Officers Persecuted By Obama Admin.

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By: Rupe
Posted: 14-Apr-11

Four of our nation’s finest police officers are in critical need of your support. We are asking for your service on a special “citizen’s jury”.

Sergeant Michael Manfredi, and Officers Paul Van Dalen, Christopher Coleman and Sean Plymale of Fresno California are currently in danger of serving a sentence for a crime that they did not commit.

They face a nine count federal indictment for violating the “civil rights” of a man they were called to arrest. (An illegal alien who was later convicted of violent felony charges for his actions.)

If convicted of these unjust charges, these four fine men could be sentenced to ten long years in federal prison.

Together, these men have served and protected their community of Fresno, California with exceptional service.

Here are the facts for your thoughtful consideration:

Five years ago, on October 15, 2005, the four policemen responded separately to a desperate call from a young single mother. She reported that her former boyfriend was attempting to break into her home through her window. It was his second hostile visit of the day.

This man’s name was Rolando Celdon, an illegal alien.

He announced that he was there to kill them.

When Celdon realized he would not be able to enter the home and that police were on their way, he fled the scene. In response to the young mother’s desperate plea, the dispatcher issued a high priority call for help.

The first to see Celdon was Officer Sean Plymale. He released his K-9 companion, Tymo, in order to chase him down and apprehend the suspect. However, the strong, drug-induced suspect was hardly slowed by the K-9. Though Tymo had a firm grip on the suspect, he was still able to climb a fence to escape; while the dog was unrelenting in its grip.

Once across the fence, Officer Coleman, who had now arrived on the scene, noticed that Celdon had injured Tymo and was now free again.

Celdon then refused orders from Officer Coleman to surrender, and appeared ready to draw a weapon. The Officer then applied a taser to the suspect, but even this did not seem to work.

By this time, Officer Van Dalen had arrived and at the request of his fellow officers, drew from his squad cars non-lethal “bean bag” shotgun. ( A “bean bag” gun inflicts temporary pain to subdue a suspect but generally leaves no permanent injury.)

Officer Coleman then retrieved the “bean bag” gun and repeatedly ordered Celdon to raise his hands. Speaking in English and Spanish, the Officer attempted to communicate with the suspect.

Celdon refused to comply with Officer Coleman’s orders and positioned his hands as if ready to retrieve a knife or a gun. Given that only minutes earlier the suspect had threatened to kill his former girlfriend and her children, Coleman discharged the non-lethal weapon striking Celdon and driving him to the ground where the arrest was finally made.

Sergant Manfredi was the last Officer on the scene. He inspected the scene and observed that in addition to the dog being injured, Officer Plymale had injured his hand and the suspect had minimal dog bite wounds and bruises.

A standard departmental review of the incident revealed that in the rush to complete paperwork, Sergeant Manfredi had not completed all of the documentation accurately, but that in general, the men had used the proper level of force for dealing with a presumably drug-crazed and violent suspect.

Although Coleman, Plymale and Manfredi were originally fired for their actions, a subsequent full examination of the concrete facts resulted in reinstatement and collection of back pay.

Remember, this event took place in October, 2005.

It took federal authorities over four years before they took action against the Officers.

In October 2010, the Obama Justice Department brought Federal Charges against these men for the violation of civil rights of a convicted drug offender and illegal alien.

Once again, politically motivated prosecutors saw a chance to score a victory. Victory at the cost of four officers, that now, each faces a decade in prison.

Truthfully, there is no other reason for this prosecution to take place.

Were these actions just? Were these Officers right to use a non-lethal weapon in an effort to arrest a suspect who was high on drugs and threatening to harm a young mother and her children?

Celdon, an illegal alien, was refusing to obey any orders given by the Officers to surrender. He also showed an extreme amount of strength by pulling the dog, Tymo, over the fence with him and injuring Tymo in the process.

The events that took place on this day occurred in only a matter of minutes. Officers Plymale, Coleman, and Van Dalen and Sergeant Manfredi were forced to make split- second decisions based on their training as police officers.

Celdon had threatened to kill a young mother and her terrified children.

Celdon had fled the scene and repeatedly refused to surrender.

Celdon’s injuries were minimal and not permanent.

The four Officers main concern was the safety of the young mother and her children. They put their own lives at risk in order to protect them and did so by restricting their own use of force to non-lethal means.

Though we do not fully understand the motivation of the prosecution, we do know that the California-based review of this case cleared the good names of the officers.

Yet, these brave officers now face a ten year sentence in federal prison.

