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dove hunting with a bow???
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texaswood 29-Aug-10
Cowdoc 30-Aug-10
ToddT 30-Aug-10
coop351 30-Aug-10
arctichill 31-Aug-10
royboy 31-Aug-10
Cowboy in Colorado 31-Aug-10
wolfriver hunter 31-Aug-10
J.E. Travis 31-Aug-10
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pumatagger 31-Aug-10
LCH 31-Aug-10
dm/wolfskin 31-Aug-10
hunting addict 31-Aug-10
From: texaswood
I am going to try this has anyone tried this and actually hit one? Be honest

From: Cowdoc
I've done this many times. Never hit one yet but did make a couple juke and dodge. I figure I didn't do any worse than I do with a shotgun.

From: ToddT
Seeing that my average is about 2 maybe 3 per box of shotgun shells,,,, I really wouldn't want to go there. But then, like Cowdoc said, I probably couldn't do much worse.

From: coop351
all i can say is good luck

From: arctichill
I have done it successfully, but the dove was drinking at a dirt tank (65 yards away though). In the air....good luck.

I saw that crazy guy on Arrow Affliction trying to do it. I can't recall whether or not he ever connected??

From: royboy
I have shot pheasant but good luck on doves.I did see video of some guys shooting quail in the air but doves move differently.

Todd - don't feel bad - the national average is 3 per box of shells!

I know I couldn't hit a dove with my bow, unless it was sitting on a fence...

I know I would lose all my arrows before I even came close to hitting one in the air. But it would be fun to sling a few and see what happens.

From: J.E. Travis
Well, the money you save on shells will by a couple of buckets of KFC... assuming you find all your arrows.

From: Norseman
Cancelled due to game violations?

you care to expand on that? just curious.

From: pumatagger
I connected on my first arrow at a dove...46 years ago. I took the bird about 3 feet off the ground as it was landing. Twenty years later as I was practicing for a bighorn hunt I took one at my office to make a point to a coworker who thought bows were too inaccurate to hunt "trophy" big game. That dove was sitting on a branch and my judo point cut both wings off. I have taken several other doves < 10 over the years...all but the first on the ground or perched.

From: LCH
I kill a limit of doves with my bow every year just for the challenge and to get ready for big game. They are all on the ground not in the air. Larry

From: dm/wolfskin

dm/wolfskin's embedded Photo
dm/wolfskin's embedded Photo

have fun...

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