Cold Feet!

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By: Bear Track
Posted: 21-Nov-11

With temps. very cold lately, I need new WARM boots for my long sits while hunting. For you northern guys, what will keep my feet warm? I froze my feet pretty bad when young and get cold feet easily.

By: howler
Posted: 21-Nov-11

I have some 2000 gram insulated burleys but I am going got check out the artic muck boots they look like they might be better,

a few tips on keeping yor feet warm.. wear good loose fitting wool socks, when you buy your boots buy them a size larger than what you wear maybe a size and a half.. and if it gets real cold some of those heated pads you take out of the pack and shake. they will keep warm for 8-10 hours, I like the stick on kind and stick one on the top of each foot above the toes and your set..

By: Shear Madness
Posted: 21-Nov-11

Keep those feet dry!!

When I get to the stand I dry my feet and put dry socks on. I use a medium hiking sock and then a wool sock. I use those mickey boots. I never have a problem now.

Posted: 21-Nov-11

I prefer snow mobile boots to knee high's. I have 1200 Gram thinsulate kneehighs and because they are rubber my feet sweat and there's no place for it to go. On the other hand, the snow mobile boots have the thick felt insole and my feet don't sweat as much and stay warmer. Sometimes I use the foot warmeerrs howler mentioned.

By: Tatertot45
Posted: 21-Nov-11

I echo Shear Madness's advice! I also don't tie my boots tight. I find that when I tie them real tight, my feet get colder, faster. I think they can't breathe and the air is squeezed out of the boot, so no no dead air to provide insulation. I also wear one pair of lighter socks. Not cotton sport socks, but not wool either. I think it keeps my feet from sweating on the walk out to my stand.

By: glacier
Posted: 21-Nov-11

Good suggestions above. Which boot you have is not nearly as important as keeping your core temp up, keeping your feet dry and maintaining circulation in your feet. Having had your feet frozen before certainly makes them get cold faster, but beware the never ending search for a perfect winter boot.

Personally, I have a pair of Schnees that I use when temps aren't too cold or I am going to be hiking in really cold temps and tough terrain. Schnees makes a warmer boot than I have, and maybe you should look into them. Nice thing about Schnees are that they give you some support and work well in mountain terrian. I also have an older pair of Sorels, which I use when ice fishing or planning to sit for a long time in the cold.

Things that cause cold feet:

-Lack of insulation - It is easy to fix this. Just buy warmer boots or wear thicker socks. Most of the time, though, insulation is not the problem when people have chronically cold feet. Make sure you have enough insulation, but other things are just as important as insulation.

-Wet feet (even slightly damp from sweating) - another easy fix for stand hunting. Wear things that wick moisture, and in my case I actually carry a second pair of socks to put on after I get to my stand (take the damp ones off, put fresh, dry socks on). Also, wearing things that are too warm can cause sweaty feet and you end up with cold feet. I have heard of some people that will even spray anti-perspirant on their feet to keep them from sweating. Last, and I can't stress this enough: AVOID COTTON SOCKS! Wool or wicking synthetics only!

-Lack of circulation - This can be harder to fix, depending on what is causing it. First things first, stop smoking and chewing since nicotine causes the blood vessels to constrict. Second, make sure your socks, boots and clothing are not tight. I even loosen my bootlaces if I am on stand for any period of time. Along with the extra socks, consider carrying your warm boots and wearing some lighter hiking shoes if you have a long, tough hike to get to your stands. I'll tell a story about a friend to illustrate what happens when things are too tight.... this friend always complained about cold feet. He kept buying warmer boots and wearing more socks, but still had cold feet. He wound up with some boots rated to -100 degrees and was wearing three pairs of wool socks inside them, and his feet were colder than ever. We finally convinced him to get a half size bigger boot and wear only one pair of socks and to loosen his laces when he got to the stand, and his problem miraculously went away!

-The rest of your body is getting cold - When your body starts to get cold, it directs circulation to the core, and away from the extremeties. So keeping your body warmer might make your feet warmer. Wear a good, warm head cover. I really like a neck gaiter or silk scarf to keep my little red neck warm. The biggest improvement I made was when I quit wearing cotton t-shirts and underwear. Nothing chills you faster than slightly damp underwear from sweating on the hike in. Get some synthetic or merino wool undershirts and underwear!

Posted: 21-Nov-11

My routine......

1) Spray feet with unscented Sure anitpersperant/deoderant

2) Liner socks

3) Merino wool socks

4) 1000 gr boots

5) Start "Toasty Toes" chemical warmers

6) Drive to treestand/climb tree

7) Put chemical warmers in my "Icebreaker" boot blankets and put over boots

This has helped me a bunch....look into the boot $40 I have spends since I got a hand muff.

