Greatest bowhunting song of all time
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From: rem_kujawa
I think its fred bear by the nug.

I didn't even know there was another one...

Duelling Banjos on Deliverance !

From: HuntinHabit
Yep, I'd say that's the best, but only because I can't name another. And honestly, it's really not that great of a tune, just cool because of the theme and tribute to FB.

From: Norseman

Norseman's Link
This one, no doubt. "Call of the Wild" ~Chris Ledoux

From: Scorpion
Check out Ty Englands "livin the dream" notjust bowhunting but also hunting in general. He has several songs that are greats sportsmans songs. I was at a concert in Colorado last year and it was pretty neat. The album is called Alive and Well.

He has a song about Colorado in there as well that is cool. It is called " It must be Colorado"


Fred Bear The NUG

From: Phileag1
I'm not sure if actually about bowhunting, but my kid loves that corny "Big bulls, big bucks" song at the beginning of one of those Mossback videos.

From: 2blade
You guys don't listen close enough to lyrics...

(1) "Hit me with your best shot" by that eighties-singer-chick with the hair.

(2) "Happy trails to you," by that dude that owned the Anaheim Angels. It is about blood trailing dogs and the ethical issues surrounding same.

(3) "Eat it," by Wierd Al Yankovich. A nice retrospective on baiting for bear.

(5) "Like a virgin," by Madonna. An elk hunter's first venture into the high timber in search of a rutting bull.

(6)"Turn out the lights, the party's over," by Willie Nelson. The song that plays in my head when I realize it is yet another perfect chest cavity shot (no applause necessary, thank you).

And finally,

(7)"Come monday," by Jimmy Buffet. The gut-wrenching siren song of the hunter who knows he must yet again make the long drive home from hunting camp to begin another work week during the fall and winter months.

(7)"The girls all get prettier at closing time," by Mickey Gilley. The song playing in my head on the last day of season when there is yet another doe tag to fill and a group of pretty brown ladies approaching from across the woodlot.

From: 2blade
Dudes, that totally messed up my numbering. I think I will have another beer and go to bed...

From: Meat Hawg
You guys have never heard of Chad Slagle....the singing bowyer or Jim Bowman...the camo cowboy? You guys really need to pick up a couple of their CD's great bowhunting music.

What about the two songs on the Purgatory DVD's. Both are songs my the Michael Flower band. Great songs about backpacking for elk.

fred bear by ted and my bow and arrow by ted and i just wanna go hunting by ted

From: goldenarrow
Metalica Of Wolf and Man

From: rem_kujawa
Good video link norseman

From: hammerhd
Creeping Death. Metallica.

From: BSBD
I just finished reading "I Remember Papa Bear". It was an interesting book and had a lot of references to Ted Nugent and Fred Bear. There was a cool pic of Ted and Fred together in the 70's. After reading the book I had a lot more respect for Ted and the things he's done that most people don't know about. I also like the song "Fred Bear" more now than ever.

From: rem_kujawa
I think I would have like to have met the bear,and now the nug.There has to be some good stories

ask Fred about Ted......Jim Bowman has some great bow hunting songs! Wayne Carlton also has some great elk hunting songs.

From: Meat Hawg
07-May-08 you can order jims cd's from here. Great bowhunting and outdoor songs.

From: gutshot
2blade, you crack me up. That's funny crap!!!

From: Bou'bound
the best is any song about bowhunting that that wackin' stackin' uncle backstrap maniac or whatever the heck he refers to himself as is not singing.

From: hntn4elk
Feathers in the Wind, on CD by Mark Baker


From: Shortstick
Im kinda partial to the old cry in your beer song "I missed thay m f'er again".

From: Coyote 65
Me and my arrow by Harry Nilsson.


From: Calhoun
"Pass It On" by Tracy Byrd

From: Bowhuntert
Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Jr.

From: Lost Tracker
Norseman, good link, Chris Ledoux was definately the real deal, cowboy, rodeo, It is a shame he is gone...

From: Joey Ward
Gonna go with "She Sells Sanctuary" by The Cult.