Is this what we call justice?

By: jack b (MI)
Posted: 14-Apr-11

jack b (MI)'s embedded Photo

TBVIEC is very proud of his PRES**ENT and his appointees. Life is good.

By: Solo
Posted: 14-Apr-11

A veiled threat to Governor Jan Brewer & the citizens of AZ for trying to defend themselves from the invasion of a foreign country upon our the expense of these 4 police officers' lives.....

I detest the members of this administration....

By: slade
Posted: 15-Apr-11

"However, the strong, drug-induced suspect"

They do love their KJ in the San Joaquin valley aka "Killer Joint: pot laced with PCP and sometimes a little crack for good measure"

By: Shuteye
Posted: 16-Apr-11

Obama and his administration hate authority. That includes the military and police. They think Obama is king. Clinton hated the military also. It must be a democrat thing.

By: Shuteye
Posted: 16-Apr-11

Obama and his administration hate authority. That includes the military and police. They think Obama is king. Clinton hated the military also. It must be a democrat thing.

By: jack b (MI)
Posted: 16-Apr-11

Lex...worth posting twice ;o)

It also appears that Obama, Holder and the rest of the Dhimmi administration are going to drop prosecution of the Islamist (Obama donor groups) organizations that have provided financial aid to Hamas and other terrorist organizations.

The revolution will be televised.


By: Boone
Posted: 16-Apr-11

There has to be more to this story? what was the reason for the first firing of the officers? based on what? not filling out the paper work properly? The perp must have filed some complaint! Obumazz and his whole anti-American Thugs needs to be hung from the nearest tree!

By: Spike Bull
Posted: 16-Apr-11

Is there am organized effort to do something about this that we can join into?

By: Tiny52
Posted: 16-Apr-11

Bush had two officers (jailed) under his term and refused to do anything about it. Anyone remember that?.

Not giving O'bama the green light here....I hate this guy...just the facts.

I have always thought that the Bush people were wolves in sheeps clothing anyway.

By: Spike Bull
Posted: 16-Apr-11

Campion and Ramos were jailed to send a message to the rest of the border patrol to NOT do thier jobs! GW finally commuted their sentences at the end of his administration but they should never have been charged. Failing that, GW should have pardoned them as soon as they were found guilty.

Johnny Sutton still needs investigating, among others.

Hey, just because GW was stupid doesn't make it right for Oscrewya to follow suit.

By: Pat C.
Posted: 17-Apr-11

I truely think they made heros out of a couple of Dumbazzes that fired their guns and then tried to cover it up!! Campion and Ramos are not heros by any means!! Pat C.

By: bear2
Posted: 18-Apr-11

Thsers a link to the indictment. The articles I read said only one of the officers was reinstated.

By: Solo
Posted: 18-Apr-11

It's clear that these officers are being persecuted & prosecuted for bean-baggin' a murder-threatening man that is not a citizen, and allegedly stompin' his wound, despite the important fact that he illegally broke & entered into our country, and never should've been a liability to begin with.

That final factor alone should toss this case out of our this tax-suckin' vortex of our bankrupted nation.

Hmmm...anything to bankrupt this nation....

The 'in thing' these latter days with the criminals holding us all hostage in our own nation, our elected legislators, seems to be centered on destroying our property rights, from personal property all the way up the line to our national property rights.

We see it manifesting in our personal (i.e. land, weapons, medical & bank records, etc,) & local, state & national property rights, as well as our legal ANY possible way or form these ones who have come to do nothing but steal, kill & destroy are wreaking havoc upon us...

Have you bought an extreme airliner for someone elses congressthief lately?

Think REAL hard....

By: Solo
Posted: 18-Apr-11

Tiny52, this case does not equate in stature or statute to the case you referred to.

Not that I agree with what I preceieve as Bush's 'fear' of crossing over the separation of powers barrier in order to do the right thing there.

Bush should've used common sense & pardoned them when he left office, IMO. But I don't know the particulars that he may have encountered. But I feel he should've looked into it very deeply bearing the primary intention to help those federal employees. I sure would have...

Anyway, these 4 fella's from Fresno weren't federal employees.

They were locally employed, and therefore should've been persued by local means....ONLY! That's the law!

And in the event the local courts refused to surrcomb to federal legal pressure....tough on the fed's. It should've ended there.

Bush believed in states rights, and made that very clear as he went.

So do I.

This is another example of federal government run amuck....

BMB = BLAST More Buh-faith.... Better penetration with far more reachin' effect... ;^)

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