By: DaveN
Posted: 21-Nov-11

Stegar Mukluks with an extra felt insole will keep your feet warmer than any other boot known to man. They even make them in Camo which is the rage these days.

Posted: 21-Nov-11

I use a pair of battery powered heated insoles that skiers use. Low, med and high settings. 20 degrees and above I can use 600 gram boots, below that or all day sits I use 1000 gram boots. (and wool socks)

By: WVarcher
Posted: 21-Nov-11

Simple, arctic shield boot covers with a handwarmer pack tossed in, put them on as soon as you get to your stand!! They work! Wvarcher

By: stagetek
Posted: 21-Nov-11

I spray my feet with anti-persperant. Keep them dry. If they get wet, they get cold. Boot Blankets help. But don't put them on right away. Let you're feet cool a bit first.

By: HerdManager
Posted: 21-Nov-11

Heater Body Suit. Sit all day in single digit temps and your toes will be toasty warm (as well as the rest of you, too).

By: goyt
Posted: 21-Nov-11

The only thing that I can add to the above is to get a boot dryer and put your boots on it when not in use. Otherwise your boots may not get totally dry between hunts and actually keep getting wetter if you wear them several days in a row.

By: JB44
Posted: 22-Nov-11

The things that have helped me the most are a hand muff with a chemical handwarmer pack and a good neck gaitor. I wear a vest to help keep my core warm without tying up my arms too much. I also believe that staying well hydrated helps along with avoiding caffeine and alcohol. I layer up as I cool down once I get to the stand.

By: Bou'bound
Posted: 23-Nov-11

Northern Outfitters boots. they are good to well under 60 below. if your feet get cold in those you don't need to be outside.

By: bluegrass
Posted: 23-Nov-11

mickey mouse boots and not the crap made in China

By: Preacher Man
Posted: 23-Nov-11

Eating a little something will help as well. I don't like to eat a big meal but a relatively small snack. Digestion causes heat gain. Eating alot usually just makes me sleepy. And you know as soon as you fall asleep....the big one will walk by. It happened to my bro last Saturday! I got to watch the big one walk right by him!

By: Jack Harris
Posted: 23-Nov-11

Kamik boots. They are big and bulky, but the extra room and heavy felt liners are good for well below zero. The actually are not as heavy as they look, and I don't see how your feet could ever get cold in them rgardless of what sock you where.

By: DonSchultz
Posted: 02-Dec-11

Lots of good advice here. I use Ban roll on, or Mitchum anti-persp'. I have Arctic Shield overboots which are worn only on stand, and they help. My Heater Body Suit takes care of all cold problems under 30deg for me.

By: BowSniper
Posted: 02-Dec-11

I tried the Mickey mouse boots (Korean war era) and they are just not as good as modern technology in boots.

Something around 800 gram thinsulate I like so I can still walk out and climb tree stand comfortably. Too much of a Pak boot and I can't feel my steps when walking. And thick wool socks, of course.

Below 40 I throw in a chemical foot warmer just to stay comfy. Note - the toasty toes are OK, but the larger version that is shaped like an entire foot insole puts out way more heat! Cabelas has them.

Below 30 I might break out the artic shield boot covers. They are OK, but not great. At least they fold flat and are easy to carry in backpack.

But when it's really cold, the best bet are those thick insulated boot blankets! Nothing better!!

By: Tracy
Posted: 02-Dec-11

I agree with Jack Harris. I bought a pair of Kamik Hunters and like them. They are rated down to -40. The heavy liners are removable for drying out. I added a pair of wool insoles from Two Tracks for extra warmth.

By: mark land
Posted: 02-Dec-11

Glacier got it right...wet feet=cold feet. Especially with rubber boots as your walk in will cause your feet to sweat. I wear a thin sock walking in and change out to thicker, warmer and drier socks after getting in the stand and with good boots your feel should not get cold in just about any weather, if so just drop a hand warmer down in your boot and your good.

By: Ken Schwartz
Posted: 02-Dec-11

Thanks Guys ! This post is well timed to my hunting and outdoor activities, I tried the Muck(Arctic Pro) boots earlier this year and got very cold feet on two occasions and returned them . But now with reading Glaciers Post and other posts might have gotten the wrong size(too small). I do use the Kamik boots with the -60 liner and heavy socks, they are a size larger so your posts about a size larger is right,my feet do stay warmer in them. The info about socks and materials and foot spray is also welcomed. Thanks again Ken

By: Pat C.
Posted: 03-Dec-11

Hay guy's the Arctic Shield Boot covers on sale at BPS 24.97. Just ordered a set XL For late season hunting!! Pat C.

By: Gary69
Posted: 03-Dec-11

Thermacell boot warmers; good reviews.

Posted: 03-Dec-11

When hunting from a tree stand, I place a piece of carpet on the stand so my boots don't contact the metal. It is very effective and works better than chemical foot warmers.

