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Hoyt VS. PSE
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Bowhunter23 26-Nov-07
Westslope 26-Nov-07
camoman73 26-Nov-07
RLong 26-Nov-07
mizzoukispot 27-Nov-07
Toby 27-Nov-07
Greywolf 27-Nov-07
NikolaKangrga 28-Nov-07
From: Bowhunter23
What is a better bow Hoyt or PSE??

From: Westslope
All depends, which do you shoot better? That is the best bow, for you.

From: camoman73
Yep better is a personal choice.I like all of em the big names that is.I shoot a mathews drenalin.Its better right now for me! Hoyt and pse both make awesome bows.

From: RLong
I agree....shoot them and decide for yourself. I lean toward PSE myself though:^)

From: mizzoukispot
I lean toward hoyt....laminated limbs, great riser, cam and a half system..... I know that everyone loves the design of the new shorter bows...make sure that you shoot an ultratec before buying anything!

From: Toby
I had shoot PSE for a long time and feel very good with them. However, Hoyt, Bowtech, Ar all opf them are good bows. It depends in how do you feel using them.

From: Greywolf
PSE offers more options from their custom shop if that's what you need. They claim to have the fastest bow on the market. but I like a quiet bow, capable of handling a heavier arrow. So shoot them both, if you have doubts shoot them some more.

Good luck with which ever you choose.


NikolaKangrga's embedded Photo
NikolaKangrga's embedded Photo
I Shot 8 different bows before i found the bow I bought. I hunt with a Hoyt Vulcan and bowfish with a Oneida Talon.

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