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Messages posted to thread:
Spike Bull 22-Nov-12
shamus 22-Nov-12
Spike Bull 22-Nov-12
shamus 22-Nov-12
Spike Bull 22-Nov-12
farfromflinging 22-Nov-12
Catfish 22-Nov-12
gflight 22-Nov-12
Catfish 22-Nov-12
Shuteye 22-Nov-12
Yendor 22-Nov-12
Spike Bull 22-Nov-12
Spike Bull 22-Nov-12
Catfish 22-Nov-12
JD 22-Nov-12
Spike Bull 23-Nov-12
Bluetick 23-Nov-12
Mint 23-Nov-12
Bluetick 23-Nov-12
gflight 23-Nov-12
HeadHunter® 23-Nov-12
Spike Bull 23-Nov-12
gflight 23-Nov-12
Iktomi 23-Nov-12
kentuckbowhnter 23-Nov-12
gflight 23-Nov-12
Spike Bull 24-Nov-12
pipe 24-Nov-12
HeadHunter® 28-Nov-12
TD 28-Nov-12
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From: Spike Bull Date: 22-Nov-12

Spike Bull 's Supporting Link

Read it and weep....

Good thing he isn't coming after our guns.....

From: shamus Date: 22-Nov-12
the story is from a loony militia website with no references.

credibility: zero.

Try again.

From: Spike Bull Date: 22-Nov-12
shamus, you would say the same thing if it came directly from the NRA!

From: shamus Date: 22-Nov-12
the NRA would cite a source.

But all you posted is made-up news from the Tin Foil Hat Brigade.

From: Spike Bull Date: 22-Nov-12
I suppose the news reports about Obama instigating the revival of the dormant UN gungrab treaty are all bunk, too!

From: farfromflinging Date: 22-Nov-12

farfromflinging's Supporting Link

From: Catfish Date: 22-Nov-12
Hey, if it's on the Internet, it HAS to be true!


From: gflight Date: 22-Nov-12

gflight's embedded Photo

gflight's Supporting Link

Nothing to see here, check out the Tea Party link....

Dianna frankenstien does a weapons bill every year nothing new.

If there is something real comes up, Romney voters have nothing to say about it anyway because you didn't care about guns then, remember......

"My positions won't make me the hero of the NRA."

"Supports Second Amendment rights but also assault weapon ban"

"Will support assault weapons bill and Brady Bill"

"Find common ground with pro-gun & anti-gun groups"

Signed a permanent assault-weapons ban as governor of the Bay State. “Deadly assault weapons have no place in Massachusetts,” Romney said at the July 1, 2004, signing ceremony. “These guns are not made for recreation or self-defense. They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people.”

Romney would have actually passed an Assault Weapons Ban and the RINO's here would have loved him for it.

From: Catfish Date: 22-Nov-12
Ah, - I get it. When the title of the thread turns out to be pure BS, then pretend it has to do with Dianne Feinstein.

From: Shuteye Date: 22-Nov-12
I think if Obama tries to ban guns a lot of democrats would vote against it. I expect him to try and pull something though. Believe it or not a lot of democrats own guns and hunt too. They also have a constituency that hunt. Not in Chicago but a lot of other places. The only thing they hunt in Chicago is each other.

From: Yendor Date: 22-Nov-12
As much as I dislike Obama getting re-elected. Everyone here 4 years ago said that he was going to take them away. Geesh, I still have my guns, and I really doubt that anybody is going to come for them over the next four years. But, we do have a lot of chicken littles here.

From: Spike Bull Date: 22-Nov-12
Maybe it is real maybe it is not. No one can deny that the commiEs want to take our guns away or that they will ever stop trying. It is an integral part of the progressive agenda.

From: Spike Bull Date: 22-Nov-12
Maybe it is real maybe it is not. No one can deny that the commiEs want to take our guns away or that they will ever stop trying. It is an integral part of the progressive agenda.

From: Catfish Date: 22-Nov-12
I think if the "commiEs" are spying on ya, it shows up with double posts.....

From: JD Date: 22-Nov-12
I'm so glad I sold all my guns years ago......

From: Spike Bull Date: 23-Nov-12
"I think if the "commiEs" are spying on ya,..."

If only people realized how little you did, Catfish....think that is!

From: Bluetick Date: 23-Nov-12
I have found a good way to vet these things concerning 2A. There is a site called The High Road (

Because of their extremely strict rules for posting, (hey, they don't call themselves the high road for nothing), everything must be documented, footnoted and sourced. Or they'll stop the thread. I kid you not.

Anyway, it might be interesting to see how this list stands up to the scrutiny of that forum. PS, if you go to that site, you have to start the tread on the appropriate forum. Or they'll end it. One more caveat: they don't like politics.

From: Mint Date: 23-Nov-12
Here in Nassau County on Long Island it is impossible to get a carry license. When you go to intially get your license they charge you a few hundred dollars and then you have to wait 6 to 8 months to get. The processing takes less than 2 weeks but they extra time is a deterant from applying. Then once you get your pistol you have to pay $200 for a three year license and they can come to your house any time day or night to inspect your gun. It needs to be locked up and unloaded. The permit you are issued lets you take your pistol hunting or to the range and that is it.

So please don't tell me that politicians don't want to restrict our second amendment rights. They do, and if the Democrats could get away with it and still get elected they would, same with the Rinos.

