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Hunting Bicycle



Messages posted to thread:
Carolina Counsel 28-Oct-08
Drahthaar81 28-Oct-08
addicted2elk 28-Oct-08
fen tiger 28-Oct-08
Holger Danske 28-Oct-08
Huntsman 28-Oct-08
HUNT MAN 28-Oct-08
Mathews Man 28-Oct-08
Carpshooter 28-Oct-08
bowhunter43 28-Oct-08
JackZ at work 28-Oct-08
DrenAxisTaker 28-Oct-08
fen tiger 28-Oct-08
Brock-ID 28-Oct-08
HUNT MAN 28-Oct-08
fen tiger 29-Oct-08
silent but deadly 29-Oct-08
itshot 29-Oct-08
Carolina Counsel 30-Oct-08
stick-n-stringer 30-Oct-08
stick-n-stringer 30-Oct-08
mandarran 04-Sep-10
itshot 04-Sep-10
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From: Carolina Counsel Date: 28-Oct-08
I am asking my wife for a used bike for christmas so I can turn it into a hunting bike. Any suggestions on type of bike, accessories, etc. I have not really researched it yet, but figured I would start here. Does anyone make a "hunting bike?"

From: Drahthaar81 Date: 28-Oct-08

Drahthaar81's Supporting Link

Here is a link to the type of hunting bike I want to build for next year. All the convenience of the bike without breaking a sweat.

From: addicted2elk Date: 28-Oct-08
i've thought a bike for hunting, and i think a mountain bike with a small trailer like a burley would be the ticket. it would allow you to easily access logging roads closed to motorized vehicles but might be a little noisy on a rough road.

From: fen tiger Date: 28-Oct-08
Traction can be an issue if trailer weight is not over the drive wheel is what someone posted in a previous thread on bikes. I too am looking and the mods that would work are not cheap $200-$500+ over cost of bike! Will try to find research, hopefully someone with experience will reply first.

From: Holger Danske Date: 28-Oct-08
that electric bike looks like a great idea. I use a mtn bike sometimes when I want to get a few miles back easier/quicker, but the biggest problem is that I'm sweating buckets before daylight.

From: Huntsman Date: 28-Oct-08
I use a mountain bike a bunch. I love the closed logging roads in the mountains when hunting elk. I'm using it to get to my stands for whitetails too. Very little noise, not much effort, and cuts the travel time. I'd really like to find a bow rack for the handle bars as I'm either lashing my bow to my pack, or using a sling on the shorter treks.

From: HUNT MAN Date: 28-Oct-08

HUNT MAN's embedded Photo

Love the bike not only is it good for the ride in it works great for the pack out.HUNT

From: Mathews Man Date: 28-Oct-08
Biking into closed road areas (especially if they are not overly steep) is a great way to get back in for hunting.

A bow holder like the ones used on ATV's is great, just mount them on the handlebars.

However, even mountain bikes are not permitted into Wilderness areas. Only foot or horse.

From: Carpshooter Date: 28-Oct-08
However,even mountain bikes are not permitted into Wilderness areas.Only foot or horse.

Now that's not right or fair,some laws are just not biker friendly at all!You got to be in good shape to do this kind of hunting and the bike doesn't leave a mess behind.

From: bowhunter43 Date: 28-Oct-08
carpshooter I am with you. I love mt biking and bringing them along in the wilderness would be awesome. When I was in Colorado I saw quite a few signs asking to report any biking activities in the wilderness. So I guess a few people are taking their bikes.

From: JackZ at work Date: 28-Oct-08
I used a mountain bike with atv bow holders on the handle bars. I made a hitch to connect my home made deer cart to the seat post. Total cost was $30.00 for the bow holder and $30.00 for the deer cart. Bike not included All funds are Canadian dollars. Carried bike in canoe over a bridge out river, and had miles of un-pressured moose habitat to myself. I screwed up on the moose though.


From: DrenAxisTaker Date: 28-Oct-08
Finally a subject at which I'm truly an expert! My hunting buddy owns a bike shop and I've worked there off and on for many years.

The bikes we built for the ranch have a silent-clutch rear hub. Police use these in their bicycles so the bikes roll silently when coasting. Disc brakes are great if you're riding in mud, otherwise "V" brakes stop the bike almost as well and cost much less.

If you want a trailer for a bike, the best in the business are made by Bob trailer. Bob trailers will carry up to 70 pounds of gear.

I wouldn't recommend using a trailer on a full-suspension bike though, as this causes angular stress to the rear suspension and easily can snap the swingarm or break the shock/pivot points.

Keep the bike well lubed and you'll have a stealth machine. I've rolled up on many deer, but rolling up on a pack of hogs isn't quite as fun... :)

From: fen tiger Date: 28-Oct-08

From: Brock-ID Date: 28-Oct-08
Hunt Man, Do you have any more photos?

From: HUNT MAN Date: 28-Oct-08
yes why?HUNT

From: fen tiger Date: 29-Oct-08
The Surly looks very promising but very very pricey! It is a purpose built SUB.

From: silent but deadly Date: 29-Oct-08
I would consider a 29er. The 29" wheels roll a lot more efficiently than 26" wheels, and they are more stable. They roll over little obstacles like small rocks and sticks a lot easier. Also, if you encounter some areas that have loose dirt, the larger diameter wheels will not sink in as bad. I bought one of these just to go mnt biking, but realized that it works great for hunting off of too. If you could rig up a trailor to work with one of these, it would be the ultimate. The 29er bikes are kind of new. Gary Fisher has been making these for a while and some of the other companies are starting to catch on as well. They are getting to be very popular with cross country racers.

From: itshot Date: 29-Oct-08

itshot's embedded Photo

Used Fuji, no suspension

roll of camo duct tape

single fin grip bow/gun holder on bars

AA powered light under bars, great when combined with head light

big ol granny basket on rear, for stand and misc

many many miles of trouble free operation

built first one for scouting, then started using them to get back and forth to spots quicker & quieter

From: Carolina Counsel Date: 30-Oct-08
Thanks for all of the input guys. Now I have to start following these leads.

From: stick-n-stringer Date: 30-Oct-08

stick-n-stringer's embedded Photo

A few off the Leatherwall

From: stick-n-stringer Date: 30-Oct-08

stick-n-stringer's embedded Photo

and another

From: mandarran Date: 04-Sep-10
If you want the best hunting bike on the market. Check out or look up channel cat out doors.

From: itshot Date: 04-Sep-10
mandarran, cool bike but not legal in many places, even though it's electric it's still a motorized vehicle

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