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Another Deadly Year For LEO’s
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'Ike' (Phone) 10-Feb-18
Shuteye 10-Feb-18
JTV 10-Feb-18
HA/KS 10-Feb-18
trublucolo 10-Feb-18
Woods Walker 11-Feb-18
Shuteye 11-Feb-18
foxbo 11-Feb-18
BIG BEAR 11-Feb-18
Spike Bull 11-Feb-18
Sixby 11-Feb-18
Mint 12-Feb-18

'Ike' (Phone)'s Link
2018 starting off bad...Another two shot today in Ohio! Gods speed brothers...

From: Shuteye
It is terrible and we are losing K9's too. My cousin was a K9 officer and he posts end of watch on police officers and K9's on line. What in the heck is the matter with people? Police officers are targets now. I have another cousin that is currently a K9 officer and I worry about him all the time. He works the Bay Bridge Area in Maryland and there are lots of bad guys there.

From: JTV
Blue Lives Matter ... RIP my brothers .... Semper Fi

From: HA/KS
8 years of "Hands up, don't shoot' lies among other problems.

From: trublucolo
After the last eight years, if you couldn't see this coming you had your head up your ass.

From: Woods Walker
Just more of Obama's legacy coming to light. And the worst is yet to come. What a piece of sh*t that SOB is.

From: Shuteye
HA/KS you are absolutely correct and everyone should have seen this coming. The media is to blame also for not reporting what was going on during Obama's presidency. They took the side of black lives matter, and still do.

From: foxbo
I don't blame Obama as much as the dumb SOBs that voted for him, TWICE!!

That's 15 this year..... 11 by gunfire...... We're not going to keep it below 100 again this year at this rate.

It is Obama's legacy, he and the commiEs repeatedly undermined law enforcement for his whole regime. The corruption of our most powerful agencies is also symptomatic but the actual loss of these brave officers lives is unforgivable.

Thank George Soros for decades of paying all the idiots to execute his agenda.

From: Sixby
God bless and comfort those familys and friends. BB. You know that going on a domestic call is just about if not the most dangerous call that an officer can get. I have heard two versions of what happened. One that these two fine men were called out on a hang up call and lured into a kill box. Another version of the news is that the man threatened to kill his children and wife and she called and warned the 911 that he had a gun . My take is that these officers tried to be nice and talk him down and he got the drop on them and they did not have time to react. What do you think?

God bless, Steve

From: Mint
Terribly tragic. It is totally out of control these days.

How many more would have been killed if not for wearing their vest and those shootings only make the local news.

One of my precision rifle friends is Missouri State Highway Patrol.....he says he feels like he has a target on his back everyday and is looking towards retirement. He is a Master Sargent, former swat sniper, and as tough as they come too.

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