By: fen tiger
Posted: 03-Dec-11

Have severe Reynauds. Does not matter what feet/hands are wearing.

If my core temp senses even slightest temp distress blood flow drops to hands and feet.

Lots of folks have mild Reynauds and do not realize it! They look to treat the symptoms and not the cause.

Glaciers last paragraph is for me dead on!

By: guidermd
Posted: 04-Dec-11

wear simple light weight boots, then take them off when in the stand and put on a double set of felt liners. no need to wear a boot in the stand and you'll never find a boot that will really keep you warm. boots are for walking, double felt liners are for sitting. just buy 2 pairs, one that fits and one big enough to fit over the first pair. when its real cold, below zero, slide a set of boot blankets over this setup

By: DaleM
Posted: 04-Dec-11

Anyone tried the Hothands insole foot warmers? They are shaped like your foot and are to be stuck to the bottom of your sock before putting on your boots. They have a self adhesive backing to keep them in place on your sock. My girlfriend's feet get cold and we're hoping a combination of the Arctic Shield overboots and the foot warmers in the boots do the trick this season. We'll also be carrying some additional Hothands packs to toss into the overboots if things get bad.

By: Cornfed 77
Posted: 04-Dec-11

The insole foot warmers work great. Also using antiperspirant on your feet keeps them from sweating on the way to stand, then your feet will not be even slightly wet from your heavy insulated boots. You will stay warm much longer.

By: roger
Posted: 05-Dec-11

Just about all the major manus make boots insulated and waterproofed to keep feet warm and dry. The key for me is to buy boots 1 to 1 1/2 sizes bigger than proper fit. I then wear one pair of the thickest wool socks I can find, and again, name brand is really unimportant. I should still have plenty if wiggle room for toes. The 'dead space' between the inside of the boot and toes/feet is what keeps feet warm. Too tight a boot fit, even just a little, will constrict blood flow and you will freeze.

If it's really cold(under 20*F), those disposable foot warmers can make all the difference in the world, and I buy them for about $2.99 a set. I am the type who's extremities get cold quickly and this system keeps my feet warm and dry, and on the cheap to pun intended. :)

By: Matt Palmquist
Posted: 05-Dec-11

I also use the boot blankets and have had good luck. You need to put them on immediately after getting in the stand.

By: Pat C.
Posted: 05-Dec-11

I keep seeing some of you guys spraying antiperspirant on your feet. I take there is no kind of reaction?? What brand do you use?? my feet sweet and wearing rubber boots they don't breath!! Pat C.

By: ruger1022
Posted: 05-Dec-11

Hunt and ice fish in northern WI , a few pointers .

Alot of old timers take few Asperins before they go out . Thins your blood for better circulation .

Pre-heat your boots !! Don't put 98 degree feet in a 65 degree boots . Your losing the battle before you walk outside .

Good over boots work . A word of caution , for 10 years I had cold feet . 3 years ago I had heart surgery with 4 by-passes . Feet are fine now with plenty of circulation . Makes you wonder huh ?

By: Mike the Cheesehead
Posted: 06-Dec-11

My recipe for sitting all day with warm feet in northern Wisconsin cold:

Wear light boots walking to stand;

At stand take off light boots and put in backpack;

Put on 2 pairs of Smartwool socks;

Put chemical heater on top of toes between sock layers;

Put on felt liners from Lacrosse Iceman pack boots (same as Sorel);

Put on Arctic Shield boot covers over felt liners;

Put on Icebreaker boot blankets over Arctic Shields.

I have sat all day like this in 0 degree weather and had toasty feet all day.

By: bill brown
Posted: 06-Dec-11

I have 1400 gm Rockies. One liner sock, some cheapo socks with the little pocket by the toes, hot hands in the pockets, keep core temp up and legs warm, I am good as long as I want to hunt. When cold I have got my arctic shield on, which is fabulous. As far as the AS boot covers, they say be careful. Too much insulation in the boots and they won't be effective. Arctic Shield clothing is one of the many things I have learned about from bowsiters. Thanks, everyone.

By: Buckfever
Posted: 07-Dec-11

If you aren't crossing creeks and don't need a tall boot the Mickey boots are the warmest by far, just get them a size smaller as they run big and tall thick wool socks as the rubber will chafe. $40 at the sportmans guide. None of the modern boots come close, none. I've tried them all.

By: SR
Posted: 07-Dec-11

Spray anti-perspirant,silk liners, plastic bag( same principal as vapor barrier Mickey boots),Smartwool sock and lightweight boots (Pacs where I hunt). Carpet on stand as mentioned above.Double felt liners work good also, but the $.05 cent bag is the ticket. You feet may be wet or damp in the bag, but they wont be cold.

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