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What is wrong with celebrating?



Messages posted to thread:
Bowfreak 08-Mar-12
Straight —» Arrow 08-Mar-12
TXHunter 08-Mar-12
Backcountry 08-Mar-12
The Old Sarge 08-Mar-12
Gunny 08-Mar-12
JTV 08-Mar-12
Saxton 08-Mar-12
OFFHNTN 08-Mar-12
Kevin Dill 08-Mar-12
trkyslr 08-Mar-12
Pat Lefemine 08-Mar-12
Bigpizzaman 08-Mar-12
Outdoordan 08-Mar-12
lineman21 08-Mar-12
Outdoordan 08-Mar-12
Norseman 08-Mar-12
Bowfreak 08-Mar-12
SDHNTR 08-Mar-12
Sage Buffalo 08-Mar-12
Saxton 08-Mar-12
trophyhill 08-Mar-12
tactical 08-Mar-12
silent assassin 08-Mar-12
sticksender 08-Mar-12
Rob Nye 08-Mar-12
elkmtngear 08-Mar-12
Nick Muche 08-Mar-12
Straight —» Arrow 08-Mar-12
kylesredapple 08-Mar-12
emmas_daddy05 08-Mar-12
Bake 08-Mar-12
BowMad23 08-Mar-12
Owl 08-Mar-12
TD 08-Mar-12
mountainman 08-Mar-12
Jack Harris 08-Mar-12
trophyhill 08-Mar-12
YZF-88 08-Mar-12
Bob's Forest 08-Mar-12
Rob Nye 08-Mar-12
Bou'bound 08-Mar-12
T Mac 08-Mar-12
Sage Buffalo 08-Mar-12
sbschindler 08-Mar-12
Doubleforky 08-Mar-12
TMA1010 08-Mar-12
Nick Muche 08-Mar-12
t-roy 08-Mar-12
bowriter 08-Mar-12
trophyhill 08-Mar-12
bigiron 08-Mar-12
bowriter 08-Mar-12
bowriter 08-Mar-12
BowMad23 08-Mar-12
tracker 08-Mar-12
trkytrack 08-Mar-12
AZOnecam 08-Mar-12
Bou'bound 08-Mar-12
Ki-Ke 08-Mar-12
lucky chuck 08-Mar-12
lineman21 08-Mar-12
pointingdogs 08-Mar-12
nijimasu 08-Mar-12
Alzy 08-Mar-12
Bowfreak 09-Mar-12
Habitat for Wildlife 09-Mar-12
TXHunter 09-Mar-12
Knife2sharp 09-Mar-12
AZBUGLER 09-Mar-12
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kellyharris 11-Mar-12
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extreme predator 11-Mar-12
bigswivle 11-Mar-12
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bigswivle 11-Mar-12
Bowfreak 11-Mar-12
deerslayer 11-Mar-12
wyobullshooter 12-Mar-12
MTcountryboy 12-Mar-12
MTcountryboy 12-Mar-12
elmer@laptop 12-Mar-12
Knife2sharp 12-Mar-12
Ki-Ke 12-Mar-12
BowMad23 12-Mar-12
kellyharris 12-Mar-12
lineman21 12-Mar-12
lineman21 12-Mar-12
kellyharris 12-Mar-12
Ollie 12-Mar-12
lineman21 12-Mar-12
Nick Muche 12-Mar-12
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bigswivle 12-Mar-12
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From: Bowfreak Date: 08-Mar-12
Why does this bother people so much?

You say toh-may-toe I say toh-mah-to.

Do you guys honestly believe that all of this is staged or could it possibly be that some people might just be cut from a different cloth?

From: Straight —» Arrow Date: 08-Mar-12
You need to act like you have been in the end zone a couple of times before. I have seen people make complete asses of themselves.

From: TXHunter Date: 08-Mar-12
C'mon-If you are hunting by yourself with no cameras,do you really jump up and down,holler,break out in riotous laughter,fist pump, and make sure you utter a funny redneck saying?

Neither do they. It's all for the camera brother....

From: Backcountry Date: 08-Mar-12
Who is anyone to say how another hunter should react after shooting something? Albeit hunting shows do get out of hand.

After a long hard season I get a little excited after the shot.

From: The Old Sarge Date: 08-Mar-12
I did not take up hunting so I could celebrate killing an animal. I have never celebrated a kill and never will.

Am I grateful for the opportunity and the fact I now have some meat to eat and maybe some antlers to hang on the wall? Sure. But there'll be no high fiving, no fist pumping, no hooting or hollering, no jumping up and down and no talk of "smoking" anything ... until the meats actually IN the smoker.

From: Gunny Date: 08-Mar-12
Bowfreak, I think the same thing.

You read on here how people are disgusted when they see high fives and whooping on TV shows.

I am always excited when in the stand after the shot and at recovery. I'm even more excited if it is a difficult blood trail and I think I might lose the animal then find it.

Every deer my kids have killed through the years, I give lots of high fives, hugs,and make a huge deal out of it.

I think about it sometimes when I'm in the stand how some on here think it is a bad deal and disrespectful to the animal. (Like sticking an arrow through it's heart and lungs is showing due respect.)

I've come to the conclusion that, SCREW you if you don't like it!

Hold your little prayer sessions and silent reflections if you want to and I won't mind at all.

From: JTV Date: 08-Mar-12
I cant stand the over hype of a kill...some go overboard...some go WAY overboard...Now, it is ok to show an elation after a kill, but some of these guys go overboard. After a kill I feel a reverence for the animal, while I am smiling and a very happy guy, I say a thank you prayer, I dont go laying on the ground, rolling down an embankment and start kicking in the air as Mister Muzzy does, I dont yell at the top of my lungs hooting and hollering fist pumping away, I dont throw my bow down, I refuse to watch shows such as these that have these goons doing may like 'em, I dont....I just change the channel....Jeff

From: Saxton Date: 08-Mar-12
I know that there is a Tom Miranda interview on here that everyone is talking about and I read it also. And it is pretty good. But I have a hard time believing that dude is sincere when he kills something. Too over the top for me.

