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Pics of fox mounts



Messages posted to thread:
bowhunter 15-Jul-09
Slade Rummel 15-Dec-10
njbuck 15-Dec-10
Charlie Rehor 15-Dec-10
Slade Rummel 15-Dec-10
wild1 15-Dec-10
travis@work 16-Dec-10
travis@work 16-Dec-10
travis@work 16-Dec-10
bowmanmt 16-Dec-10
tech1 16-Dec-10
Quest Hunter 16-Dec-10
Wages 16-Dec-10
4wapati@home 16-Dec-10
4wapati@home 16-Dec-10
BO-N-ARO 16-Dec-10
medicinemann 17-Dec-10
medicinemann 17-Dec-10
Charlie Rehor 17-Dec-10
Goat Guide 18-Dec-10
Goat Guide 18-Dec-10
DeerMount 19-Dec-10
travis@work 20-Dec-10
squid 20-Dec-10
Wages 20-Dec-10
travis@work 20-Dec-10
Wages 20-Dec-10
travis@work 20-Dec-10
DeerMount 20-Dec-10
Wages 20-Dec-10
travis@work 21-Dec-10
Goat Guide 15-Jan-11
ARO2 02-Mar-12
Bou'bound 02-Mar-12
kakiat kid 03-Mar-12
TXHunter 03-Mar-12
Dennis Razza 05-Mar-12
TXHunter 05-Mar-12
Dennis Razza 05-Mar-12
kakiat kid 08-Mar-12

Adak Adventure
by glass eye

Ducks going into milo
by Woodswise work

Coyote keep away
by wTk

Coyote playing
by wTk

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From: bowhunter Date: 15-Jul-09
lets see some pics of your fox mounts

From: Slade Rummel Date: 15-Dec-10

From: njbuck Date: 15-Dec-10
I was lucky enough to shoot a nice grey fox along with a nice red fox the past 2 seasons. Both have great coats and i am having them mounted fighting each other. It should come out pretty neat. I will post a pic when its finished.

From: Charlie Rehor Date: 15-Dec-10

Charlie Rehor's embedded Photo

How do you like this one?

From: Slade Rummel Date: 15-Dec-10

Slade Rummel's embedded Photo

I like it. I was thinking something like this because i have a full turkey in strut mount that i thought it would look neat if he was checking it out. Also was considering it pouncing on a mouse, but need it to hang on the wall because i am low on floor space.

From: wild1 Date: 15-Dec-10

From: travis@work Date: 16-Dec-10

travis@work's embedded Photo

Her are a couple

From: travis@work Date: 16-Dec-10

travis@work's embedded Photo

From: travis@work Date: 16-Dec-10
Charlie--take a blow dryer to that fox and fluff his fur brutha...blow it from the tail forward. It will really bring him to life..

From: LUNDLIKER Date: 16-Dec-10

LUNDLIKER's embedded Photo

Here is a mount of mine. A guy who trapped our land years ago caught it. I trapped a dandy last winter and it is getting mounted and will post when done. I am having it done with an old fence post with the fox standing and its front paws against the fence post looking up. At the top of the fence post is an old rusty nail that I will have a mouse sitting on looking down at the fox :)

From: bowmanmt Date: 16-Dec-10

bowmanmt's embedded Photo

Connecticut fox with barbed wire post background

From: tech1 Date: 16-Dec-10

tech1's embedded Photo

Here one.

From: Quest Hunter Date: 16-Dec-10

Quest Hunter's embedded Photo

Here is one I shot a few years ago.

From: Wages Date: 16-Dec-10

Wages's embedded Photo

Nice stuff guys. here's a classy one!

From: 4wapati@home Date: 16-Dec-10

4wapati@home's embedded Photo

Here's one of my favorite mounts. Especially if you don't have much room.

From: 4wapati@home Date: 16-Dec-10

4wapati@home's embedded Photo

Another view

From: BO-N-ARO Date: 16-Dec-10

BO-N-ARO's embedded Photo

Here's a couple

From: medicinemann Date: 17-Dec-10

medicinemann's embedded Photo

Here's a couple photos of mine....I also had a fox hide tanned, and I can hang it from a nail. I think that I like that one better....

