo
by Charlie Rehor

Demonstration of the new Nock Out Lighted Nock by Clean-Shot Archery

Nock Out, Lighted Nock Demo
by Charlie Rehor

Timelapse with my new camera

Clouds Timelapse
by Perry

diy arrow dipper

by sir misalots

Trail cam video of foxes both the mama fox and the baby foxes

Wild Foxes
by Perry

first one, then two, then three bulls. Watch my other youtube videos and subscribe as I will be posting new videos regularly.

More bull Elk
by Fred

Incredible, a must see Video!

Game of Inches - Sitka Gear Movie
by Pat Lefemine

Sunrise Time Lapse

Sunrise Time Lapse
by Perry

Elk OTC Velvet

Elk Velvet
by BowCrossSkin

7 yr old doing traditional archery

Summer 2014
by Jim V

    ''The Ottoman's lost and forgotten,real bow drawing-shooting technique''

The Ottoman's real bow shooting technique
by Bowyer Golhan

skatebow test shots. pretty smooth draw, not much stack. a little whippy.

Skatebow test shots from 2nd prototype
by SkateBow

Me explaining why the SkateBow is not a crazy idea

The SkateBow is Here
by SkateBow

This is the second video of this now 5 pt bull with a severely damaged left antler. The first video was a month earlier and appears to have just happened. Watch my youtube videos for more

serious non-typical bull
by Fred

Carbon Express PileDriver PTX knocks over this Black Bear

CX Arrow Knocks Bear over!!
by Charlie Rehor

spring hunt in Grand Rapids Mb.

spring 2014 outland outfitting
by manitobabear

Ten frames from my Antelope video

Super Slo-Mo Antelope Shot
by Charlie Rehor

2 bucks in early stages of velvet

Early Summer velvet
by Arpy00

Last year's drought was tough on deer herds across much of the country. It was no different in Central Illinois at the Fogle Farm. Numerous mature bucks that Ross and Derek had on their hit list either went missing or were found dead. They believed the outbreak of EHD to be the main cause. Luckily, a new mature buck frequented the property during the deer hunting season and Ross was able to connect in late November.

While there is nothing we can do as land managers to prevent EHD, property improvements will do nothing but enhance a deer's desire to call your farm home. With many of the mature bucks now gone or missing from the farm, Ross and Derek's best bet is to pull deer that call neighboring properties home. The Fogle Farm is getting a makeover this year in the form of large stands of warm season grasses. If there was anything this farm was missing, it was the security cover that Switchgrass can provide. Combining these warm season grass plantings with fire breaks consisting of Pennington's Durana Clover and Chicory will provide excellent control when it comes time for controlled burning of the grasses, and also extra high protein forages. The versatility of The Firminator allowed for planting a variety of different seed sizes and species in a perfectly prepared seed bed. While these property improvements won't necessarily be quickly establishing habitats, it will definitely improve the property for deer hunting in the years to come.

Giant 8 pt. in 2013 and planning for 2014
by tma

Some footage from South Bay Outfitters

2014 Bear hunt
by JerseyGTI337

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