From: OFFHNTN Date: 08-Mar-12
I can't say it really bothers me. But I do believe a lot of people on TV amp up their reaction to create more drama and/or excitement compared to if they were alone.


From: Kevin Dill Date: 08-Mar-12
Some guys would French-kiss a bloody coyote if it helped them make money.

I really don't care how others celebrate. I don't care what car they drive, either. Both rate about the same level of importance.

From: trkyslr Date: 08-Mar-12
I also get excited when I just arrowed and killed an animal... On several occasions "off" the camera when I have killed something or a buddy or family member has killed something, hugs, high fives, and some hollaring has happened. I say it's a natural reaction to success just like any other reaction in any other sport.

Sometimes guys and gals do amp up their celebrating for the cameras tho.... But I dont let it bother me.

From: Pat Lefemine Date: 08-Mar-12
I don't do any butt shaking, end-zone dances, but I will hi-five my son after making a great shot, give him a man-hug, and pump my fist after exlaiming he "smoked him!"

If you don't like it, that's fine. I'll emote my own way and really don't give a damn what other people think.

You've seen enough of my videos to see how I react. I never control my emotion, but I am not what many of you guys consider "over the top" either.But if I was, who cares. It's my kill, not yours.

From: Bigpizzaman Date: 08-Mar-12
Not a damn thing!! Life is short, we should celebrate our accomplishments! But when some are celebrating just for a camera, well I turn it off.

From: Outdoordan (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 08-Mar-12
I have no problem with celebrating, I just have a problem with celebrating at the shot, not when the animal is found. I have seen too many animals spook off, why make this worse? A liver shot animal will usually travel 1-200 yards or so and bed down. Why push him or her with your celebrating.

When you find him, go crazy if you want.

From: lineman21 (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 08-Mar-12
I have been elk hunting for quite a few years. I guarantee when I finally harvest one I will probably take my shirt off and run around like a soccer player and I could care less what anyone thinks.

From: Outdoordan (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 08-Mar-12
Just leave your pants on for us OK? :)

From: Norseman Date: 08-Mar-12
with me, there is really no outward emotion that I portray after the shot. I am more concerned with where I hit it, watching were the animal goes, reacts, etc. to much going through my head concering recovery efforts to show emotion. Nervous and shaking...yes, but never excited enough to fist pump or high five, espicially if I haven't retrieve the animal yet

I am relieved and thankful when I find the animal and the excitement of the "shot" has subsided by then. to busy admiring the animal to jump up and down, fist pump, etc. If I am with someone else there are the hand shakes, hugs and congratulations...then we get to work. But that is just me.

From: Bowfreak Date: 08-Mar-12
I usually pump my fist and say "Yes!"

But....who is to say I might not strip off and move it like Bernie?

I just think that there is a possibility that some of these guys that many consider "over the top" may just be 100% sincere.

From: SDHNTR Date: 08-Mar-12
How is it anyone's place to say how another should act at an emotional time? People are different and all respond differently. There is no right or wrong. Go to a wedding or a funeral. Highly emotional events, right? Some people are smiling, some people are crying. Watch the winning crowd at the superbowl, again, some jumping up and down, some crying tears of joy, some in shock. All varying displays of emotion. A bowhunting conquest is a huge accomplishment. People should be able to respond to those emotions freely, without criticism or commentary, IMO.

From: Sage Buffalo Date: 08-Mar-12
I think it all has to do with your personality.

I'm OK if it is who you are. It's just awkard if it's not you and you can tell when it isn't. That's why when some guys score they can do a dance and some it's better that they don't because they look foolish (aka Mark Madsen).

I am an extravert.

When I shoot a doe, buck or whatever I get excited.

So do my friends.

Yes there is a lot of excitement! Hollering...yes. High 5s...yes. Video...yes. Whether alone or with buddies all but the high 5s are happening.

I don't believe there is reverence in shooting an animal. I don't worship animals. They are put here for our use. They bring me happiness and food for my family for the year. It's a celebration of life...

From: Saxton Date: 08-Mar-12
Do not get me wrong...celebrating in a persons own way does not bother me. We all do it in one form or another. It bothers me when it is FAKE as most of the TV guys are. Most of the time the "hunter" has already had his hands on the animal before the cameras roll. Then they reinact the scene and then the phonyness shines through...and "Over the top".

From: trophyhill Date: 08-Mar-12
a typical celebration for me consists of a fist pump or 2 and holding my bow up with one hand and my other hand held high as if signaling a made field goal. along with a big smile as i utter the word "yes" "yes". if that is considered excessive then throw the flag but i don't see that changing anytime soon. "I just love Bowhunting"

From: tactical Date: 08-Mar-12
Go crazy if you want.....I dont care to each his own

From: silent assassin Date: 08-Mar-12
90% of the time I celebrate by sitting down and reliving the hunt for a few minutes, saying thanks, and then getting to work.

On the first "good" buck I killed with my bow- immediately after the shot and watching him run and fall I sat down in my treestand and called my mom. I was 30 yrs old- I still called my mommy and told her the whole story. If there had been someone else there it probably would have been hugs, high fives, handshakes, laughing in disbelief, etc I had been at it a long time without having a successful opportunity at good buck. I was excited.

