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Automatic deer feeder---which one?



Messages posted to thread:
Archerdan 03-Aug-11
Archerdan 03-Aug-11
flyingbrass 03-Aug-11
OkieJ 03-Aug-11
cme2hunt 03-Aug-11
stephenf 05-Aug-11
Dollar 05-Aug-11
Hoytboy 06-Aug-11
Randy 07-Aug-11
Stik'n String 08-Aug-11
Black Wolf 08-Aug-11
Iowa bound 09-Aug-11

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From: Archerdan Date: 03-Aug-11
Which automatic deer (corn feeder)feeder have you used and the pros/cons of it.

I have bought about five of the Ontime Feeders and all have broken within one year. I tried a Moultrie one awhile back but it broke as well.

I have been researching the Bossbuck ones and am thinking about getting one of those. Any experience with this company?

From: Archerdan Date: 03-Aug-11

From: flyingbrass Date: 03-Aug-11
gamecountry, day II model. my friend had one work for about 9 years until it quit, then he cleaned it and it has still been working the last 2 years! I had one and bought another after the first one got stolen. They are good ones.

From: OkieJ Date: 03-Aug-11
Sunslinger. Best I have used and I have tried several brands. It has every thing in one unit including a solar panel. It does use a different 6 volt so buy it when you by the slinger. It also come ith a metal funnel and a cupped spinner instead of plastic. Can be set for 16 times a day. around $80

From: cme2hunt Date: 03-Aug-11
Outback they are high dollar but come with a lifetime warranty on them. I use them in our hunting preserve and they throw twice a day 365 and have for 10yrs.

From: stephenf Date: 05-Aug-11
we use the ontime lifetime elite and they have a 100% garuntee. yes we have had a few strip out the spinner and a few timers go bad but they have never not replaced it.

From: Dollar Date: 05-Aug-11
Ontime is okay for store bought feeder but my experience with on time leaves you high and dry waiting on lifetime warranty.Castaway feeders are great charge battery once a year and keep full of corn.Been using them for 5+ years and no problems at all. Saw a new feeder this week at hunting show in South Carolina AppleTree Game feeder.Has worm drive to push apples out at preset time.Looked pretty cool.Nice and quite holds about a bushel and half of apples.

From: Hoytboy Date: 06-Aug-11

Hoytboy's Supporting Link

I have an On Time 100 lb capacity hanging feeder with a Tomahawk digital feeder. I put it up last fall (wasn't hunting that property) and filled it every 2 weeks and had it running 2 times a day for 15 seconds each time and the battery was still fine after 6 months of working in the fall-winter seasons.

From: Randy Date: 07-Aug-11
moultrie,good feeders and not expensive,sells at most farm stores like Atwoods,or you can make your own but will use more feed with a free flow feeder

From: Stik'n String Date: 08-Aug-11
I have had the best success for the money with All-Season Feeders.

From: Black Wolf Date: 08-Aug-11
Sweeney if you want to buy it only once...with a solar charger and never have to charge a battery again.

From: Iowa bound Date: 09-Aug-11
Boss buck spreaders are by far the best in my opinion and come with recharging capabilities.

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Subject: RE: Automatic deer feeder---which one?

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