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Bison Shot Placement/Broadhead Opinions



Messages posted to thread:
Kman 02-Aug-07
oldhootowl 02-Aug-07
prezboys 02-Aug-07
Rock 02-Aug-07
Lance 03-Aug-07
Tom inPA 03-Aug-07
DENNISomfs 07-Aug-07
Bou'bound 25-Aug-07
Bou'bound 22-Sep-07
Deertick 22-Sep-07
Dooner 22-Sep-07
Rick McGowan 22-Sep-07
mikesohm/magnus 23-Sep-07
lovetohunt 30-Sep-07
Bou'bound 17-Nov-07
MI Bear 17-Nov-07
BTM 18-Nov-07
oldhootowl 18-Nov-07
oldhootowl 18-Nov-07
BB 18-Nov-07
keepemsharp 18-Nov-07
Bou'bound 18-Nov-07
oldhootowl 18-Nov-07
WW 18-Nov-07
ahunter55 31-Jan-10
13 points 31-Jan-10
GregE 31-Jan-10
Buffalo1 31-Jan-10

A Badger Tried to Climb my Ladder Stand!
by Bowhuntress
by Bishop Archery

71# Morrison ILF Max 1 limbs.
by pdk25

VPA Non-Vented Broadhead Flight
by Bishop Archery

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From: Kman Date: 02-Aug-07
I'm going on a Bison hunt next month and can't find anything regarding the best shot placement. Also I have read alot of opinions on slick tricks, I presently shoot magness stingers 4 blade. Should I try the st or maybe a 2 blade magness? I'm shooting 68# 30 in. 7595 gold tips.

Thanks Tom

From: oldhootowl Date: 02-Aug-07
Guys send me pics and I put an assortment of animals up at under the Tricked Animals and have some Buff on there.

Put a Standard Trick on your arrow and you will be set with the super penetration, shot placement double lung as usual and quartering if you like, and you will need to have some freezer space.

From: prezboys Date: 02-Aug-07
You have to double lung this animal. If you dont you will have a long chase on your hands. They will bleed dry before they go down. I used my Matthew Q2 at 65 lbs with a 100 grain Mussy titamium broadhead at 50 yards, passed right through and Bull ran 90 yards.


From: Rock Date: 02-Aug-07
I am hunting them this fall also and plan to use the same equipment and broadhead that I use on everything. That is a Magnus I, 4 blade 150 grains, if I were to change then I would shoot the 4 blade Magnus Stinger 150 grain. There is no better heads on the market than the Magnus IMHO.

From: Lance Date: 03-Aug-07
I just shot one a month ago. The heart is very low and far forward, you need a quartering away shot and sink it in the soft spot right behind the elbow as he steps with the leg forward. Maybe easier to take the lungs since much bigger target but mine ran a total of 150 yds with 2 shots in the lungs. I was using shuttle t-locks they are tough. I would personally now use a 2 blade rage for the most damage.

From: Tom inPA Date: 03-Aug-07
I shot one at 56 yards through both lungs with a Stinger 125grn -two blade broadhead. The broadhead poked out of the hide on the offside shoulder. The bull stood there for a few second and then just fell to its knees. It was dead in 15 seconds. NO tracking job needed. Double lung them and they go down fast.

From: DENNISomfs Date: 07-Aug-07 has been discussed many times before, please note that the Am. Bison is unique in it's anatomy in that the heart and BOTH lungs are contained within a single pleural sac. Any puncture of that pleural space will lead to collapse of BOTH lungs. The important thing is to penetrate the lung space and not hit behind it. It is also actually better to NOT have a pass through as the arrow 'sticking out' will actually speed the developing pneumothorax (that's why the indians were so successful with primitive bows and spears).These animals will actually go down quicker with an arrow shot to the lungs rather than a rifle shot where fat can close the puncture wound and bleeding becomes the agent of death. I like a two blade for penetration and actually used the two blade Rocket Naildriver for mine. A quartering shot is preferred. Check the archives for some pictures of vital locations on these big animals. Good Luck

From: Bou'bound Date: 25-Aug-07
any photos of a buffalo with vital exposed like they have for deer and bear?

