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fat tire dirt bike



Messages posted to thread:
Yendor 23-Sep-07
MQ32 23-Sep-07
MQ32 23-Sep-07
Yendor 23-Sep-07
MQ32 24-Sep-07
greysqurrel71 24-Sep-07
promod1385 24-Sep-07
AR34 shooter 24-Sep-07
peter.p 25-Sep-07
stan420 26-Sep-07
Yendor 26-Sep-07
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From: Yendor Date: 23-Sep-07
OK, my mind is going south. Can someone please remind me the name of the dirt bike Honda I think that had fat tires. I think they made a couple different sized engines. But they had wide tires. Thanks Yendor

From: MQ32 Date: 23-Sep-07

MQ32's embedded Photo

Honda made the FAT CAT. Yamaha Made the Big Wheel. Honda's was a 250 with no clutch. Yamaha made two the 350 and the 200. I have two 200 Yamaha Big wheels. Here is a pic of the Yamaha.

From: MQ32 Date: 23-Sep-07

MQ32's embedded Photo

Here is a pic of the Honda Fat Cat.

From: Yendor Date: 23-Sep-07
Very nice looking bikes. I am a pretty big guy, and would like something for running around some of the trails in my hunting area. The trails are usually very rocky and I think that these big wheels would work great. Thanks

From: MQ32 Date: 24-Sep-07
I would reccomend the Yamaha Big Wheel then. Check Ebay under BW200.


From: greysqurrel71 Date: 24-Sep-07
why not try a rokon

From: promod1385 Date: 24-Sep-07
Yamaha still makes the TW200 its a licensed road legal dual sport and would serve you well i think. Give it a look on there website.

From: AR34 shooter Date: 24-Sep-07
TW200 would be the better of the two, as promod1385 stated it is a dual sport and can legaly be rode on forest service roads here in the state.

From: peter.p Date: 25-Sep-07
i had the tw200. awesome bike. street legal but this thing could go anywhere you needed to go.

From: stan420 Date: 26-Sep-07
I have a Suzuki 650 Dual Sport that I am considering using for hunting purposes. Getting to and from the stand is no problem, but I wonder how well it would work for draggin out deer....

From: Yendor Date: 26-Sep-07
You could drag it out at 60 MPH and tenderize it in one trip.

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Subject: RE: fat tire dirt bike

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