From: Bluetick Date: 23-Nov-12
Sad. Both Illinois and Long Island have great fishing and hunting and would be good places to live if the libtards had not gotten a choke hold on those places. I lived in Illinois. I moved to NH. The hunting and fishing are not quite as good. But my life is infinitely better. Of course our way of life here is constantly threatened by Massholes moving up here.

From: gflight Date: 23-Nov-12
"Just wait until he gets to replace one of the 5 Heller judges. Then even the liberal justifiers we have around here won't be able to lie about that one."

I bet once Obama appoints one they will save Obamacare, wait, Oh.............Nevermind

My point here was this is Snopes stuff that sells firearms and a firearm dealer made this up. While it is good for business, spreading these untruths is not good for 2A rights.

Educate people and go on the offensive in your state don't write it off that liberals are automatically opposed to guns. Heck the Republicans voted for the Gun Control poster boy this last go round.....

Don't even get me started on Handitsy, O'really and the dumb arse pundits that support sensible gun control.

Guess the NRA should have been allowed to endorse Harry Reid he is more 2A than alot of Republicans.

From: HeadHunter® Date: 23-Nov-12
I look at it this way...It's a RIGHT (God given) and No Law or Politician can Take That Away! We all have a RIGHT To, or Not To.....personal choice (as it should be). No matter where you live (and I do exercise My Right....and I do live in Ilinois).....THEY (politics) always want to go after the legal lawabiding citizens! When THEY should be going after 'the criminals' and getting rid of THEM!...they "GET RID" of the criminals WE wouldn't have these problems!......THEY (politics) just wants to disarm us so WE can't fight back!....guess what, WE will fight and The Revolution will be again in America! ""WE THE PEOPLE"" run America and the politicians work for US! The biggest 'threat' to Our Rights, is the politicians inkpin.....that is THEIR Assault Weapon!

From: Spike Bull Date: 23-Nov-12
I am willing to believe that this is a made up list, regardless of Snopes' commiE leanings, however, I would also bet that this list closely reflects what they really will come out with before Oscrewya's term expires, barring some small miracle, like huge problems, legal and otherwise, for our Lyer-in Chief and company.

My only reservation is that I don't think that list is as complete as the real one will be!

From: gflight Date: 23-Nov-12
Gun owners are gradually being influenced by both parties and NRA leaders (like the reelected Joaquin Jackson awb/mag restrict supporter) on how much restriction is necessary for the government to protect you. I have discussed this before and a lot of guys here think Brady and other restrictions are necessary to make sure only the proper people own firearms.

Having a Democrat is actually safer because more people will speak up. Party influence is so strong Romney could have chipped away at our gun rights where as you can see Obama won't have a chance if he does.....

From: Iktomi Date: 23-Nov-12
+2 for The High Road. Probably the best info you can access regarding RKBA.

From: kentuckbowhnter Date: 23-Nov-12
the treaty will never be ratified by the US Senate. its dead issue.

From: gflight Date: 23-Nov-12
Looks like you assumed or answered everything for me......

From: Spike Bull Date: 24-Nov-12
There is NO part of Brady or most any other gun law that I believe makes me so safe as to deny or abridge my RIGHT to K+B firearms.

The biggest threat to me is my government. The odds that I may need a firearm in my everyday life for self defense are tiny compared to the odds that I may need to defend myself against the criminals in Washiungton and thier lot.

Think about it, if you were planning to go up against seventy million (+-) gun owners you would plot and plan for decades while enlisting any outside help available.

It is undeniable in my mind that this governement will, at some point, try to totally disarm us.

ANY step in that direction, no matter how insignificant or helpful it may seem, is a step to that end.

From: pipe Date: 24-Nov-12
just think if euro style anarchy sets in and escalates here.. as we seem to be heading in that direction politically and economically...

From: HeadHunter® Date: 28-Nov-12
'they' will only take your guns "if you let them"..... "They will have to kill me first".....'they' better figure out America is NOT going to give up any RIGHTS! The Politicians work for US! They need to be well aware of that fact! "They" will make criminals out of US! and WE are not the problem!...but we will be their problem and I don't think 'they' want to mess with "We the People"!....."WE" won't be throwing rocks and sticks and bottles in a 'protest' the other countries that don't have the weapons to defend themselves. TO PROTECT US FROM Government and All Enemies Foreign and Domestic!......We have a God Given Right to protect ourselves and family and Our Way of Life!

America is something and a place to be proud of and to protect!

From: TD Date: 28-Nov-12
Obama doesn't need any stin-king list.

He won't make a direct assault on guns. He'll do it like he has everything else, he'll snake his surrogates in and they will do it for him. Just take a quick look at how he was elected in IL in the first place. They find the dirt, give it to the press.... watch them run with it and Obama et al don't even have to touch the dirt, just own the lease it came off of....

Look to F&F. Designed from the start to implant AMERICAN guns into mexican drug cartels to ratchet up the violence and document the use of AMERICAN guns in it. Then release that "shocking" information to the media who will do their bidding and in turn ratchet up demand that something more be done to restrict gun buyers and therefor gun owners. Even though the legal system in place was willfully subverted to make it happen and no real effort even made to actually track the guns.

And Obama/Holder come away without even anything on their shoes. Blood on their hands, yeah.... but not dirt on their shoes...

That is how it will be done. Exactly as he was caught saying, "we're working under the radar" on gun control.

A person doesn't have to put words in his mouth, he says what he means all the time when off the teleprompter. "Spread the wealth", "you didn't build that" "vote for revenge" "wait until I'm re-elected and then I can work with you..."

Only thing a person has to do is hear them..... and believe them.

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