This season a friend and I stalked a mulie, I made the shot and watched him go down- we shook hands and said "that was awesome", no yelling, high fives, etc. It was still lots of fun, but it wasn't a jump up and down moment. Still a great hunt and great memory. Doesn't it completely depend on the situation? Some hunts require much more of us, some are lifelong dreams, some are the result of great shots made, some the redemption of finding an animal you thought you lost. Celebrate as you see fit in the moment. Live and hunt with reverence AND enthusiasm.

Just thinking about these hunts is getting me going! Man I love hunting, when does the season open again?

From: sticksender Date: 08-Mar-12
I've never thought the TV guys were faking it. If you wanna see bad acting, try viewing Cinemax anytime after 10pm. These tv hunting guys are not actors.

I'll admit though, when they truly wig-out I feel a little awkward and embarrassed for the guys. If it was me I'd edit out the scenes where I went all "Stan Potts" after a kill.

From: Rob Nye Date: 08-Mar-12
I always miss and then I cry. But I don't get it when a guy doesn't miss and then cries. Awkward! Anyone else see those episodes?

From: elkmtngear Date: 08-Mar-12

elkmtngear's Supporting Link

Sometimes, you'd think my buddy and me were on "brokeback mountain"

If there's a killin', theres gonna be a "man hug" to follow!

The day I stop feeling excitement and joy, will be the day I hang up my bow for good.

I also ALWAYS give a silent thanks to the Lord

But, that's just me ;)

Best of Luck, Jeff

From: Nick Muche Date: 08-Mar-12
In terms of TV, who do you think "celebrates" the worse?

The person I am thinking of is light years worse than any other I have seen on TV...

I don't mind a nice hand shake and some kind words after finding the animal. I typically get a pretty good adrenline rush after the shot, but making noise and freaking out are not on my list of things to do.

When Elk Reaper shot his bear last year here in Idaho with Dan and I, I couldn't stop farting... Wonder if that would be considered too much celebration? LOL

From: Straight —» Arrow Date: 08-Mar-12
a "man hug"?

We do not allow that in our elk camp. You are entitled to drink as much as you want after all the work is done.

From: kylesredapple Date: 08-Mar-12
I went 6 days on a solo bivy wilderness hunt for elk. I spent 6 afternoons staring at a pond from 20 yards away, miles from the nearest road. Never saw another human being.

By the 6th day, I was having full on conversations with myself, outloud too I think. On the afternoon of the 6th day, I watched 3 bulls come jump in the pond and make their way to within 10 yards of me.

I could hear my heart pound, smell them, feel the water they were splashing land on my face. I watched that arrow fly; for what seemed like an eternity.

You bet your butt I celebrated, something I will never forget. My first elk with a bow!

I put just about every TV personality to shame in the celebration department.

To each his own.

From: emmas_daddy05 Date: 08-Mar-12
I think a celebration is situational. I have had hard hunts on antelope where I've decoyed them in and missed, but when I finally made a good shot and watched them drop the emotion led to fist pumps and vocal celebration. This year when I shot my elk at short range after 13 days of hunting all I could do is shake and watch him as he was going down. I can never tell whats going to come out of me when I make the accomplishment. If I could I don't think I would consider my passion for the hunt as sincere. I do know that if I've made a bad shot on an animal Ive always been disgusted with myself. Would you consider that wrong? I consider it the same, but at different ends of the spectrum. If a person is going to celebrate then they should be able to do so in whatever manner gets there feelings out. I'm not holier then thou enough to dictate how someone should react to their accomplishments.

From: Bake Date: 08-Mar-12
I'm with the "to each his own" crowd. I think some of the celebrations on TV are a little over the top, but I just tune it out

Usually I'm by myself, so I just get a huge smile and wallow in the surreal feeling and awe of the animal

I'm not one to celebrate usually until I find the animal though. I'm just sick usually, worrying about whether the shot was as good as I thought.

However, my buddy shot a great bull in 2010 and we were unsure of the shot, so we waited a timed 45 minutes. My buddy was pretty sick. I somehow just knew we were going to find that elk (and we did, he laid 45 yards away, dead, while we waited forever), and I was GIDDY. I mean, acting like a little school girl. My buddy and I made fools of ourselves while waiting. I made up a bull dance. We were laughing. But of course, completely unscripted, that's just how we felt in the moment

Then when we found the bull, it was completely different. No hollering or hooping. Just huge smiles and exclamations over his size, etc. We were just in awe of that bull

I don't have a problem with anybody acting out their emotions within reason. I'm not a fan of anything done for show, whether it's in the woods or anywhere else in life


From: BowMad23 Date: 08-Mar-12
I have been known to do a small fist pump if the excitement level is up. This would be just for myself though, and not a camera. People on this continent have been celebrating for centuries in one way or another after a successful hunt. Do we do it for exactly the same reasons... probably not, but that's ok. I have no problem with some level of sincere celebration. Long, drawn-out, over-dramatized celebrations (or just being completely wacko for that matter) are not high on my list.

From: Owl Date: 08-Mar-12
Never been my style to be really demonstrative. Having said that, I hi-fived my son on his first successful turkey hunt. Many times. So I get it.

From: TD Date: 08-Mar-12
Folks are missing something here I think. It makes a huge difference if you're with someone when you make the shot, or for me it's when you find the animal. Had too many "slam dunks" carom off the rim... they're never your's until you can wrap your hands around them. With others there the excitement in the air multiplies. Hugs. High fives, the emotions just feed off each other.

A filmed hunt by it's nature means you're hunting with someone else. With two or more people you are going to have much much more emotion on the site. You turn and see the grin on somebody's face, you have to grin, then giggle, he laughs and it all rolls from there, takes on a life of it's own.

By yourself.... air high fives are awkward....hugs are kind of strange, I may throw my arms in the air, talk to myself a bit maybe. It's not the same. Not that it's a bad thing by any means, I love it. It's just different when you are alone. Solo celebrations, a party of one... everybody goes home early....

