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Warthog Mount



Messages posted to thread:
MN Switchback 24-Jan-08
Hugh 25-Jan-08
bowhuntress 25-Jan-08
Hugh 25-Jan-08
No Mercy 25-Jan-08
No Mercy 25-Jan-08
AZ~Rich 25-Jan-08
MN Switchback 25-Jan-08
AZ~Rich 26-Jan-08
No Mercy 26-Jan-08
Shifty 27-Jan-08
AZ~Rich 27-Jan-08
No Mercy 27-Jan-08
INbowdude 28-Jan-08
eyedoc 28-Jan-08
No Mercy 28-Jan-08
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From: MN Switchback Date: 24-Jan-08
Has any one had a hog mounted with the head turned? I know they dont have much of a neck, but thought it might look good.Please post pictures. Thanks...SWITCHBACK

From: Hugh Date: 25-Jan-08

Hugh's embedded Photo

I did mine straight, but there is also a wall pedistal that looks good. McKenzie has it.


From: bowhuntress Date: 25-Jan-08

Did you mount your w-hog yourself? That is a beautiful mount. Most people don't get the painting down right and they tend to look painted. Yours looks very natural. Nice pig!


From: Hugh Date: 25-Jan-08
Thank you! yes I did my own work. It was the first one I ever did about 3 years ago.

I used latex "African" paints from Jonas Bros which doesn't shine like laquer and I think it really caught the color well.

Dermis slip on WH's is terrible and I spent many hours with Apoxie-Sculpt repairing the damage prior to painting.


From: No Mercy Date: 25-Jan-08

No Mercy's embedded Photo

Here's mine done as a wall pedestal.

From: No Mercy Date: 25-Jan-08

No Mercy's embedded Photo

Here is the picture of the wall pedestal from an older Mckenzie catalog. This is the form used to mount my warthog pictured above.

From: AZ~Rich Date: 25-Jan-08
They come in as many colors as there is colors of mud and dust in their habitats. Mine was rather rusty colored as that was the predominant color of the dirt/mud. I think it's preferable to try and recreate the same coloration he had in life. There are both left and right turned forms available if you want yours that way. I made sure my taxidermist had several good 8x10 reference photos of my boar pre and post kill to get the coloration right. Jonas has some neat african colors for sure. Mine did not have dermal slip but I did lose some of the mane brisles. Luckily we will be able to transplant some from the rear of the cape which will be trimmed.

From: MN Switchback Date: 25-Jan-08
Thanks for the info! My wife and I were thinking of having our boars done like bookends on either side of the fireplace. Any one else have hero shots of 'Pumbas'? I cant get ours to load.

From: AZ~Rich Date: 26-Jan-08

AZ~Rich's embedded Photo

Hero shots...mmm, This was my first shot in Africa on day one two hours in the blind. Perfect heart hit, tracked and found him 90yds before PH came. A respectable 11 incher.

From: No Mercy Date: 26-Jan-08

No Mercy's embedded Photo

Here's mine-7th day of a 7 day hunt near Ellisras in RSA. 14" tusks.

From: Shifty Date: 27-Jan-08
Did you guys glue some lice on them? I had my warthog's skin tanned and did a european mount with the skulls. The skin still has the nits attached to the hair. My wife thinks its so gross.

From: AZ~Rich Date: 27-Jan-08
Mine was ok, void of lice, nits or other vermin. In fact I was pleasantly surprised that none of my plains game had tick infestations (ears or other).

From: No Mercy Date: 27-Jan-08
The only animal I shot that was full of ticks was my Gemsbok-he was LOADED with them. In fact-I got a few tick bites from those nasty little buggers. My Zebra had a few-but not nearly as many as the Gemsbok.

From: INbowdude Date: 28-Jan-08

INbowdude's embedded Photo

I had mine mounted straight on as well. Either the skinners or the tannery or the taxidermist did a very poor job with lots of putty. I killed it in '95 and it's really cracked now. I think it probably started with the skinners and I didn't know anything about trophy care especially with African critters. If I did it again, I'd be sure to use the best taxidermist with lots of African game experience. Having said that, they can only work with what they have. Nice pics and mounts. Best of luck, Mike

From: eyedoc Date: 28-Jan-08
No Mercy- I see the plaque near the pig reading 35+ and also see that you said that the tusks are 14 inches long.Can you tell me how a pig is officially scored? I have never seen anything other than tusk length on pigs, but I have never seen one officially scored and do not know what measurents are taken to do so.

From: No Mercy Date: 28-Jan-08
eyedoc-it is the length and and greatest circumference of both tusks added together. Remember, there are no deductions for SCI-

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