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Preserving a deer tail?



Messages posted to thread:
Kurt in Memphis @work 30-Dec-02
JRW 30-Dec-02
IDAHO 30-Dec-02
DennisS 30-Dec-02
FD of VA 30-Dec-02
BA 30-Dec-02
Walkingstick 30-Dec-02
Jerry 30-Dec-02
Kurt in Memhis @work 30-Dec-02
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From: Kurt in Memphis @work Date: 30-Dec-02
My 13 yo buddy killed his first deer yesterday (doe,rifle)and wanted the tail. I cut it off for him but wonder if it will rot or drop all of the hair if not treated in some some or fashion. Does anyone know what to do with a tail to keep it intact?



From: JRW Date: 30-Dec-02
Salt the stump, lay it flat on a board, and let it dry for a month of two. Just like a squirrel tail, it won't rot and it'll be just fine.


From: IDAHO Date: 30-Dec-02
Better if you split the tail, take the bone out, tack it down then salt heavy. Let dry for thirty days or so then scrape with broken window glass to get off all salt/meat etc. Your done.


From: DennisS Date: 30-Dec-02
Split the tail (you must remove the bone) and use 20 Mule Team Borax instead of table salt. Pickling salt will work, but don't use table salt.

From: FD of VA Date: 30-Dec-02
I have always just split the tail, removed the bone and salted it.

From: BA Date: 30-Dec-02
Split the tail and use the borax . I save several each year this way for tying fishing flys .

From: Walkingstick Date: 30-Dec-02
Kurt, email me at I will be happy to send you a small quantity of tanning oil with instructions that should keep it better than any of the above. I am not nocking their ideas as they may all work but a tan is somewhat permanent...Always glad to help...Mac~

From: Jerry Date: 30-Dec-02
Mac, what is it you use? I am always looking to improve. Thanx

From: Kurt in Memhis @work Date: 30-Dec-02
Thanks everyone!


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Subject: RE: Preserving a deer tail?

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