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hunt permission letters
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sore fingers 12-Apr-08
playin' hookey 13-Apr-08
Canuck 13-Apr-08
Steelersfan 13-Apr-08
From: sore fingers
Does anyone out there have a good example of a property pass or hunt permission letter. I wish to get permission to hunt some private property and wish to present a nice letter to the owners that demonstrates my reponsibilities.


BOWHUNTERS WHO not in existance anymore... had a form letter and ID Card that was nice!....I wish I had one to copy for you....but I lost mine in the 1993 flood in Illinois. Maybe someone here may beable to get you one from back when......? Good Luck!.........maybe?? you can do a SEARCH on that organization??


playin' hookey's Link
I think Virginia's permission to hunt form is pretty good (link).

From: Canuck
I sent you a PM. I have a good one to share with you.

regards, from Canada. Canuck

From: Steelersfan
This is what I use...You can copy cut and paste and then fill in your info where the ??????? are.

Dear Mr. Jim Rog????,

My Name is Thomas R??????, and I work as a ???? at the ???????? in ?????, PA. My wife and I have lived in the ????? area for five years. I am an avid bow hunter seeking permission to bow hunt on your property for the 2008-2009 hunting season. As a member of United Bow hunters of Pennsylvania, I am committed to conservation, fair-chase hunting, and landowner rights. Safety for myself and others, ethical hunting of game, and respect for landowners are my primary concern when hunting. I would of course respect any rules or requests that you might have regarding where you prefer me to hunt and during which times. It would be my pleasure, if successful to share a portion of my good fortune with you and your family as a way of saying thank you. I use a climbing tree stand to hunt from that I would put up and take down every time I hunt. That way I leave nothing on your property. I would also NEVER bring anyone else onto your property.

I would like to stop by your property on Monday, February 18, 2008 around 1:00 PM to discuss my request and any concerns you may have. If that is not a convenient time or date, or you do not wish to grant me permission, please feel free to contact me at ???-???-????. If I do not answer please leave a message. I look forward to speaking with you and hope to meet you in the near future. Thank you for your time and your consideration in possibly allowing me to bow hunt this year on your property.


Thomas W. R??????? ??? Delmont St. ??????Town, PA 12345 ???-???-????.

Hope this helps and you get your permission. I have sent four letters like this since Feb.and everyone has been really nice and appreciated the approcah but they still didn't give me permission.

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