From: Bou'bound Date: 22-Sep-07
any other input on this topic

From: Deertick Date: 22-Sep-07
I've shot two ... magnus two-blade stingers, double-lung, and down in 75 yards or less.

I'm not sure of the anatomy lesson above ... I know I've seen bison double-lunged, in mid-lung, no less, with a .50 cal muzzleloader and still live 20 minutes.

Although the heart is low and anterior, both of my shots were higher and behind the shoulder, and down they went. The guts do slide up under the lungs, so my advice (contrary to what I'd say about most critters) is to aim mid-way up the body, just behind the front leg.

From: Dooner Date: 22-Sep-07

Dooner's embedded Photo

From: Rick McGowan Date: 22-Sep-07
The heart is in the same place as it is on most game animals, low in the chest, right btween the shoulders. On a broadside bison, if you go directly up the center of the front leg, 1/4 to 1/3 of the way up from the bottom of the chest, you will take out the heart and both lungs.

From: mikesohm/magnus Date: 23-Sep-07
thanks all for the comments, we have actually had quite a few bowhunters take bison with our 4 blade magnus stingers and magnus stinger buzzcuts. 100 grain clear to 150 grain. great bloodtrails short recovery. thanks

From: lovetohunt Date: 30-Sep-07
I am interested in a bison hunt with bow. anybody have any suggestions on where to go?

From: Bou'bound Date: 17-Nov-07

From: MI Bear Date: 17-Nov-07
140 gr Montecs, only problem with them is they do not make 140 gr practice heads, and they are only available from pro shops. They fly just like the 100 125 gr. Montecs or field points. Duane

From: BTM Date: 18-Nov-07
I shot a mid-sized bull through both lungs with a 145 grain Bear Razorhead. It went another 100 yards, stood there for a few minutes, then tipped over.

From: oldhootowl Date: 18-Nov-07

From: oldhootowl Date: 18-Nov-07
On the SLICK TRICK THANKS thread theres a pic of a guy who shot a Buff with a Mag Trick that went 15 yards. Tricks love big animals.

From: BB Date: 18-Nov-07

BB's embedded Photo

Here's a pretty close illustration of how a buffalo's vitals would lay. The vitals are actually from a moose, and although there are some minor differences, this gives one a fairly accurate idea.

Have a great bowhunt BB

From: keepemsharp Date: 18-Nov-07
Amazing, all these animals look just like a buffalo.

From: Bou'bound Date: 18-Nov-07
not really ......not a true buffalo at least

From: oldhootowl Date: 18-Nov-07
Bison Bill just doesn't have the same ring.

From: WW Date: 18-Nov-07

WW's Supporting Link

From: ahunter55 Date: 31-Jan-10

ahunter55's embedded Photo

We just got back from a Bowhunt for my Daughter in Oklahoma (private herd though). She took this Cow @ 25 yds. 48# Bow & Easton Aluminum arow tipped with a 3 Blade (fixed) rocky Mountain Broadhead. Slightly quartered & her arrow hit just in the creaseto the right of the red dot in (Donner Post). Arrow went up to fletch (29" arrow) & got lungs & ended in the Heart. Buff went less than 60 yds. & crashed to the ground.

From: 13 points Date: 31-Jan-10
I was told to hit in the lower 1/3 of the body and that woked great. My bull was on the ground in about 25 seconds.

From: GregE Date: 31-Jan-10

GregE's embedded Photo

Good link WW. The 'hump' vertebrae sure are high on that critter.

From: Buffalo1 Date: 31-Jan-10

Buffalo1's embedded Photo

Broadside- the shot should be right above the elbow on the leg.

Be conscious of possible chase after the shot. Also, be aware that the herd will congregate around the wounded animal to prevent it from falling on the ground.

Can be a wild and exciting hunt.

Shot mine with a 62# Mathews SB. GT5575 shafts tipped with a 100 gr. 2-blade Magnus II broadhead. 25 yd. shot. Very slight quartering away positon. Got total penetration- BH was lodged in opposite shoulder blade and fletching and nock barely showing on entrance side. Remember they will have a heavy winter coat on this time of year-lots of hair to slow and dull arrow.

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