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From: cnelk

cnelk's embedded Photo
cnelk's embedded Photo
No reason not to go out hunting on Thanksgiving now :)

From: Bowboy
Chili Mac is still the best:)

From: LKH
It could be my imagination, but weren't the Mountain House meals Larger in the past.

Is this the new 3 lb coffee can???

From: Franklin
I could eat Mountain House at home...the Chili is very good. I used to eat the 20 oz. size for dinner as the single serving was too small. I like the individual packages for variety.

From: deerslayer
Man, that chili mac is rough on the way out. I do love me some sweet and sour pork though! There's a chicken breast one I tried this past year which was very good also.

From: Native Okie
I think I’m bugling to give the Humble Foods freeze dried meals a try soon. I’m still a MHouse fan though, hard to beat.

From: oldgoat
I go hunting on Thanksgiving to avoid turkey dinner!

From: Mule Power
That sounds good. I’m going to give it a try. My 2 favorites are chicken ala king and beef stroganoff. Chili mac is ok but can cause some heartburn.

All of their eggs suck but biscuits and gravy are pretty good.

From: t-roy
I’m with Bowboy. Chili Mac is the gift that keeps on giving. That turkey dinner casserole looks like it would be really good, too. The chicken teriyaki is at the bottom of my list.

Packed in with a guy that brought to much MH chili, he couldn't stand himself, me neither. At least we had our own tent. Back east the buzzards would have been swirling!

And I do like MH meals.

From: Trial153
I stay clear of any mt house with’s bad enough with out the beans. Mt house should come with its own supply of baby wipes

From: Mark Watkins
spaghetti and the lasagna on a rotation for 10 days is always good!


From: GBTG
+1 Mark

From: cnelk
Sweet & Sour Pork is my fav, but I will try the turkey dinner for sure

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From: MF
Always save chilemac till 3rd or 4th day to relieve pressure from all the protien bars.

From: kota-man
Yep...Spag and Lasg are my fav's. You can have the chilimac. (instant enema) I used to love the blue berries and granola for breakfast, but now I can't eat it. Don't know why, just can't stomach it...

From: TEmbry
I could eat the Biscuits and Gravy every day for a month on the mountain and not tire of it.

From: Topgun 30-06
After reading about the ChiliMac I have stayed well away from it, but I do like several of the others. I buy the #10 cans from Amazon when they are on sale and then portion them out into better sizes for myself and run them through the vacuum machine a day before I head out. It saves a ton of money compared to buying them in the individual pouches.

Mac and cheese with a tuna pack. Lasagna and spaghetti for mountain house. Biscuit and gravy is also way better than I expected . I enjoy backcountry pantry also. Hunt

From: Bill Obeid
Who’s in favor of changing the picture on the package?

Nobody dressed like that is eating freeze dried!! Put some climbers or some mountain hunters on that package.

From: ohiohunter
Are they laughing about the gas they are going to have, or are they laughing about the gas they already have from lunch?

From: Dyjack
With you on that TEmbry. Biscuits and gravy is my go to. And is tolerable if you don't put enough water. Haha!

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