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No mail order knives
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Salagi 14-Apr-18
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Beendare 14-Apr-18
Woods Walker 14-Apr-18
Huntcell 14-Apr-18
From: Salagi

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In Merry Old England. I also found this quote interesting: 'Ms Rudd added: “I see no good reason why any young person should be carrying a corrosive substance in the street."' Now I know they mean acid but how is that part of the law written? More corrosion is caused by water than any other substance. It appears they are still on that slippery slope and gaining speed.

From: Shuteye
Water is the universal solvent and yep it is corrosive.

From: Treeline
Remember an old sign "When they ban our guns, will we still be able to keep our knives and swords?" Guess not. Nor your "corrosive substances". Hard to believe how far the English have fallen...

From: Beendare
I saw those comments after the recent London knife thing......Why does anyone need a knife anyway?

Thats a vegetarian talking there......

From: Woods Walker
"Thats a vegetarian talking there......"

......but apparently one who doesn't eat big garden tomatoes or onions!!!

From: Huntcell
Hands grab knives, hands grab guns. Hands grab P... Ban Hands! Ban Hands! Ban Hands!

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