I also know some are staged for the camera. They just come off as too forced. I agree, those are not fun to watch.

If you guys are talkin' about Fred, from all I hear it's totally genuinely real passion. He just plain lives and loves to hunt and shoot stuff. After he shoots one he wants to go do it again, right now. I like that. I like when a person can let himself roll around in it a bit.

He's shot a lot of stuff, but I hear he's the same if he's shooting Grizz or shooting prairie dogs, he just loves it. For me, I like seeing a person take great joy in what he does. Too many people live their lives just going through the motions. Sometimes, at the moment, e-motion is where it's all at.

From: mountainman Date: 08-Mar-12
I think the problem a lot of folks have with the excessive celebrating(including me) is that it's on camera and broadcast to the world. I sure get excited when all my hard works ends with an animal being down. And to each his own on how he or she reacts.

But remember, this is on TV. A lot of people that could see these shows don't hunt. If you don't hunt there is no way you could understand the emotional thing that hunting is. When these people see someone jumping around and laughing after killing an animal, they only see it at face value, a guy acting like a crazed idiot that he killed an animal. And that is ALL they see. They don't see the guy overcome with emotion because he just busted his tail for miles a day for days on end just to have the opportunity to take an animal.

So it does turn me off when I see that. Simply because if your going to be on TV and be one of the faces of hunting that the public sees, you should behave in the most respectful way you can. Have your personal celebration off the camera and act a little more composed in front of it. Because once your in the public eye, your "to each his own" fist pump, hollering, laughing as an animals dies, is not just your own anymore. It now belongs to the general public and represents all us bowhunters.

So next time you think about acting anyway other than very respectful about taking an animals life, take a minute to consider a lesson that my old man taught me.

When I was kid, I could run around the yard and act like the biggest idiot in the world if I wanted. But when we went into PUBLIC and I attempted any such behavior, I was met with a quick smack to the back of the head and a simple statement " ACT LIKE YOU HAVE SOME DAMN SENSE"

This still applies when your an adult.

From: Jack Harris Date: 08-Mar-12
fall bow season can't come fast enough...

From: trophyhill Date: 08-Mar-12
"I always miss and then I cry. But I don't get it when a guy doesn't miss and then cries. Awkward! Anyone else see those episodes"? i've never seen anyone cry after they miss. but i have seen tears of joy after connecting a time or 2

From: YZF-88 Date: 08-Mar-12
"Give me a minute guys"

Just kidding. I don't begrudge the celebrations. Take it with a grain of salt. With that said, I don't ever make a peep. I'm so focused on watching him run away and trying to study the shot that it just doesn't register to celebrate. Another thing, I'm worried about spooking him off. I deer hunt in THICK cover. They are out of sight in two bounds usually. Don't want to gamble on them hearing me and bounding off more.

From: Bob's Forest Date: 08-Mar-12
You just snuffed out some creature's existence. Is it really appropriate to jump around like you just won the lotto?

People's utter disregard for the value of another's life apalls me sometimes.

Good God. Should you be happy you just fulfilled your goal? Of course. There is a lot of adrenaline involved.

Should you act like killing something makes you a big man or the happiest person in the world?

I don't think so.

From: Rob Nye Date: 08-Mar-12
trophyhill: I was only kidding when I said I always miss and then I cry. But I have seen shows where guys broke down and blubbered when they shot something, just kinda weirds me out is all I'm saying.

From: Bou'bound Date: 08-Mar-12
If you have been there before act like it

if you have not been there before act like you have

From: T Mac Date: 08-Mar-12
I always replay the shot if I do not see the animal go down. If I see it go down I am pumped with inside emotions. Whenever an animal is recovered with a friend there is always a congrats and high five. I know for sure when my son kills his first deer I will be high fiving and hugging him whether he likes it or not! What others do is their business and not mine!

From: Sage Buffalo Date: 08-Mar-12
The other thing we are missing is that we all feel that we look like a pro celebrating...however if we all had our teenage daughter with us she would remind us how bad we looked.

Exchange teenage daughter with video camera and you get my point.

Please YouTube Mark Madsen Dance and then you will know what I mean...

From: sbschindler Date: 08-Mar-12
I won a DVD at the Montana Traditional Bowhunters annual meeting this winter, the DVD, traditional Harvest 1 and 2, Fred Eichler shot several critters from Caribou to sharks, Fred appeared to be a young man and just getting started in the filming end of hunting, he did celebrate a bit after each kill and acted about like any other guy I have hunted with, BUT you watch him now days and he has amped his excitement up 10 fold, there is no doubt it is all an act.

From: Doubleforky Date: 08-Mar-12
People getting excited after killing an animal doesn't really bother me, but what does bother me a little bit is on some shows is all the laughing some do after the shot.

From: TMA1010 Date: 08-Mar-12
First thing I do after a shot is tell the pyrotechnic director to start the fireworks show and let the parade begin.

Obviously I'm kidding - I'm pretty much on board with what most of you guys are saying - watch the animal, concentrate on the recovery and then say a little thank you to the big man upstairs and whoever I "think/feel" was with me during the hunt and if that turns into a little hooping and hollering so be it, but not usually. Just taking the moment in is the best feeling. I like to reflect on the animal whose life I just ended before I get the camera out and start taking the hero shots...but like so many of you have said, to each their own, if it's not hurting anyone else then it's fine by me.

From: Nick Muche Date: 08-Mar-12
When ole Freddy shoots an animal on his show, that's when I turn it off or put it on mute... Very annoying, but then again, to each his own.

From: t-roy Date: 08-Mar-12
Yessss!!! Give me a minute Folks!


