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From: McCree
I'm in the market for a new quiver and wanted your opinions. Let me know what you guys feel is the best out there today. Thanks,

From: PAGuardian
I don't know if it is the best but I really like my Octane. It is the one-piece detachable which I only have on the bow going to and from stands. The magnetic hood is pretty slick, although it makes the quiver very heavy. If you are planning to shoot with your quiver on I'd stay away from the Octane though.

Otherwise, Alpine soft-lock is a great quiver.

From: Florida Mike
+1 for the Alpine softloc, Quality. Mike

I have a Vortexx quiver which fits the bill fine. If I would have had the cash, I would have sprung for the Octane one piece....very nice.

Alpine does make a good quiver for the money.

All things considered.....the Fuse 1 piece is just about perfect!!!!! Quiet, lite, tough, adjustable, and a very well made quick disconnect. It's the shite!!!

I'm not pumping here either...I don't even own one...i have mathews arrow web quivers on my two bows.

From: Bou'bound
hoyt for hoyt bows

From: lmar
I have the octane one piece,its great,but had to switch to a G5 broadhead the hood is to short for my rages.

From: DeerMount
Tried and true Kwikee kwiver. Every camo pattern, easy on/off, easy change out rubber grip and affordable!

From: OregonArcher
I think the Octane are top notch. How is it to short for the rage? With the magnetic insert it should hold those no problem.

I strap my kwikee quiver to the right side of my pack. I have the 4 arrow "mechanical" version with two rubber grippers.

I'm another one for the Alpine

Trophy Ridge two pc.

From: hoytshooter
fuse 2 piece for me would like to see the new simms 2 piece looks light in weight

From: Pat C.
ALPINE SOFT LOCK 5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: no-luck
I have the Alpine soft lock 5 as well and absolutly love it. It goes on and off of the bow quietly. Another feature I like is its ability to adjust vertically as I have 30" arrows and I don't like my fletching hanging lower than the bottom of my bow.

From: DLN
agree with many others- alpine soft lock

From: c3
The new Tightspot quiver.

Cheers, Pete

Mathews two piece. Rock solid dead quiet and always ready.

From: bloodtrail
Im with disorder-if your shooting a Mathews put on a Mathews. A little pricey but worth it.

From: Mzyman
Like hoytshooter, i use the fuse 2 piece also and like it alot.

From: Knife2sharp
PSE Omega, the best one piece detachable quiver ever made. It is the lightest and slimmest of all of them and utilizes an adjustable 3 point holding system for the arrows so you don't have to worry about what diameter your arrows. This also makes for silent arrow removal. It's light because the hood is small and rubber as opposed to plastic and the rest is made out of carbon.

But they don't make them anymore.

From: swamp hunter
Another vote for the Alpine soft lock

From: bownut
treelimb premier quiver

From: whitetailer
Maybe not the best, but this system works for me and its simple. I dont like the quiver on the bow....

I use a Kwikee Kwiver, which I can attach to the bow, if needed. However its either on my belt, since I have a neat hip quiver thats made for the Kwikee, or is in my pack, fits nicesly in a side pocket

From: muzzy100
kwikee is my vote

From: JayZ
Defintely the TIGHTSPOT.

Fits TIGHT to your bow and can be adjusted up and down so if you are tall and have longer arrows you can rest your bottom cam on the ground and keep your nocks out of the dirt. The arrow grips can also be tightened. All around it's gotta be the best quiver out there. I love mine!

From: JayZ
Defintely the TIGHTSPOT.

Fits TIGHT to your bow and can be adjusted up and down so if you are tall and have longer arrows you can rest your bottom cam on the ground and keep your nocks out of the dirt. The arrow grips can also be tightened. All around it's gotta be the best quiver out there. I love mine!


From: sbbow

From: Jwillman6
The Fuse quivers are excellent, but I'm interested in the Tightspot. The big disadvantage to the Tightspot is the price. This is the reason I will most likely stick to Fuse. $149 is pricey for a quiver.

From: hogdaddy

If you walk to a stand and take your quiver off any thing will do. If you shoot with it on, its more important. I have a fuse and a tight spot, not even close, tight spot is quieter, balances way better, more adjustability, lighter. I lost enough arrows out of my softlock busting texas brush to pay for the tight spot. Yeah it is expensive but you get your moneys worth, don't find many that wish they hadn't bought one. Just one opinion.

From: Kodi
Tightspot. Light adjustable solid it's the best I have come across.

From: Dick H
I spent the extra $ on a Tightspot and couldn't be happier.. the VERY BEST out there!!!

From: Jake14
Kwikee 3 arrow quiver -

From: IowaBowGuy
Alpine soft-loc is the bomb!

From: longboman
Well I know you mean compound but the question was simple so i say a plains indian style.

From: HunterJoe
Hard to beat a Kwikee 4 arrow with two holders or the 3 arrow with two holders. Use them both

From: bow4elk

bow4elk's embedded Photo
bow4elk's embedded Photo
The Tight Spot quiver can't be beat. While stalking in open, flat western terrain, I tend to crawl with the bow laying flat in front of me. I sometimes will put a little too much weight on the quiver, and have had cheaper quivers pop off my bow or even lost arrows. This quiver sits very close to your bow, has a solid mounting system, and you can adjust the arrow holder super tight. A+ product.

From: chipshot
kwikee is fine cause Ialways hang it in my tree

From: BuckSlayer
Another vote for Alpine Softloc. Quiet on and off, only compalint would be the tips of my Slick Trick mags touch when they are put right beside each other unless they are turned, which is ok, but then my fletchings aren't all in a perfect cock feather up position! Haha! This is annoying to me!

From: Kurt
Which is lighter, the Alpine Softloc or Tight Spot?

From: JTreeman
Tight spot for me. I have used tight spot, octane, quickee, alpine, and mathews. The Mathews spider web are very nice for Mathews bows, but the Tight spot is overall just better. Better than all of them, period.


From: Clutch
Tightspot-- set it up on my bow near the end of this past season-- love it

From: Naples
Can you mount the TightSpot on the riser or only on the sight?

ALPINE SOFT LOCK 5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: mdj
I use the Alpine Soft-loc 5 and though I like it, I have a vexing problem with it. Because of the way I set my bow on my lap (arrows down so I can keep my bow hand in the bow sling), the weight of the bow rests on the arrows, so the quiver tends to unsnap! Anyone else have that problem? Would the Tight Spot not do that?

From: NEBucks
Alpine Soft Loc 5 for me also.

From: fairchase
Hey McCree, I sure hope the above replys helped, I was going to buy that same one also.

TightSpot here. mdj, I do the same thing and the tight Spot doesn't move. The quiver to bow attachment is adjustable for tension.

From: JGG
Alpine Soft-Loc here.

From: Elk Crazy
I hunted with a side quiver for years. last year I hunted with a tightspot and when I got back the local archery shop had them on sale so I bought another! They are spendy especially for a cheap skate like me.

From: 'Ike'
I like the lite weight Hoyt two (2) piece for Hoyt bows and the new Diamond Q5 for my BowTech...

'The Q5.2 Ultra-Lite is a 2-piece 5 arrow quiver designed to hug tight to the bow and keep your arrows ready when you are.'

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