minimum draw weight for hogs???

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By: Brett@home
Posted: 26-Dec-06

My wife and I are going on a south Texas hog hunt this spring. She can only pull 40lbs with a 28" draw length she will be shooting 2114 aluminum arrows from a Matthews SQ2. I have purchased some cut on contact broadheads for maximum penetration.I'm sure she will be fine with the javelina and probably smaller hogs maybe up to 150lbs or so if she waits for the right angle and shot not to exceed 20 yards.

Does anyone have any further suggestions on equipment or draw weight recomendations? She could probably get up to 45lbs before we leave, but that would mean changing limbs on her bow.


By: Shuteye
Posted: 27-Dec-06

That is enough poundage to kill a hog. As stated above shot placement is the key.

Troy Green's 12 year old daughter killed a hog with one arrow. She was only shooting about a 30# bow but Troy had taught her well about where to hit the hog and it died very quickly. She is an excellent shot and the arrow passed through the heart. I think everyone involved was doing high fives.

By: wifishkiller
Posted: 27-Dec-06

40 is good my X girlfriend shot a few hogs with the same weight i just bumped up her arrow weight (400 grains),and a 2 blade broadhead

By: milnrick
Posted: 27-Dec-06


Your girlfriend will be fine with her bow set at 40#, while more is definitely better, 40# will suffice. I say that because my wife is a serious bowhunter and was pulling 45X when she first started out years back. Shot placement, razor broadheads (cut on contact are the wisest choice) are key. Keep her within 20 yards and she'll do fine.

Where in S. TX will you be hunting?

By: Brett
Posted: 27-Dec-06

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I'm glad everyone is confirming what I had hoped would work. I ordered some phantoms for her and bought some slightly heavier arrows. She killed a nice whitetail at ten yards with her set up and it went straight through.

We will be hunting near Corpus Christi. The first full week of February.

Thanks everyone!

By: milnrick
Posted: 28-Dec-06

That's a very nice 8point. If she took that with her bow, she definitely won't have problems with hogs.

Good Luck, stay safe.

By: fuzzy
Posted: 28-Dec-06

my wife killed a (about 100 pound) hog last March at Clarkrange, with a 35# longbow and 30", 2018 arrows and 2 blade heads, (Bear Razorheads) one arrow, right thru the heart, penetration was excellent, with complete exit of the head, hog was down within seconds 40# from a modern compound should be fine on hogs up to 250 pounds (or even more) with good, sharp heads and well-placed broadside shots

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