I put the Schmackdown on that Mac Daddy thunderchicken!!

Did you see that!!!

I could go on & on quoting verbatim & tell you what the reactions will be for I don't know how many shows.(I know, i don't have to watch them) Same reaction every time! I don't have a problem showing some excitement about a kill but at least wait until you know the animal is dead.It also doesn't have to be on camera. Also, if you spine shoot something, please put another arrow in it right away! I agree with Sage Buffalo. I don't have any reverence for an animal. But I do have respect for them in the way that they are killed; as humanely & quickly as possible. By the way, I don't do "fist bumps" either. I still shake someone's hand.

From: bowriter Date: 08-Mar-12
I don't show much excitement. I don't feel reverent for the animal. I don't give a rat's caboose what other people do. I didn't run up and down the hospital halls acting like an idiot when my kids were born, either. That menat a heck of a lot more to me than any animal I ever killed.

Maybe I'm sick or something. I came within 63 points of winning a world championship. I didn't dance around the arena pissin and moanin. I just shook the winner's hand and accepted my runner-up buckle. Then I went outside and hit my finger with a hammer.


I don't know what the winner did. Went back to CA, I guess.

I had a not quite dead deer kick the crap out of me. I showed him some reverence, allright.

I don't know how you are supposed to act. I can't find a book on it. Maybe M.R. will write one and then we can all know what to do.

In the meantime, I guess I will go on getting whatever is inside one on the outside and then start dragging. If I am lucky, it won't be a long drag and I can silently fist pump the bejeeprs out of myself in the truck.

I don't care what you do but I won't stand around and watch someone make an idiot out of themself or take my hat off while you thank God for creating an animal so you could kill it. Never could figure that one out but I aint an Indian.

From: trophyhill Date: 08-Mar-12
its all good Rob lol. i gotta tell you i felt like crying this past sept after my arrow hit a branch and deflected into the dirt at that herd bulls feet :( 15 yards.

From: bigiron Date: 08-Mar-12
ask a true full blood indian.

From: bowriter Date: 08-Mar-12

bowriter's embedded Photo

Tam Apo made the birds. Tam Segobia made the earth. The Dukurika have not decided who made turkeys. They do know Tam Apo and Tam Segobia mated and created everything so I guess it doesn't matter. They never said about Apsaroke.

You can't depend on much a Shoshone will tell you. They want you to be happy and tell you whatever they think you want to hear. But living on the Wind River will do that to you.

We all figure a deer is second cousin to an elk and an elk is and earth animal so thank Tam Segobia. Most of us don't like bears. It's all good at the pass.

From: bowriter Date: 08-Mar-12
I have been elk hunting for quite a few years. I guarantee when I finally harvest one I will probably take my shirt off and run around like a soccer player and I could care less what anyone thinks.

Lineman, if I had been elk hunting several years and had not killed one, I would celebrate, too. It takes a lot of gumption to elk hunt several years and not kill anything, enjoyable as it may be.

I can tell you, the last one Ikilled, my first thought was "Oh Shazam, look where that sucker fell. It has to be 1.500 feet out of here."

There was no celebration and the camera was running. My comment on tape was, "Always shoot small elk."

From: BowMad23 Date: 08-Mar-12

From: tracker Date: 08-Mar-12
When I shot my first bull this past season I was alone. As it was running off it looked like a really good shot and I was happy and excited. I waited 20 minutes before moving at all except to take a few pictures and to mark my location on my GPS. I could not see where it went because of the heavy timber but when I saw it laying there 40 yards from where I shot it I did a silent fist pump said YES and took some more pictures. Then the work started. I told my buddies later that I wished they could have been there to share the moment with me and who knows how I would have acted. I am sure though that it wouldn't have been excessive and there would have been no bow throwing. I have to buy my own.

From: trkytrack Date: 08-Mar-12

From: AZOnecam Date: 08-Mar-12
How people react in this situation by themselves is 100% personal.

The idiots on hunting shows often forget that they are representing more than just themselves in front of a national audience.

From: Bou'bound Date: 08-Mar-12
Does pulling out a a victory cigar and cranking "Another One Bites The Dust" by Queen on my IPhone qualify as overkill?

From: Ki-Ke Date: 08-Mar-12
I could care less how someone celebrates after the kill. Sometimes I'm quiet, sometimes I jump around a bit, usually I'm just surprised that I actually hit what I was aiming at...

What I have a HUGE issue with, is when the hootin', high fiving and fist pumps start immediately upon arrow entering flesh. In Tom Mirandas videos, his typical MO is, Thunk..whack."GOT HIM, CENTRAL CANADA BARREN GROUND CARIBOU!! HE'S A GIANT!!" all as the perforated beast is still running away, even after some BAD hits. One of the caribou was hit about 4" in front of the hind quarter and he was still doing the "GOT HIM" routine.

Makes me cringe a bit...

From: lucky chuck Date: 08-Mar-12
Celebrate Life...with Gratitude ! Preserve the Tradition" Its better to take your kid hunting/fishing then to go hunting for your kid!

P.S. Just got back from taking a kid ice fishing & we "High -Fived" & we Celebrated! Celebrate with Style!

From: lineman21 (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 08-Mar-12
Bowriter, I would give my left kahone to pack an elk that I harvested out, no matter where out may be. Maybe this year is the year....

It is all about having fun. If it is a spiritual experience that makes it worth while then by all means make it that. If it is bonding with family and friends then go that route. Me and my friends are goof balls but we have a hell of a lot of fun in camp. It makes it fun. Do whatever makes hunting enjoyable because when it boils down to it, w are all out hunting because it is fun!

From: pointingdogs Date: 08-Mar-12
To each his own.

Just not my style. "act like you're been there before" is my style.

