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Alaska man kills bear with assault rifle



Messages posted to thread:
tonyo6302 31-Jul-13
Pete In Fairbanks 31-Jul-13
Jim in Ohio 31-Jul-13
Woods Walker 31-Jul-13
Shuteye 31-Jul-13
Coyote 65 31-Jul-13
tonyo6302 01-Aug-13
Glunt@work 01-Aug-13
Spike Bull 01-Aug-13
cjgregory 01-Aug-13
Woods Walker 01-Aug-13
keepemsharp 02-Aug-13
TD 03-Aug-13
Glunt@work 03-Aug-13
Spike Bull 03-Aug-13
Shuteye 03-Aug-13
keepemsharp 03-Aug-13
Coyote 65 03-Aug-13
Spike Bull 03-Aug-13
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From: tonyo6302 Date: 31-Jul-13

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Alaska man kills charging bear with assault rifle

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – A trail south of Anchorage has been closed after a man killed a brown bear that charged him.

Department of Fish and Game wildlife biologist Jessy Coltrane tells the Anchorage Daily News that an unidentified man came across the bear Sunday morning while hiking alone. He told Coltrane the bear charged him, and he fired 13 rounds from an AK-74 assault rifle he was carrying on his hike.

Chugach State Park Ranger Tom Crockett said the bear ran off, but later died.

Officials say the bear was skinned and the head taken to Fish and Game. But a large portion of the carcass remains about 100 yards off the trail, and likely will attract other bears.

Rangers have closed the trail between McHugh Creek and the Rainbow trailhead.

From: Pete In Fairbanks Date: 31-Jul-13
Looks like our new Stand Your Ground statute is kicking in here in AK!

From: Jim in Ohio Date: 31-Jul-13
We are up here in Denali ready to take the tour tomorrow. Should see some. Hope we don't run into one of them buggers when we start bank fishing next week.

From: Woods Walker Date: 31-Jul-13
How'd the bear get hold of an assault rifle?

I guess he passed the background check!

From: Shuteye Date: 31-Jul-13

Shuteye's embedded Photo

(Assault Rifles) are good for a lot of things that the liberals don't know about.

From: Coyote 65 Date: 31-Jul-13
Please forgive me for what I am about to say:

If it only saves one life!!!!


From: tonyo6302 Date: 01-Aug-13
"How'd the bear get hold of an assault rifle? "

The fictitious Gun show loophole?

Passed the background check?

Got it from his medical marijuana dealer?

Kept it as a souvenier upon his discharge from the Army?

Pete in Fairbanks fell asleep while hunting?

NRA Sweepstakes winner?

Shuteye traded it and the groundhog for two yellow perch and a jar of honey?


From: Glunt@work Date: 01-Aug-13
Al Sharpton was headed up there until they clarified that it was a brown bear.

From: Spike Bull Date: 01-Aug-13

From: cjgregory Date: 01-Aug-13
Poor choice of weapon for bear country. When I went fishing with my buddies we carried shotguns with buck-n-ball loads.

The 50 cal. pistols are pretty popular too but a riot gun slung over your shoulder and bear pepper spray ends the discussion pretty quick.

From: Woods Walker Date: 01-Aug-13
"......but a riot gun slung over your shoulder and bear pepper spray ends the discussion pretty quick."

Hey now! Sounds like you've spent some time in Chicago!

From: keepemsharp Date: 02-Aug-13
Doubt if it was an "assault rifle", the paper work is pretty expensive. Probably just a normal AR15.

From: TD Date: 03-Aug-13
I thought it was a typo at first but upon checking the AK 74 is actually the "modern" version of the AK 47? Guess I'm not really up on my AKs.

The 47 fired a much more potent round, a .30 caliber (.308?) whereas the 74 went to something along the lines of the .223?

Not much knockdown for sure.... if using FMJ though, decent penetration I'd bet....

Interesting.... good thing he wasn't regulated by law to a 5 round clip.... could be Treadwell fertilizer by now....

From: Glunt@work Date: 03-Aug-13
5.45x39, similar to a .223. The only reason I would have fired 13 rounds would be if thats all that was in it :^)

From: Spike Bull Date: 03-Aug-13
The AK74 shoots the 5.45x39 while the AK47 shoots the 7.62x39 round.

AK74 can be recognized easily from a distance by the vertical 'hollow' carved in the stock which is not put on an AK47 stock.

For comparison, the .223 is a 5.56x41 and the .308 is a 7.62x51 while a .30-06 is a 7.62x63

The AK47's 7.62x39 is a formidable round less powerful than a .308 but stronger than a .223 while the AK74 is smaller but still designed for combat use. They are great for weight sensitive missions, or smaller shooters, with barely any recoil, lighter ammo, etc.

From: Shuteye Date: 03-Aug-13
If I was carrying an AK 47 or AR 15 it certainly would not be loaded with military FMJ bullets. It would be loaded with bullets made for killing, not wounding. A lot more expensive ammo but worth every penny when needed.

From: keepemsharp Date: 03-Aug-13
A true "assault rifle" is full auto, doubt that this one is. But the anti media has labeled anything they like to be called an assault rifle, we all need to refute this campaign nationwide.

From: Coyote 65 Date: 03-Aug-13
In line with Keepemsharp I think we should call them what the gov. calls them. Personal Defense Weapons.


From: Spike Bull Date: 03-Aug-13

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Subject: RE: Alaska man kills bear with assault rifle

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