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Freshwater snails edible?



Messages posted to thread:
owensdad 08-May-08
Joey Ward 08-May-08
JTV 08-May-08
Papa Bull 08-May-08
Shuteye 08-May-08
Thumper 08-May-08
mn_archer 20-May-08
Norseman 21-May-08
blue wolf 21-May-08
Joey Ward 21-May-08
owensdad 21-May-08
Joey Ward 21-May-08
owensdad 21-May-08
blue wolf 21-May-08
owensdad 21-May-08
Sewer Rat @ Work 21-May-08
owensdad 21-May-08
owensdad 22-May-08
Norseman 22-May-08
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From: owensdad Date: 08-May-08

owensdad's embedded Photo

Found a good supply of these big snails (Chinese Mystery Snails) in a nearby lake. Wondering if they're edible (i mean, can you eat them and *live*) if steamed to kill any parasites.

I've eaten (loved) heaping plates full of marine snails (and proper "escargot" in restaurants)... It would be neat if I start gathering these and cooking them up.

Anybody know?


From: Joey Ward Date: 08-May-08
Watched Les Stroud eat 'em. He's still filming, as far as I know. Go for it.

From: JTV Date: 08-May-08

From: Papa Bull Date: 08-May-08
As long as they're thoroughly cooked and not taken from polluted water, I'd say they're fair game. I can't recommend anyone else eat them but I'd give them a go. But at one time, I'd have given box tortoises a go, too.... until I found out they have a nasty habit of eating poisonous mushrooms and becoming quite toxic, as a result.

From: Shuteye Date: 08-May-08
I used to collect fresh water mussels for a neighbor. It's illegal to gather them now where I used to get them. Otters and coons don't pay any attention to the laws though. If you steam the snails I would try it. A lot more meat on the mussels though.

From: Thumper Date: 08-May-08
Not from TX waters because of health/pollution concerns.

From: mn_archer Date: 20-May-08
I have heard they can carry a massive amount of bacteria- cook them suckers real good pilgrim!


From: Norseman Date: 21-May-08
flukes and tapeworms eat good too! Yum!

From: blue wolf Date: 21-May-08
Bunch of bottom feeders... LOL

From: Joey Ward Date: 21-May-08
Notice we've not heard from owensdad in while?

Maybe he should have gone with the fried Spam samich.

From: owensdad Date: 21-May-08
Gents, thank you for your replies. I'll let you now when I try one/some. I would have by now, but... if i may hijack my own thread here -

I just drove in from UPMC Childrens Hospital in Pittsburgh. My son, Owen, who is 11, just had the "Nuss Procedure", a surgical procedure that corrects a severely depressed sternum by raising it (markedly) with a metal bar. The bar is about a foot long, attaches to ribs on both sides, and stays in for about a year. I had to return to work / Mommy will be "camping" w/ O for the rest of the week.

Owen's chest looks beautiful. Yesterday morning, he woke up by running his fingers over his new chest form. He only whispered, "my sternum is awesome". Short version: If you know of any boy who has this condition, please recommend this amazing procedure. It is well-known for its very painful recovery period, but it works! (fingers crossed here that the bar doesn't slip out of place, but... so far so good).

From: Joey Ward Date: 21-May-08
Good to hear.

From: owensdad Date: 21-May-08
My best Spam story:

One time, while in college, my girlfriend (now wife) paid me a surprise visit. I wasn't there when she arrived but anyway... She looked in the oven and found a shrivelled hunk of pink meat laying in a congealed puddle fo white fat. A few cloves laid amongst the fat.

This is what happens when you're alone for the holidays and you cook a SPAM like a real ham (scored with diagonal marks and with a garnished with cloves).

I think she cried.

From: blue wolf Date: 21-May-08

blue wolf's Supporting Link


Just did a speed read on "History of Pectus Excavatum" by Dr. Nuss...

Also just realized I have it though not pronounced...3 lower ribs on left side...or maybe just a deformity..has never had negative effect of any kind..big rib cage....

Owen is a tough Guy for sure...And it's amazing what modern medicine can do...

(Right in their with when a Doc super glued off a greatly enlarged blood vessel in my brain....or gamma knifed brain tumor #2)

Wonderful and amazing.

Looks great and wishing Owen well...

DON'T go feeding him any snails. ;)

From: owensdad Date: 21-May-08
Joey Ward & Blue Wolf - thanks for your kind words. BW - right with you, word for word. Owen's condition had been getting steadily worse, to the extent that it started to displace his heart and hungs. I shook that surgeon's hand with teary eyes more than once. Here's Owen's spirit for you... he sang quietly to himself in the backseat on the ride down to Pittsburgh. Wow. And i get a tension headache before a dental exam. He was in alot of pain yesterday, but has an epideural (sp.?), an IV, and is taking pills - all loaded with painkillers. My man will miss his beloved midget football this Fall, but we are gonna fish/camp (summer) and hunt our tails off. Anyway, i'm rambling here at a mile a minute. Must run. Thanks again for your interest.

From: Sewer Rat @ Work Date: 21-May-08

Just saw this..... Dale, I am glad to hear that Owie is mending... never even knew of such a condition...

and I hope, no, I know he will enjoy fishing/camping/hunting with you and may only miss football a lil...

Tell him, we is all pullin for him....

From: owensdad Date: 21-May-08
SR - thank you. I will make sure that he gets your message.

From: owensdad Date: 22-May-08

owensdad's embedded Photo

Owen's caption says it all.

From: Norseman Date: 22-May-08
Wishing the best for Owen. Sounds like a tough young lad. Thanks for sharing his story with us.


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