My "TAG LINE" on most sites is: "It's the hunt, not the kill" and when I make the kill I re-live the hunt and all the season long work.

good luck to all the dog

From: TREESTANDWOLF (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 08-Mar-12
To each his own would seem to be on point. Some are more emotional than others, some are gratified and hold emotions in. I personally don't think it's wrong to " celebrate" an accomishment because we all know how hard it is to get there, hours of preparation, practice, anticipation and hopefully sucsess, after all, the " celebration" is much better than the other option. It's going to be very hard not to be elated when I get my Mt. Lion, damn straight I'm going to celebrate in one way or another.

From: nijimasu Date: 08-Mar-12
I usually get a "no freaking way? I got the shot!?! look on my face, and then get a little sick when I stick an animal. Then I have my heart in my throat until I find him. Then momentarilly collapse, and then dance around like an idiot for a minute if I'm alone. I also ALWAYS say a silent prayer of thanks- usually because I'm greatful I was able to find the beast I killed.

Only time I ever really whooped and hollered was when my buddy and I took our first elk. It took years of hunting together, he took the shot, but we tracked it and found it together and I hollered at the top of my lungs.

From: Alzy Date: 08-Mar-12
I too have been known to give man hugs, high fives, and and show great emotion after a kill. I work, scout, practice, and hunt hard; I get so excited about hunting that I just can't help myself. My ten year old son is bowhunting for the first time this September; if he is lucky enough to harvest a deer, you bet there is going to be hugs, high fives, tears, and happy hollering.

From: Bowfreak Date: 09-Mar-12 looks like this thread has taught us that some celebrate a lot and some don't. Which was my initial point. We are all different. Enjoy your hunt however you like and everyone else can pound sand as far as I am concerned. :)

From: Habitat for Wildlife Date: 09-Mar-12
Hey, I resemble that comment. I celebrate by pounding sand:)

From: TXHunter Date: 09-Mar-12
Real emotion never bothers me. People are different. But if you think what you normally see on TV is real you are,to put it mildly,mistaken.

From: Knife2sharp Date: 09-Mar-12
Hunting alone is much different then hunting with a cameraman, which is usually a close friend or hunting companion. When a kill is captured on video you are both excited for each other. In some cases the one behind the camera is more excited. I do feel some go a bit over board, but the initial reaction isn't stagged, even though some recoveries are.

For example, my good friend got a cheap camera back in 1999. The deal was, however shot their deer first, they would film the other one. On opener he got a buck and the following week he filmed me. I had a nice 2-3 year old 8 pointer come in and was 25 yards on the edge of a cornfield. He couldn't get the camera to focus on the deer because he had it on auto focus and it was focusing on the leaves in front of the buck. The footage is all over the place and I call it the 'Deer Which', but the audio is hillarious. You hear the whack of my arrow hitting the buck and the footage gets even worse. My friend was so shook up he turned the video to himself briefly stating I just shot a nice buck and then proceeds to tell me he loves me. I was the calm and collected one, but still very happy, and he was just as excited as I, if not more. Unfortunately there was no hero footage as I hit the shoulder and we couldn't find the deer and obviously nothing to reveal on the video since it looks like someone is filming a ride on a tilt-a-whirl. The audio is priceless.

From: AZBUGLER Date: 09-Mar-12
As others have said, to each there own. I get excited every single time. Large animal or small, myself or a friend or relative. And yes, I sometimes yell and jump around even when there is nobody around. Come to think of it, I might get more animated when I am alone.

From: Rubline Date: 11-Mar-12
I cannot comprehend the laughing. Perhaps, someone smells all of sudden or the videodude is making I don't get it.

From: kellyharris (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 11-Mar-12
So I guess back in 91 it was wrong when I was hunting with my buddy Tim Sheridan who was about 600 yards away to let out an Tarzan yell that Johnny WeistMueller would have been proud of???????

From: kellyharris (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 11-Mar-12
Or when I started hooping and hollering when I busted that doe two years ago at 304 yards with my smokepole. Standing shot no rest! I find the kill exciting as hell myself. I work my butt off trying to kill something so I get excited celebrate fist pump all that stuff. I don't get buck fever but I get super excited after I shoot an animal!!!!

From: extreme predator Date: 11-Mar-12
to each his own ...but Please....... show some respect for the SACRED Game .

My celebration is a Quiet prayer for the animal Harvested ( a kill can be a kill without a recovery) .


My Opinion = is the more harvested with bow....the the less the Vocal or animated celebration will be .

From: Waterlooboy Date: 11-Mar-12
Most hunting shows today make hunters look really dumb. While it may be true that I am personally not the sharpest tool in the shed, I'd really prefer to watch a show that shows more than just kill scene after kill scene after kill scene. And don't get me started on the commercials. Yeesh! The non hunting public must watch these shows and think "what a bunch of morans".

JMO. To each his own.

From: bigswivle Date: 11-Mar-12
I called in a turkey for a nine year old boy yesterday, his first, you could have heard him and his daddy a mile away. Anyone that has a problem with that, just has problems.

From: extreme predator Date: 11-Mar-12
No, your Yelling is adversely Impacting Other hunters and turkey ..


great reason why "some do not " get on my ranch to hunt.

As bad as leaving gates open .... or trash in the woods There is an impact ..!!!!!

Noise is Pollution

From: bigswivle Date: 11-Mar-12

From: JLS Date: 11-Mar-12
bigswivle, good for you. I bet he was excited.


Don't worry, I pick up all of my noise and take it out with me.

From: bigswivle Date: 11-Mar-12
Trust me extreme I don't care what kind of ranch u own, I wouldnt share I fire with you. You've got some kind of entitlement issue going on.

