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Messages posted to thread:
Shuteye 09-Sep-13
Shuteye 09-Sep-13
Shuteye 09-Sep-13
HA2/KS 09-Sep-13
The Old Sarge 09-Sep-13
juneaulongbow 09-Sep-13
JTV 09-Sep-13
Joey Ward 09-Sep-13
BlueDog 09-Sep-13
Shuteye 09-Sep-13
juneaulongbow 09-Sep-13
juneaulongbow 09-Sep-13
Salagi 09-Sep-13
Shuteye 09-Sep-13
HDE 09-Sep-13
Thumper 10-Sep-13
Thumper 10-Sep-13
Dave G. at home 10-Sep-13
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From: Shuteye Date: 09-Sep-13

Shuteye's embedded Photo

This is a hog nose. They are one of the coolest snakes we have. Even my wife isn't afraid of them. They are the greatest actors of all animals. They will flare up their head and neck and act like a cobra. If you mess with them long enough they will roll over on their back and play dead. Roll them back over on their belly and they will immediately roll back over on their back. I guess they think if they play dead they have to be on their back. My wife took this picture before I picked it up.

From: Shuteye Date: 09-Sep-13

Shuteye's embedded Photo

Here it is after I picked it up. You don't have to hold them as close to the head as most snakes, they don't bite, or at least the ones I have messed with have never tried.

From: Shuteye Date: 09-Sep-13

Shuteye's embedded Photo

Sorry, double post.

From: HA2/KS Date: 09-Sep-13

Nice addition to the fauna.

From: The Old Sarge Date: 09-Sep-13
Also mimics a rattler with that pattern.

You a snake person, Shuteye? I am. :0)

From: juneaulongbow Date: 09-Sep-13
Beauty, love those snakes.

From: JTV Date: 09-Sep-13
Ive been around snakes ever since I was a youngster....I cant see why there are grown men that run like girls when they see one...Ive caught Hognose before...they can flatten their head like a Cobra....they make good pets....I had various snakes as a kid. I'll catch Garter(garden) snakes(smelly as hell), Brown Grass snakes, water snakes(aggressive) and corn snakes every year....Caught a 4 ft Blue Racer two weeks back...those are a mean snake, but very beneficial in killing rodents...I'll catch 'em, admire them and release 'em.....Caught Rattlesnakes when I lived in Texas....not a snake out there I'm afraid of.....

From: Joey Ward Date: 09-Sep-13

Joey Ward's embedded Photo



From: BlueDog Date: 09-Sep-13
Well, I'm the Crawlin' King Snake

And I rule my den

From: Shuteye Date: 09-Sep-13
We have king snakes and they are cool. I don't like the water snakes, and just hate it when one gets on my fishing line. I am not afraid of snakes.

From: juneaulongbow Date: 09-Sep-13

juneaulongbow's embedded Photo

Was down in Brazil almost 2 years ago visiting my wife's family and got a behind the scenes tour of a snake facility.


From: juneaulongbow Date: 09-Sep-13

juneaulongbow's embedded Photo


From: Salagi Date: 09-Sep-13
We call the hog nosed snakes spreading adders around here. Hands down my favorite snake. As my dad says (who is not a snake lover), they have a twinkle in their eye and a personality all their own. Used to have one that would show up every spring next to the yard. He was dark colored and a cranky old thing Haven't seen him in 2 years and I kind of miss him.

Only problem with them is the ones around here are often colored exactly like a copperhead, causes some trouble from time to time.

From: Shuteye Date: 09-Sep-13
I used to go to Philadelphia zoo and time my visit for snake feeding time. The king cobras were totally awesome. A female king cobra, guarding her nest is something to be afraid of. They don't run, they attack when guarding the babies.

From: HDE Date: 09-Sep-13
Never mind. Thought this thread was about politicians.

My bad.

From: Thumper Date: 10-Sep-13

Thumper's embedded Photo

Caught this Indigo Labor Day Weekend to show the wife how harmless they are, then released him to hunt rattlers. Hour later I almost put m hand on a 5' Rattlesnake.

From: Thumper Date: 10-Sep-13

Thumper's embedded Photo

This is a re-enactment photo, head is gone.

Looking through a pile of about 20 old tripods I was hoping to salvage a boat seat for a ground blind chair. I walked around it three times looking for rattlesnakes just to be safe. Reached into the the pile to pull one out and lit this guy up. My hand was less than two feet from him when he sounded a warning. He was resting 3' off the ground up in the pile on a tan colored tripod and I didn't see him.

He dropped down under the plywood while I tried to snare him. Unbelievable how well his pattern blended in with the diamond shaped mesh of the tripod.

From: Dave G. at home Date: 10-Sep-13
We've had a couple of racers that hang around the house for the last few years despite the two dogs that constantly harass them. I guess the 5-lined skinks that are in abundance make it worthwhile for them.

Also had a really nice garter snake take up residence behind the shed this spring and it got to where I could feed it big slugs out of the garden or strips of tilapia when there were no slugs. It was one of the biggest garters I've seen. (well at least since my cousin Randy's wedding :^))

Wish we had some hog-nosed snakes around.

Cool photo Joey.

But nothing beats an Egyptian cobra in the clothes dryer. :^)

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