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Eco-Boost, Yes/No?



Messages posted to thread:
'Ike' (Phone) 25-Aug-12
Jim in Ohio 25-Aug-12
Jim in Ohio 25-Aug-12
Pat Lefemine 25-Aug-12
bad karma 25-Aug-12
'Ike' (Phone) 25-Aug-12
Jim in Ohio 25-Aug-12
Carpshooter 26-Aug-12
Elkhuntr 26-Aug-12
slade 26-Aug-12
Joey Ward 26-Aug-12
'Ike' 26-Aug-12
Jim in Ohio 26-Aug-12
'Ike' 27-Aug-12
Rupe 27-Aug-12
Wood Tick 27-Aug-12
trkytrack 27-Aug-12
slade 27-Aug-12
TD 27-Aug-12
Jim Moore 28-Aug-12
Elkhuntr 28-Aug-12
FiveRs 28-Aug-12
bad karma 28-Aug-12
fulldraw LT 29-Aug-12
bad karma 29-Aug-12
bad karma 29-Aug-12
fulldraw LT 29-Aug-12
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From: 'Ike' (Phone) Date: 25-Aug-12
Looking at getting a new F150...Getting conflicting reports on the Eco- Boost engine...Any experience with it, I'd like to hear about it...

From: Jim in Ohio Date: 25-Aug-12

Jim in Ohio's embedded Photo

Put 22,000 miles on my 2012 Ecoboost Super Crew Cab 4x4 with 6.5 bed and 5.5 rear end ratio.

Absolutely love it. Super power when needed and great mileage on long trips. The life time mileage of mine is over 19 mpg.

From: Jim in Ohio Date: 25-Aug-12
Sorry, 3.5 rear axle.

From: Pat Lefemine Date: 25-Aug-12
Is that a diesel or gas?

From: bad karma Date: 25-Aug-12
gas...6 cyl, twin turbo...a darn good design.

From: 'Ike' (Phone) Date: 25-Aug-12
Jim, I was wondering how you got a 5.5 in How about towing though?

From: Jim in Ohio Date: 25-Aug-12
I haven't towed anything real heavy but from what I hear it tows great. check out this link for all the info.

From: Carpshooter Date: 26-Aug-12
Thank you for this info !

I've always wonder about this !

From: Elkhuntr Date: 26-Aug-12
"Getting conflicting reports on the Eco- Boost engine..."

Like what? What reports are you getting that are conflicting? Gas mileage, power, reliability....or?

From: slade Date: 26-Aug-12

slade's Supporting Link

From: Joey Ward Date: 26-Aug-12
I bet if you put the tailgate back on, you'd drop back down to around the 17 mpg on the hyw like all the rest of us get.

And you'd be proud to get that with those tires, leveling kit, 3.73 rear end, and...............those nuts!


From: 'Ike' Date: 26-Aug-12
"Like what? What reports are you getting that are conflicting? Gas mileage, power, reliability....or?"

Towing was one, also reliability as it had just come out...

From: Jim in Ohio Date: 26-Aug-12

Jim in Ohio's embedded Photo

Jim in Ohio's Supporting Link

Go to the link and you can find out anything you want about the Ecoboost from the owners themselves. There have been a few issues with stalling out at full power. Mine even did it twice but hasn't for 10000 miles. All I can say is I love my truck and would buy another in a minute if I needed it.

From: 'Ike' Date: 27-Aug-12
Stalling out?!? Thanks for the Link Jim!

From: Rupe Date: 27-Aug-12
My brother and his wife love their truck with Eco-Boost.

From: Wood Tick Date: 27-Aug-12
I got one like Jim in Ohio (except black) in April and have 15,000 miles on it. Love it. I am at 19.4 mpg total right now and that includes a few trips (including 1 to Ontario) pulling an 18 foot boat with a ton of gear, gas, etc. I don't pull real heavy loads but the mileage and performance outperform anything else I have owned and I got about 3 mpg better than my buddy using his similar sized Chevy on our Ontario trip with similar loads.

So far, would definitely buy another.

From: trkytrack Date: 27-Aug-12
The 2012 Chevy, GMC and Dodge 1500 (1/2 ton) trucks all get 20 to 22 mpg with V-8 engines. Ford is blowing a lot of bull, as usual.

From: slade Date: 27-Aug-12
How much torque do these high mpg GM & Dodge trucks have and with what gear ratio?

From: TD Date: 27-Aug-12
Stump-ee, pretty cool to hear something from those great philosophers.... The Talking Heads..... LOL!

I used to have 64 chevy with the "forehead", a 9 foot stepside bed on 19" split rims, cab-over lumber racks, etc. There was a "challenged" young man that used to walk by work every day for a while, always carried a pad of paper and a pencil and he would draw everything he saw, a pretty decent artist actually.

He always sat down under a tree in the parking lot drew pictures of my old truck even when there were 3 or 4 other pickups in it. I asked him why once and he simply said "It's a boy truck. All the rest are girl trucks. I only draw boys...." he'd point out another and say "That one is a girl truck, I don't draw girls..." Still funny when I think back and hear him say that.

Your truck is DEFINITELY a boy truck.....

From: Jim Moore Date: 28-Aug-12
I know two guys locally that have the EB. One loves it and thinks its the best thing ever (classic car enthusiast...hauls a couple of them around on a trailer). Pulls like you wouldn't believe.

Another friend had one about 6 months and traded it in for the F150 with the 5 litre plant. Asked him why, "Not sure really, just didn't like it."

I know that doesn't help much, but hope you report in on what you do get. Pro's/cons for both I expect. I was tempted to trade the F250 PSD in on one, but they cost a bunch and I got the MPG figured out on the oil burner so I don't think I'd be gaining much more but a payment.

From: Elkhuntr Date: 28-Aug-12
"Sorry trkytrack, But ... you get what you pay for!"

Apparently you didn't get what you paid for from Ford, and found it necessary to go with the " aFe (advanced Flow engineering) Intake, filters, throttle body spacer, and programmer".

From: FiveRs Date: 28-Aug-12
What is the price difference with the ECO boost and the 5.0L? We have a new 5.0L in our work truck and I checked the mileage for a meeting trip with over 800lbs in the back and got 20.2 mpg. Getting that good of mpg, how long will it take to make up the difference in price to make it worth it? If you plan on doing a lot of hauling/towing, I think you are much better off getting a diesel.

From: bad karma Date: 28-Aug-12
If Ford built a solid bottom end in the Ecoboost, it'll last a long time. My commuter car is a 1994 Volvo 850 turbo, with 186k that I'll bet I could get 350-500k out of it without much effort if I want to. Runs and drives like a new car. Great power when I need it, great fuel economy (28-30mpg avg at cruising speeds) on the highway, and 250 hp when I need it.

The diesels are excellent, and last, but expensive to maintain. Yes, you can get 500k and lots of power. The problem is that on the older Fords, everything but the engine would rust and crack.

Ford owns Volvo. If they bothered to ask a couple of Swedish engineers about building turbo engines, you have a real winner.

From: fulldraw LT Date: 29-Aug-12
Sorry there BK -

Volvo is owned by a Chinese conglomerate, Geely. 8^(

- Vic

From: bad karma Date: 29-Aug-12
It is? That's a change, because it used to be Ford. I guess I don't read my automotive news enough.

From: bad karma Date: 29-Aug-12
I googled it, as of August 2010. I'm out of date here....aaagh.

From: fulldraw LT Date: 29-Aug-12
All that means is that you'll have to drive a 2009 Volvo until you're about 100.

- Vic

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