From: Bowfreak Date: 11-Mar-12
First of all Extreme....animals are not sacred to me. They are renewable resources that God put on this Earth for our use. Secondly...I don't think that many are upset that they wouldn't be invited to hunt your ranch.

From: deerslayer Date: 11-Mar-12
TD is right on.

Having someone with you at the moment of truth definately causes a little more emotion to be let out. I know when my wife or I film each other shooting something we get a little more visibly excited than normal. To me it feels liberating to let go a little after the moment of truth. When I'm by myself I don't do it as much because it's just different. Plus for those of you who film you know how difficult it can be to get a good kill on camera, and it just makes it that much more exciting when you do.

All that said I do think there is quite a bit of acting some of these guys do, and it can get a little annoying. Makes me chuckle just thinking about it. Stan Potts after shooting a 125" "OOOOOHHHHH Boy just gimme a second" Come on bro you just whacked your 142nd buck and it's 50" smaller than what you just missed the day previous. Oh well......

From: wyobullshooter Date: 12-Mar-12
I think each person's personality determines what is acceptable and what is annoying.

Some people are more outgoing and have no problem being the center of attention. Others are more reserved and pretty much keep their emotions to themselves. I think this pretty much determines how we view "celebrations".

I enjoy watching someone display true emotion, but I don't enjoy it when someone seems to be playing to the camera. To me, there is a huge difference between someone enjoying the moment and someone acting like they're having an epileptic fit.

From: MTcountryboy Date: 12-Mar-12

From: MTcountryboy Date: 12-Mar-12
Some people prepare for months, even years, practicing shooting their bows out of stands, off their knees, out of blinds, with their bow sideways, sitting, standing, and whatever else you can think of. They spend countless hours tuning their bows and arrows, ridding themselves of the stink they can't help but emit, and blending themselves into the forest , and all for what?

For one moment when everything you've prepared for starts to come together, and you know that there are a million ways for it to go wrong. You remain focused, over a heart that feels like a hammer in your neck, and beats so loud in your ears that you can barley make out your own thoughts. You can't wipe the sweat from your brow, because one hand is shaking in your grip while the other settles in behind your jaw bone. The determination that got you to where you are, allows you one split second to pull it all together and do what you've taught yourself to do. You stop breathing and pull. The 340 inch bull elk you've been stalking for days finally knows your arrow, and lays down next to an old pine to draw it's final breath. Right now words are hard to find.

If this doesn't even inspire a high five, what's the point. I don't celebrate the actual killing of the animal, I celebrate the experience, and I celebrate that i have met a challenge that I set for myself.

I agree with wyobullshooter,epileptic fits might be taking it a little too far, but maybe not, but a fist bump and high five are just fine with me, hell I've even seen a couple guys that could break me half (and I'm not a little guy) cry like babies, and believe me, it wasn't for a camera.

Of course if you go to the same tree stand and shoot 12" wide 4x4 white tail every year, you wouldn't have much to celebrate, so it might be a little tough to explain to you.

From: elmer@laptop Date: 12-Mar-12
If I'm by myself it's pretty low key. If a friend is with me there's some high fives, but i or we always say a prayer, and do a ritual of giving the animal a last drink of water and a last meal so it's spirit will make it to the afterworld and help the other animals in their struggles, but.........what I see on tv hunting shows is a load of crap. these guys do it for a living.....kill many, many animals a year....far many more than any of us do in a number of seasons. It's all staged and it's all pure BS for the dollar. It makes me want to puke.

to act like it's their first animal ever on every single freaking kill is in a word....pathetic!!!!

From: Knife2sharp Date: 12-Mar-12
elmer??? how do you give a dead animal a last drink of water and meal. Only way I see it is to not have killed it in the first place.

From: Ki-Ke Date: 12-Mar-12
From "extreme predator": My celebration is a Quiet prayer for the animal Harvested ( a kill can be a kill without a recovery)

I'm almost afraid to ask but....How?

Methinks that this guy was drinking the SACRED spirit prior to posting......

From: BowMad23 Date: 12-Mar-12

Little button at the upper right corner of your post (looks like a pencil). You can delete all the wording in your posts (your handle will still appear with a blank post).

From: kellyharris Date: 12-Mar-12

kellyharris's Supporting Link

For those that say "I dont celebrate" I'm calling BS on about 95% of you! You are celebrating in some way and not slipping up and kneeling a prayer being completely silent!

As for acting like I have been there before I have killed over 100 deer so yes I have been there many times all with some sort of celebration in one form or another.

NOISE POlLUTION? Well I can see that being said but when you can hear neighbors talking from their farms or folks on ATV talking loud to each other to get over the engine noise well I have seen deer stop for a moment then about 1 minute later go on as nothing had happened. I dont put to much emphasis on noise pollution myself. as long as it is not over an extended period of time.

I remember hearing my cousin shoot a deer as we were hunting about 70 yards apart one on each side of a ridge. The deer makes it to the top of the ridge and falls over! All of a sudden I hear "BoooooYAH" I couldnt help but belly laugh at his excitement and tone when that happened. If you ask him other than his kids being born it was one of the best days of his life.

Here is a video of me grunting and videoing in a buck for my cousin Erik. The deer falls in under 7 seconds "Yes 50% quicker than Pats :0)" But you can hear us laughing at how successful that kill was and how quick also. No screaming or yelling but definitley celebrations!!!!

Life is short and can be AWESOME if you just take the time to let go of the prude in you and celebrate lifes achievements!!!

From: lineman21 (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 12-Mar-12
I Tebow when I kill an animal.

From: lineman21 (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 12-Mar-12

lineman21's MOBILE embedded Photo

From: kellyharris Date: 12-Mar-12
LMAO lineman

From: Ollie Date: 12-Mar-12
I consider the excessive celebrations to be degrading to the animal that gave its life.

