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4 blade anderson magnum BH



Messages posted to thread:
soldier,bowman 11-May-08
Africanbowhunter 11-May-08
Bill in MI 12-May-08
Kman 12-May-08
treestand 12-May-08
Africanbowhunter 13-May-08
Trophy8 13-May-08
EIStone 13-May-08
Africanbowhunter 14-May-08
NJbornhunter 26-Jun-11
whitetailer 26-Jun-11
bigotisjeff 26-Jun-11
Seminole 27-Jun-11
Trophy8 27-Jun-11
milnrick 01-Jul-11
NJbornhunter 02-Jul-11
milnrick 02-Jul-11
PappaSmurf 02-Jul-11
2 points 02-Jul-11
bigotisjeff 02-Jul-11
Pat Bischoff 02-Jul-11
Rex Featherlin 03-Jul-11
milnrick 03-Jul-11
Camocam813 10-Oct-12
KS Flatlander 10-Oct-12
DoubleD 10-Oct-12
Devilfan 10-Oct-12
non-typical 28-Jun-15
non-typical 28-Jun-15

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From: soldier,bowman Date: 11-May-08
I have found 7 of these heads from times past.Has any of the old timers used these heads?? Good or bad?? They are 1 1/2 inch fixed four blade head. All the blades are the same.

From: Africanbowhunter Date: 11-May-08
I will buy them from You they never caught on Jeff Anderson is a brilliant inventor way before his time

i am an avid Broadhead Collector

I am Tink Nathan

silverwolfhound2 at

happy trails


From: Bill in MI Date: 12-May-08
Is he of Anderson Archery in MI fame?

Bill in MI

From: Kman Date: 12-May-08
I bought my Dad a pack of three of these many years ago, he has since stopped hunting due to his age. I still have a couple of them. They look really nasty and could do lots of damage. I shot one the other day for fun and it didn't fly the best.

Tink, I don't plan on doing any collecting, if you are interested give me a pm. Tom

From: treestand Date: 12-May-08
I still have eight Anderson broadheads. I personally think they are one of the best broadheads ever made. I just quit using them about two years ago and though about going back to them next year.

From: Africanbowhunter Date: 13-May-08

Africanbowhunter's Supporting Link

Jeff Anderson lived in NJ Invented the Tree Sing Saddle and thse heads in the 1970s he was so far ahead of hsi time

I killed a blesbok in RSA in 1979 and hit low the Anderson 245 disembowled and all his guts fellout and tangles in his back legs they were sharp

My address is

Tink Nathan Camp verde Outpost raaanch 275 Witt Rd Center Point TX 78010 3600

tel 830 634 2878 check out my new Ministry listed below

Operation Bows and Heroes

i teach war wounded vets archery as a formof healing

Tink Nathan

From: Trophy8 Date: 13-May-08
Never used them as 4blds, but I can tell you 2 and 3 bld did one hell of a job. If I recall correctly the BH models were....243/245 which could be shot 2 or 4 bladed and 363/365 which could be shot 2, 3, 4 and 6 bladed.

The BH's were quite popular in the late 70' to early 80's, an ugly divorce forced Jeff to sell the design I believe to BIG Bucks, but they fell from public interest after that.

From: EIStone Date: 13-May-08
Hey Guys, I still have 1 pack of the245 mag.4 blade heads and about 4 packs of the363 mini mag heads if any of you broadhead collecters are interested. I used to shoot the big 245 mags using 2413 shafts with 4 5"vanes to get them to fly.Shot several deer with them,and one antelope, huge holes. Any takers let me know, Dale

From: Africanbowhunter Date: 14-May-08

Africanbowhunter's Supporting Link

Thanks REX

For your duty


From: NJbornhunter Date: 26-Jun-11
Hi Tink, This is an old thread but just came across. Are you still on this site? I'm Jonathan Anderson, Jeff Anderson (who you mentioned above) was my father. I'd like to get in touch with you if you get a chance. Do you have an email address?

Thanks, JA

From: whitetailer Date: 26-Jun-11
Funny you started this thread. I was just up in N Wis and the UP, (center of the universe), muskie fishing. I was in a guys cabin, (lives there year round, lucky dog), and he had Anderson BH's.