From: NYbob
I just received a DVD from an outfitter in Maine, Squapan Mountain Outfitters, Tony Boucher is his name It has a great vocal on it by Jim Bowman

From: Seminole
Enter Sandman- Metallica


Indian Outlaw

From: UTsportsman

UTsportsman's Link
Chris Ledoux, hands down.

Nugent? c'mon he and Barta need to be locked in a room together over the winter.

From: Bowfreak
I can't believe nobody mentioned Colt Ford? Where you at Serb?

From: IowaTomKilr
You guys should not be listening to music in the treestand, the deer will hear you!

From: Bowferd
"Make The World Go Away" by our deerly departed Eddy Arnold.

From: Bowgramps
Jerry Reeds She Got The Goldmine And I Got The Shaft.

From: rem_kujawa
I dont know about you guys but these are going to make a great mix tape.

From: ridgefire
Last stand in the Rockies by Wayne Carlton. Its the official theme song of the R.M.E.F.

From: The Rooster
another vote for Fred Bear by the Nuge.

You might want to check out my music at

You Fred bear folks will like "The Man In The Borsalino Hat".

From: Sage Buffalo
Bon jovi: "Shot through the heart and your to give hunting a good name..."

From: Bake
Of Wolf and Man by Metallica.

From: Salagi
Does anybody remember Jimmy Driftwood? He had one entiltled "Bows and Arrows, Arrows and Bows". The chorus went "bows and arrorsm, arrows and bopws. Oh how I loved her the Lord only knows. I courted her fast and I courted her slow,. And I won my fair lady while shooting a bow." The gist of it was he taught his gal to bow hunt and she saved him from a mountain lion. Aw, just the thought of it brings a tear to my eye...

From: redneck91

From: redneck91
hahaha just another picture to burn by taylor swift oooo im only kiddin. i like backwoods boy by josh turner

From: Bonebuster
Ted Nugent ain`t all bad.

I was at one of his concerts when he started talking about Fred Bear. The crowd went nuts, and took a while to quiet down enough to hear. Then he started again, and told the crowd what Freb Bear did, and what a gentleman woodsman he was. Then he told the crowd that Fred was his hero, and that in fact, Fred was an AMERICAN hero. It took twenty minutes to quiet down enough to continue. Then they played "Fred Bear". There were THOUSANDS of non-hunters in the audience that night, and it made at least SOME of them think!

My vote is "Fred Bear".

From: moleshaver
ditto Fred Bear

From: bb
"Nugent? c'mon he and Barta need to be locked in a room together over the winter."

Now there's a visual that's got me crying.

From: SteveB
"the best is any song about bowhunting that that wackin' stackin' uncle backstrap maniac or whatever the heck he refers to himself as is not singing. "


From: Yunwiya
I am waiting for the Nuge to sing "Don't Fence Me In." Since he is as deaf as Helen Keller, he needs the handicapped advantage, but he sure ain't no "Fred Bear."

From: mn_archer
I absolutly refuse to listen to Fred Bear by the Nuge. That song is plain bad luck for me. One time, on an Elk hunt to colorado we had just gotten gas and snacks from the Burger King right on the MN/IA border.

Get back in the truck and hit the freeway and decide to pop in my homemade roadtrip cd. Fred Bear comes on adn next thing you know I have a flat trailer tire!

By the time we got to CO a wheel bearing also went out on the trailer~!

On the way home we decided to pop the cd in once more to test the theory.

Right before the song ends I get pulled over and get a speeding ticket~!

Bad juju and I am as superstitious as they come. I still have the cd in my case in the truck, but it doesn't come out- EVER!

I'll say that Dave Watson's "Last Stand in the Rockies" is right at the top~!

check out the link if you wanna hear it

good hunting-


From: chip
Davy Crockett. Kilt him a Bar when he was only three. Davy, Davy Crockett, king of the wild frontier. Yahoo!!!

From: RockyMtnHigh
I'm trying to find Mossy Oak (Pass it on) and Last Stand in the Rockies and have looked all over the web without success. Any ideas if these songs are available for download somewhere? The Dave Watson link doesn't seem to work for me.