From: lineman21 (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 12-Mar-12
What does the animal care? You just shot it! I thank god not the animal.

From: Nick Muche Date: 12-Mar-12
The animal didn't give it's life. We took it.

I mean, he/she didn't wake up that day and say, you know what I am going to let someone shoot me today...

From: TD Date: 12-Mar-12
Some folks need to kill more animals...

I grew up killing and butchering rabbits, 100 in a day at times. Not remote control like with a rifle or a bow, with a club and a knife while you hold them in your hands. 200 Pheasant hens in a day. Pigs, cattle, seems "everything that walks or crawls at one time or another...."

You try not to name things on a farm becasue at some point you may have to do the deed and eat them too.

Those lives are not any more or less special than a deer or elk or what have you, a life is a life is a life. I'm not gonna pray over every one of them, all I owe them is as quick clean death as possible. I hit a switch and then get the job done. The knives come out and you get to work.

I give my thanks at meals. Whether I took that life to eat or someone else in the chain did. That one life itself is just one of thousands. That you actually took it yourself or not is of no real importance, especially to the animal. You're eating it, your life becomes it's final purpose.

From: bigswivle Date: 12-Mar-12
The day I lose that feeling of overwhelming emotion after I take an animal, is the day I quit hunting.

From: bigswivle Date: 12-Mar-12
I don't know what that feeling means, and I can't describe it.

From: fastarrows Date: 12-Mar-12
I like it TD, I like it. Amen.

From: MTcountryboy Date: 12-Mar-12

It didn't give it's took it.

I think the animal would be slightly more offended by having an arrow shoved up is arse, than a high five afterwards.

If someone ever kills me for sport or food, she better celebrate. TD

I grew up on a farm too, had to eat "Baby" one year, that was the last cow I I ever named, I don't think it mattered much to her that I killed her rather than the butcher, I was just there when she broke her leg.

From: Earl E. Nove....mber Date: 12-Mar-12
I don't celebrate the death of an animal but I do my success.. Generally alone so no one sees, and that is fine with me.. Now if you are into videos and TV shows,, do what ever rows your boat and don't get all hung up because some one does it different.

From: TEmbry Date: 13-Mar-12
I find the level of "respect" some give animals to be on a near creeper status....worse than the Stan Potts emotional types.

Animals are on this earth for our use. They shouldn't be mistreated/abused, but they shouldn't have shrines built in their honor either. They are not humans, it is not murder.

From: AZBUGLER Date: 13-Mar-12
"if someone ever kills me for sport or food, she better celebrate"! LMAO MT.

From: Ollie Date: 13-Mar-12
"It didn't give it's took it."

Yes, and you can show a little respect and display a little humility for the animal instead of dancing around yelling and screaming like an idiot wide receiver who just scored the winning touchdown at the Super Bowl. Far too many people are hunting these days for all the wrong reasons.

From: Vids Date: 13-Mar-12
Nothing wrong with celebrating a little, to each his own. I do agree that some of the junk on tv is over the top though, usually it's the same losers that are hunting a high fence operation......

Personally, I have done different things depending on how I times I have shouted loud because I was excited, and other times I'm very quiet about it. Usually depends on how much work I put into it, after a long stalk or hard day I'm more excited, but if I walk 100 feet to my treestand and happen to shoot something right away I'm not as pumped up.

No matter the initial reaction I always say a little prayer once I find the animal, giving thanks for the chance to hunt and harvest and also thanks that the animal died a quick death. Also, we always give a toast to the animal when we are eating it.

I agree with what others have said.....the day I stop getting "that feeling" is the day I hang up my bow for good.

From: drycreek Date: 13-Mar-12
Hell, go ahead and celebrate. Do a backflip outa the tree. Do a handstand on the ladder. Jump out and run your bleedin' animal down. But I won't. It is, as the British say, "unseemly". I will, however celebrate a good shot with my kids and grandkids. They need the encouragment and praise for a job well done.

From: x-man Date: 13-Mar-12
Do people celebrate because it's [their own] way, or because it's what [everyone else] on TV does?

Do Amish hunters (who have never watched TV), jump, hoot, and holler after killing a deer?

Something to ponder...

From: TD Date: 13-Mar-12
I watched a movie once about an Amish bowler..... I'd bet he did.... =D

From: buckreports Date: 13-Mar-12
Sometimes when you have been grinding it out, chasing critters for days, up and down mountains, spent a ton of time and money to get there....and then maybe there are external forces (recent death of friend/family, financial stress, relationship problems, etc...) that lead to a massive release of emotion. These emotions are part of the pleasure of hunting, the hunt triggers feelings like nothing else.

From: elkmtngear Date: 13-Mar-12

elkmtngear's Supporting Link

"Do Amish hunters (who have never watched TV), jump, hoot, and holler after killing a deer"?

I do not have TV.

When some of you guys killed your first buck, did you really just silently ponder what you had done??

Outwitting and killing big game with archery tackle makes me feel 15 again! I will apologize for my enthusiasm beforehand, if I am ever lucky enough to share a campfire with any of you.

Best of Luck, Jeff

From: The Old Sarge Date: 14-Mar-12
"When some of you guys killed your first buck, did you really just silently ponder what you had done??"

Yes, I did. It's the way I was brought up and the way I was taught to hunt from the time I was old enough to tag along ... about 5 years old.

From: x-man Date: 14-Mar-12
"When some of you guys killed your first buck, did you really just silently ponder what you had done??"

Some guys do, some guys don't( I did). My point was that each persons real personality may be different from anothers. But I believe most are going overboard now because they think they "have to" (on camera).

I just want people to be real, whatever real is for that person.

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