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Toad bow press



Messages posted to thread:
Beachtree 09-Nov-06
kota-man 09-Nov-06
MJ 09-Nov-06
cajuntec 09-Nov-06
x-man 09-Nov-06
MJ 09-Nov-06
Beachtree 09-Nov-06
MJ 09-Nov-06
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From: Beachtree Date: 09-Nov-06
Any opinions on this press.

From: kota-man Date: 09-Nov-06
I've got one...It works great and was a great price...

From: MJ Date: 09-Nov-06
They're nice and I do own one. My only issue was the workmanship. Don't get me wrong, it's very functional. But the fabrication details left a lot to be desired. If it came from my shop I would have been embarassed with the workmanship.

There were so many sharp edges that I cut myself a few times just setting it up. Then I spent about an hour filing sharp edges and removing burrs. NOt a big deal, but I shouldn't have had to do that. It should have been delivered to me that way.

If you're looking for a solidly built press at an affordable price, buy one. They work well. It's big, so set aside a pretty good size work area. Mine is on the stand and it does take up some floor space.

From: cajuntec Date: 09-Nov-06
An extremely well built press, at about the best price you can get on a quality piece of equipment that will last a long time. Fast delivery too. I love mine. All the best, Glenn

From: x-man Date: 09-Nov-06
I think as long as you don't have a Hoyt, you'll be fine with the bottle jack model. With a new Hoyt, you pretty much need to have a SureLoc X-Press.

From: MJ Date: 09-Nov-06
They work fine with Hoyt bows. I own a few of them.

If you're referring to a parallel limbed bow (Trykon), Toad has an add on to make it work.

From: Beachtree Date: 09-Nov-06
Im looking at it to press parallel limbed bows such as the bowtech

From: MJ Date: 09-Nov-06
It will press a Bowtech. Just let him know what bow you have and he will set it up for you.

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Subject: RE: Toad bow press

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