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Grumman Canoe Value
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EF Hutton 15-May-18
JTV 15-May-18
Amoebus 15-May-18
Woods Walker 15-May-18
JD 15-May-18
sleepyhunter 16-May-18
EF Hutton 16-May-18
From: EF Hutton
Thinking about buying my friend’s canoe. He askng 500.

15 foot alum. no dings, dents, or patches. no sign of silicone. Rivets look excellent. Paint greatly faded. Probably 80’s mdl. What u think

From: JTV
$300 max

From: Amoebus
JTV is right. 30 year old canoes shouldn't be pushing $500.

And, what do you use a 15' canoe for? 17' seems to be the minimum if you are going canoe camping.

From: Woods Walker
I've got a 17' Grumman and if I could get $500 for it it'd be GONE!!!

From: JD

JD's Link
New ones are over $1500 (Link) and 0.05 gauge material.

It doesn't matter what new ones cost. It's an aluminum canoe....they are heavy, noisy, and hot. Can't hardly buy a decent canoe anymore since they stopped making Royalex.

From: sleepyhunter
""I've got a 17' Grumman and if I could get $500 for it it'd be GONE!!! ""

I'd consider taking it off your hands if we didn't live so far apart. I've always wanted a metal canoe. I wouldn't want a plastic one.

From: EF Hutton
Ok i read all replies. He is a little high. I don’t really need it. I have a brand new pirogue

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