Archer Tim Wells: what is is reputation?
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From: buckiller
I g=have seen this archer (Tim Wells) and know nothing about him... Anybody ever hear about him?

From: foxbo
He did the Lethal Flight video and a few others. He shoots a compound without sights and is very, very good at it. I think he'd rather hunt than eat. I've not seen a video done by him that I did not like. He is a top predator with his archery equipment unlike any I've ever seen.

From: city hunter
ive seen him make some great shots with fingers and no sight enjoy watching him ...

From: onlybow
that video "lethal flight" is a great video..he somehow enjoyed a relationship wiht the double bull owners/creators....he seems to be extremely excellent with a bow......I love the part when he shot a bee in mid flight..and his bear hunt was almost unbelieveable.

From: Beendare
Sure seems like he would be a great guy to have in camp.....

He used to have a show on MOR. I think it was "Relentless Pursuit" . I like the fact he hunts for everything with his bow. Not just deer or Elk, Ive seen him hunt squirle,pheasent,frog with bow or spear even. Id like to meet him.

The shot he has on the BumbleBee is a classic.

The only thing Ive ever seen him do that I question'd was a 75+yard shot on a huge mule deer as the thing was fleeing. But he Drilled it in the heart so I guess if you can do it , go for it.

I also saw a video of him putting a 2nd shot into a NewZealand Thar running flat out and the last yardage you hear before he releases the arrow is 84. And he drills the thing as its sprinting across this mtn top. Given its a 2nd shot but DANG I wish I could hit a stationary target at 84 consistently.

Now hearing he shoots with no sights. He is the MAN!

From: bowriter
He and Judd Cooney shoot exactly alike-fingers, no sights. From the little I have been a round Tim, he seems like a nice guy.

From: Hugh
I met him years ago when he penned a book called Relentless Pursuit. It was at the Lansing Deer Classic in Michigan. He also had a huge cardboard picture of a 200" whitetail with his face cut out of the photo. You could stick your face in the hole and he would take a polaroid picture(I told you it was a while ago, do they even have polaroids anymore?)

Anyway, he was very down to earth and easy to talk to. No celebrity ego. Then he dropped out of sight and I was glad to see his show come up.


From: J Wood
Tim is a good guy, I have met him briefly two different times in the last year. He hunts primarily out of Fulton County IL. He is a tremendous talent with his bow. Everyone's comments match what I have seen and heard... very good guy.

He is a small town guy doing what he loves, he just happens to be very very good at it.


From: Bou'bound
hugh do you have a picture you could post?

From: t-dog
I love his Relentless Pursuits show on the Sportsmans Channel. You can tell he really LOVES to hunt. I also like that his show is not just another huge commercial for everything that he uses.


From: onlybow
does he have any other videos out?

From: 320bull
I second the Thar shot. That was the best shot I have ever seen. Tv or anywhere else. I saw him wandering around at the ATA show last Jan. His show is one of the only shows I will watch anymore. Some of the other shows are really lacking this year imo. Not sure about videos. I believe he has affiliation with world hunting group.

I hunted with him last year in Ill My date & I and one guy were the only ones to take WT Deer with a bow.

date has her rangefind and a cama go missing in his delux lodge and my plastic rattlign horns vanished duringhte hunt he has a guide from NZ that I suspect that had a real abd attitude.

Tim In a nice guy and hsi wife is a knockout his Mom & dad are great folks good family with family values.

he is a great hunter but onlya so-so guide.

He and his family hunted hogs on my lease and soem turkey. We found a lot of bloody arrow with mech head that never opened afound my stand.

My GF found 5 different arrows that were his and his kid 7 wife- at my turrkey blind that had blood on them.

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