From: Sixby
Hank Jr. Family Tradition.

God bless you all, Steve

From: playboy
Fred Bear, my Bow , Arrow..........

Jimmie Dale Gilmore - "My Mind's Got a Mind of It's Own"

I think that speaks to how most of us hunt...

From: Monmouth533
I usually like to listen to Freebird on the way to a nice autumn crisp hunt.

If I leave here tomorrow, / would you still remember me? / For I must be travelling on, now. / 'Cause there's too many places I've gotta see. ... But if i stayed here with you girl/Things just couldn't be the same/cause Im free as a bird now/and this bird you can not change/Lord know, I can't change..

From: TagSandwich
"Snowfall" - Reckless Kelly. Not really a bowhunting song, I think it's really about skiing, but the lyrics could just as easily be about that late summer/early fall feeling we all get when we want to be "on my way to a western town".

From: elkmtngear

elkmtngear's Link
Here's a short clip of a song I wrote around 15 years ago about a bowhunt, I have re-recorded it several times over the years, and I used it for this 30 second Commercial Spot that is running on Pursuit Channel.

Actually, I get sick of my own crap, I'd rather listen to "Rocky Mountain High" before an elk hunt

Best of Luck, Jeff

From: Brotsky
It has to be Metallica "Of Wolf and Man". Lyrics like this can't be denied:

Off through the new day's mist I run Out from the new day's mist I have come I hunt, therefore I am Harvest the land Taking of the fallen lamb

From: basbh1
Sunrize (narrated version)Ted Nugent I say how can it be that man owns the land, can we possess the sky, the wind, the call of the seasons ? Man does not own the earth, but rather the earth owns man, we’re merely caretakers of the wild for our children. We must show reverence for nature, the ground we share, and the spirit of the wild. We must respect each new sunrize.

Take a deep breath, feel the spirit of the wild.

Feel our instincts, feel the heart of the hunter. Each new day, each new sunrize can bring the renewal of life, the renewal of the spirit. Keep your senses alert, learn to appreciate the value of that sign. The excitement of that smell, that sight…the aroma of the woods.

Cherish the beauty of our brother the eagle, the deer, our blood brother the bear. As the new sun warms our new day, thrill at the adventure of being one with nature. As the majestic buck melts out of the swamp, feel the spirit come alive. Hold tight to your bow and arrow, grab the spirit, Feel it's presence, feel the spirit of the wild. Hey, there he is, in the wind…. The sensual stimuli, the thrill that will cleanse the soul, Go ahead, feel alive. The sunrize is on fire, as our senses, our very lifeblood is on fire. Share these sensations with your friends, Share ‘em with the children, For life is a series of sunrizes The spirit of the wild.

Let it inspire your heart and soul, Challenge the good, natural hunter within you, Challenge yourself….to connect. Be an asset to nature. Take each day, take each sunrize step by step. Sunrize by sunrize. Take it to heart. Embrace the spirit of the wild. Embrace each and every sunrize Rise into the sun. Seize it. In the wind, he’s still alive….

From: JayG@work
I Like to listen to Nugent's Fred Bear when I am getting my stuff ready before I hit the woods. Metalicas Of Wolf and Man is right up there. One other great song, and the video is the best, it Aaron Lewis's song, Country Boy. He is a pretty good bowhunter, at least from what I see on the videos.


From: Bou'bound
"Another One Bites the Dust"

by Queen

i like hirams call blue grass music

From: ChrisK1977
Steve Shedd has a few. I have one of his CD's. Google him and if I am not mistaken he has a couple CD's for sale. Nice guy too, I met him at one of the Texas Shoot Out's. Chris Kiefner

From: city hunter
I like the fred bear song by ted it suxs so bad its good Ted best leave the vocals to another cause he stinks and just stick with his ax,,

The Management Advantage theme song Sacred Ground.

From: Leadspreader
Gotta agree with Norseman, Chris Ledoux-Call of The Wild, greatest hunting song ever!

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