From: medicinemann Date: 17-Dec-10

medicinemann's embedded Photo

I'm thinking of maybe tanning a couple more hides like this. I think that it would almost look like a cluster of hides that you would see when walking into a fur trader in the 1800's.....then again, maybe not....

From: Charlie Rehor Date: 17-Dec-10

Charlie Rehor's embedded Photo

These are very cool! I love seeing these guys, Keep em coming. I must admit I rarely see foxes any more with those darn Yotes taking over. For the guy who has everything how about a shoulder mount? C

PS: Wages: You scare me! LOL! medicinemann, I like the tanned group idea, go for it!

From: Goat Guide Date: 18-Dec-10

From: Goat Guide Date: 18-Dec-10
Hey Charlie, looking at this thread with the kids and they all pointed at your head mount and said FANTASTIC MR FOX!!!!!

From: DeerMount Date: 19-Dec-10

DeerMount's embedded Photo

Not finnished with this one yet.

From: travis@work Date: 20-Dec-10

travis@work's embedded Photo

These little pedestal mounts are great also..especially if ya don`t feel like spending the money on a lifesize...nice little pieces for the coffee table or office

From: squid Date: 20-Dec-10

squid's embedded Photo

Here is a nice gray.

From: Wages Date: 20-Dec-10
I've seen Travis' triple pedistal picture before, but it's still one of my favs. (granted it doesn't compare with the pic I posted, but that goes without saying. lol)

If I can ever get those 3 critters lined up for one shot, I'm having that pedistal done too. :)

From: travis@work Date: 20-Dec-10
Wages--The first mount I ever did..10 years ago was 5 coyote pedestals all hooked together..I wish I would have kept that..had two closed mouths, 2 panting, and one howler up top..I just built a new house and shop so it`s consumed me the last couple years..I hope to do myself a triple pedestal next year sometime for the new house...They are real eye catchers

From: Wages Date: 20-Dec-10
5 coyote pedestal

wow, I can see that in my head. That would indeed be an eye catcher. You'll have to post a pic of that when you get another done.

From: travis@work Date: 20-Dec-10

travis@work's embedded Photo

I dug through my website files and found a picture of them coyotes..These were the first 5 critters i ever did taxidermy work on..Entered them in the professional division 10 years ago or somewhere in that time frame..I took the 5th one off for the competition...rough old picture..where has the time gone..he he

From: DeerMount Date: 20-Dec-10
The pedestal mounts are really cool. I just ordered everything for a coyote ped for myself.

From: Wages Date: 20-Dec-10
Travis, that's very nice.

Now I'm invisioning a whitetail version of that, with my first ever buck (a small 9pt), my first buck with a bow (a pretty 8pt), and the buck I've been after for the last 3 years and hope to catch up with over the holiday(I think he's down to 9pts this year after declining from last year's 12).

Or a maybe with a buck and a couple of does might look cool.

Would 3 deer together like that even work? or would it just be too bulky and weird?

From: travis@work Date: 21-Dec-10
Wages---I`ve seen whitetails mounted up like that before..can be a great corner piece for any game room..seen them with does and then just bucks too...kewl stuff..

From: Goat Guide Date: 15-Jan-11

Goat Guide's embedded Photo

Here is a cross fox that a client caught on a trapline trip. Jack

From: ARO2 Date: 02-Mar-12

ARO2's embedded Photo

I like tanned fur's too. Heres my fur pole, bow kills and trapping. I really like the pedestal mounts also. sorry the pix came pout so big..

From: Bou'bound Date: 02-Mar-12
do not, under any circumstace, do a google search asking to see photos of fox mounts!

From: kakiat kid Date: 03-Mar-12
Great pics...I shot a fox when I was 14...Im 40 now...brought it to a local taxidermist who went out of buisness and disappeared in the middle of the night...never got it back obviously...I have never had the opportunity to bag on since...

From: TXHunter Date: 03-Mar-12
Very cool. I have one at the taxidermist now-I am doing the "lying down" pose for a wall mount.

From: Dennis Razza Date: 05-Mar-12

Dennis Razza's embedded Photo

From: TXHunter Date: 05-Mar-12
Well Dennis that is simply remarkable. Love it!

From: Dennis Razza Date: 05-Mar-12

From: kakiat kid Date: 08-Mar-12
Great mounts

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