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Best lightweight single pin sight?
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broog1 29-May-08
hans-3764 29-May-08
casper 30-May-08
Colorado-Bowhunter 30-May-08
Little D 30-May-08
Gray Ghost 30-May-08
The Yode 30-May-08
antlrs 30-May-08
TD 30-May-08
Bullhound 30-May-08
Doneen 30-May-08
broog1 30-May-08
meathunter 12-Jul-08
rem_kujawa 12-Jul-08
camoman73 13-Jul-08
Bowfreak 13-Jul-08
Stryker58 13-Jul-08
Elk Crazy 13-Jul-08
big Al Morris 13-Jul-08
From: broog1
I have a new DXT and wonder what the best lightweight sight to put on it. I am partial to single pins but am mostly interested in lightweight and durable!

From: hans-3764
i used a impact archery single pin with an adjustable arm. it worked great but i switched to a 7 pin site for hunting out west. $50 n its yours.

I use a Cobra 4 pin site....double slot....but only use 1 pin! Cost about $8.00

From: casper
Forget the single pin sight and get a hha movable single pin sight and you will be a happy man.Get the 19 thousand pin.

I second Caspers post...i have a HHA movable single pin sight i've ever used.

From: Little D
Impact jumbo single pin. lightweight and needs very little light to see the pin.

From: Gray Ghost
I'll third the HHA moveable sight.

Multiple pins were getting difficult for my aging eyes. The single HHA pin solved that.

It's a solid, quiet, well-made product.


From: The Yode
HHA for me also. I agree with the 19 pin size. In the evening, I can't see the target before I can't see the pin. If you get the one that is adjustable, you can "turn it down" during the day so it isn't too bright.

I have used one for several years and it really holds up well to pounding through the woods here in Colorado.

From: antlrs
Vital gear has an angular single pin. I use the Pentagon 5 pin angular and there is something cool about the angular that keeps vision clear for my older eyes. Good luck!

From: TD
HHA. It's bulletproof. But not lightweight, nor cheap.

Strong and quality are not compatible with lightweight and cheap.

I also agree about the .019 pin. I can't even see the bubble on the sight but have never NOT been able to see that pin and still be able to see the target.

From: Bullhound
TD hit it on the head. I love the HHA OL 5519 and the single pin makes live real easy! Not light but real nice.

From: Doneen
I have a trophy taker with the moveable .19 single pin. Looks goiod to me

From: broog1
Thanks a million for all the opinions! I have an HHA on my switchback "love it" Just wondered if there was something as good without the weight. Maybe it's like rifles. Lightweight and quality just don't go together. I believed that, until I've owned a DXT for 4 months Wow!!!! Just thought maybe someone out there had done the same for sights.

From: meathunter
look at Vital gear startrack

From: rem_kujawa
Viper Quickset I think you can get it in the new mathews lost camo too.

From: camoman73

From: Bowfreak
All of you guys are saying HHA. He is asking for a light weight sight? The HHA weighs as much as a Hoyt bow? They are great...but they are nowhere neat lightweight. I would go with the VBG angular Proslide. Great sight. Bright and easy to adjust.

From: Stryker58

I have the Trophy Ridge Titan Hunter Bow Sight on my DXT. and Drenalin. I use .19 for the pin. Only cost 54.99. Without the light option. It's light and bright.


From: Elk Crazy
HHA adjustable sight. They are not light but, are very dependable. I have several. They have never let me down. I will take dependable over light everytime.

VIPER, for the tough, lite single pin it rocks, al.

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