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Most Pro-Life POTUS in Modern History
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From: slade

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Well well well, our Seven Mountain Nationalists with so little faith (except unto themselves) must be tired of eating crow....

One Year Later: Trump Hailed as ‘Most Pro-Life President in Modern History’

From: Thumper
Trump is trying very hard to be a good president, just meeting a lot of resitance to draining the old swamp and saving our unborn children.

I've always said those who support abortion should first practice post birth self abortions, it gives them a much clearable prospective.

From: TGbow
Pro choice is an ironic description, the child has NO choice in the matter. If Trump were an animal's rights activist, he would gain much more favor with the media.

From: zeke
Did you ever think about the fact only those who have already been born are pro-abortion.

From: HDE
^^^ ah - the irony if it!!

If someone wants to abort, it's their choice. HOWEVER - THEY ALONE WILL HAVE TO ANSWER FOR THAT DECISION AND PAY THE PRICE, much like a rapist or murderer will...

From: Shuteye

Shuteye's embedded Photo
Shuteye's embedded Photo
The military was looking out for Sarah today when it got cold and she didn't have a jacket. A helicopter pilot gave her his jacket to use. It was a trip that was not planned and got canceled due to the weather.

From: Woods Walker
"Pro choice is an ironic description, the child has NO choice in the matter."

It certainly is. Just like when a woman says......"It's my body and my choice." ma'am, you're wrong. It's NOT "your" body, it's your CHILD'S body. If it were your body, you'd be the dead one now wouldn't you?

From: Trax
I supported Ted Cruz in this past primary and I must say, I would not have expected Cruz to get as much done as President Trump has for the good of this nation in so little time. Great things coming in the next 3 years.

As far as the cult mentioned anyone else notice how josh specifically has disappeared? That is telling, he too sees President Trump's conservative leadership and accomplishments. He can't admit he was wrong. That too, is telling.

helicopter pilot with a ranger tab no less....

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