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New Mexico elk unit,Which is best?



Messages posted to thread:
Hammertime 12-Mar-07
Matt 12-Mar-07
Norseman 12-Mar-07
DonVathome 12-Mar-07
DonVathome 12-Mar-07
Serrano 12-Mar-07
Beendare 12-Mar-07
Ki-Ke 12-Mar-07
NvaGvUp 12-Mar-07
Matt 12-Mar-07
herdbulll 12-Mar-07
SD 12-Mar-07
1Rudeman 13-Mar-07
Bigdan 13-Mar-07
hunting1 13-Mar-07
Hammertime 13-Mar-07
DeerSpotter 07-Jul-09
buckshot 07-Jul-09
Kodi 07-Jul-09
Rattler 08-Jul-09
ITapeIt 08-Jul-09
Bronc@work 08-Jul-09
Les Welch 08-Jul-09
dminter 16-Jul-09
ITapeIt 16-Jul-09
overbo 16-Jul-09
panick 16-Jul-09

3d range with my daughter.
by Michigan Hunter

Time at the wallow
by Lone Bugle

Four Young Bulls at Treestand Wallow
by CO_Bowhunter

Destroying the Myth
by shb

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From: Hammertime Date: 12-Mar-07
I was just wondering what the experienced New Mexico elk hunters felt was the best quality unit in New Mexico. I drew a unit 15 early season 2 years ago and I wasn't all that impressed. All I heard was go to the gila, go to the gila. When I got out there, everyone that I spoke with said there are elk everywhere, but I really had trouble locating all the elk. I supposed they can fly in that unit, because they weren't leaving many tracks. When I did finally get into some elk, I didn't see any overly impressive horns. Maybe I was just in the wrong spots. What do you guys think? Was I just expecting to much out of the unit?

From: Matt Date: 12-Mar-07

From: Norseman Date: 12-Mar-07
Gila is down. spread the word. Don't put in there.

From: DonVathome Date: 12-Mar-07

NR draw odds, unguided 0.33%, add me in to the mix too this year since I am applying there (odds will be 1 worse)!

From: DonVathome Date: 12-Mar-07
Those were rifle odds, my bad 3% for bow

From: Serrano Date: 12-Mar-07
With the new bow season split in the Gila mountains the odds are sure to change. Ken

From: Beendare Date: 12-Mar-07
I would say 16d is a tad better than 15- but not much.

Don- you had the odds right the first time- NM 06 unit 16d 912 applicants (unguided late)for 5 tags = 1/2% draw odds

I was surprised at how bad the odds were statewide even for some of the lesser units.

From: Ki-Ke Date: 12-Mar-07
How does 16C compare with D, in your experience(s)?

From: NvaGvUp Date: 12-Mar-07
There are freaking awesome bulls in most all of those Gila units. Don't worry about the unit. Just get yourself the tag!

From: Matt Date: 12-Mar-07
16C doesn't have nearly the number or quality of D based on what my friends who have hunted D have told me.

From: herdbulll Date: 12-Mar-07
Bigdan hunted 15 last year and said all he saw was small bulls but he could be trickin us. He wasn't joking about his Arizona, Nevada and Montana bulls though.

From: SD Date: 12-Mar-07
Does anyone here have any experience in unit 16B, I am looking for a more wilderness type hunt.


From: 1Rudeman Date: 13-Mar-07
I don't think Big Dan killed a bull in 15 last year because they were small. I know I didn't see any monsters in 34 last year but the rains came late, then there was water everywhere. I did see lots of bulls in summer. Pretty good snow pack this year so bulls may grow bigger. Just hope I can draw a tag, its been 4 years now.

From: Bigdan Date: 13-Mar-07
well guys I would not go back to 15 if it was a free Tag. I did put in for Nm again, but I only put in for 2 units and 15 was not one of them. I seen lots of Elk and 37 bulls I may have seen some more than once the biggest bull I seen was a 6x5 about 240 class and he had 40 cows I seen two in the back of a truck in town that were good ones one a 330 and the other a 280 but thay were killed in the area north of 15. If you just want to fill a tag 15 is a good unit. its like hunting SW Montana lots of elk and lots of piss heads. And no I have my Nm elk tag here on my wall the first one I ever ate.

From: hunting1 Date: 13-Mar-07
15 would not be on my list for out of state unless a cow tag ios what you want! 16D would also be my pick if a trophy hunt was what you want.

From: Hammertime Date: 13-Mar-07
Bigdan, I sent you a PM.

From: DeerSpotter Date: 07-Jul-09
What about unit 10 ? any info


From: buckshot Date: 07-Jul-09
16b is a good hunt. Big bulls in there. But rugged country. Real rugged country.

From: Kodi Date: 07-Jul-09

From: Rattler Date: 08-Jul-09
how does 52 compare on avg?

From: ITapeIt Date: 08-Jul-09
Hunted 16b 4x, 3 bulls harvested, biggest being 327". Can't draw the tag anymore, so will trade my info for??

From: Bronc@work Date: 08-Jul-09
Valle Vidal by far! It is a once in a lifetime draw but well worth it. Lots of elk and plenty of big bulls.

From: Les Welch Date: 08-Jul-09
The best unit in NM is the one you happen to draw.

From: dminter Date: 16-Jul-09

I am looking for informaion on 16b, what do you have in mind to trade information for?

From: ITapeIt Date: 16-Jul-09
PM sent

From: overbo Date: 16-Jul-09
46 if you can find a place.See on average 100+ bulls a week w/ some over 300'' and the mules there are incredible!

From: panick Date: 16-Jul-09
looking for info on 16 A drew a sept 1-10 tag,and am going solo,any info would be great.

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Subject: RE: New Mexico elk unit,Which is best?

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