He would not part with them, no matter how much I cheated at cards over the last week, ha ha ha....

That is a GREAT head, and wish I could find some

From: bigotisjeff Date: 26-Jun-11
Best broadheads ever....would love to find some.. Didn't they make a 2" version as well?

From: Seminole Date: 27-Jun-11
Anderson was way ahead of his time and a great broadhead designer.

From: Trophy8 Date: 27-Jun-11
If I remember all the models could be shot 2bld, 3,4....there was no 2 blade version.

From: milnrick Date: 01-Jul-11
I used to shoot the Magnum and mini-mag. They came in 4 blade and 6 blade models that could be 'stepped down' for lack of a better term, to a 2 and 3 blade configuration. I sure wish they were available today.

From: NJbornhunter Date: 02-Jul-11
Hey guys, If the heads were to be produced again, do you think you would use them? and if so, what head would you use of the following?

245 Magnum - 2 or 4 blades, 1.5 in diameter, 125 grains as 4 blade

365 Magnum- 2, 3 or even 6 blades, 1.5 diameter, 115 grain as 3 blade

supermag III- 2, 3 or 6, 1.8 diameter, 125 grain as 3 blade.

We did produce smaller heads previously so let me know if you like those better. My father only previously produced those smaller heads because the market demanded it but never used them. His initial vision of producing the head came because he was sick of losing animals...even animals that were hit perfectly. I have never lost an animal with any of the 3 above. In fact, with the super mag III all of the animals I shot went down within need to track. Even the gut-shot animals. (though I don't like admitting to those few bad shots)

Thanks for your input!

From: milnrick Date: 02-Jul-11
I'd buy the 115 grain broadheads in a second if you put them on the market. I shot both the 245 mags and the 115 grain 'mini-mag'. Both made amazing blood trails and you're right, most animals died insight.

Personal preference would be to shoot the 4 blade 115 mini-mag if they were marketed again.

Good luck


From: PappaSmurf Date: 02-Jul-11
Hi Guys, Hate to change the subject, but I am trying to get a mental picture of these broadheads in my head. Does anyone have a picture of them? I used a broadhead that sounds similar to this my first two years of bowhunting and think it may be these heads.

Thanks again,


From: 2 points Date: 02-Jul-11
I won a set of the 245 magnums about 25 years ago and although they looked great, they wouldnt fly worth a flip. I think they are still in my old archery box in their original box.

From: bigotisjeff Date: 02-Jul-11
I like the 245's...But the 115 grain 3 blades would be sweet too.

From: Pat Bischoff Date: 02-Jul-11
Years ago I used the 245's. Would use them again if they were available.

From: Rex Featherlin Date: 03-Jul-11

Rex Featherlin's embedded Photo

I think this is it

From: milnrick Date: 03-Jul-11
I think taht's an Anderson 363 magnum. I've got a few Minimags floating around somewhere, I'll see if I can find them and post a pic tomorrow.

From: Camocam813 Date: 10-Oct-12
I want the supermag 3's 1.8" 2 blade!!! I want these bad!

From: KS Flatlander Date: 10-Oct-12
About 15 years ago I hunted with a buddy that shot the Anderson heads. I thought they were the four blade but am not sure. They appeared accurate and were devastating on deer!

From: DoubleD Date: 10-Oct-12
I used the 4 blade back in the early 90's. I took many deer with them using my Pearson Spoiler cam bow with an overdraw and fat 2312 Easton alum arrows, man those were the days. Only problem I ever had was a broke blade a few times.

From: Devilfan Date: 10-Oct-12
I would give the 245 magnums a try as a 4 blade.

From: non-typical Date: 28-Jun-15
Killed my first deer with the 245 2 bld. out of Bear Grizzly II. Dropped at 15 yds. Should have kept a few, gave away around 15-20 pks. I worked for the shop that later bought the co.

From: non-typical Date: 28-Jun-15
Killed my first deer with the 245 2 bld. out of Bear Grizzly II. Dropped at 15 yds. Should have kept a few, gave away around 15-20 pks. I worked for the shop that later bought the co.

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