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Moose rut in Newfoundland



Messages posted to thread:
archer 27-Jul-08
medicinemann 27-Jul-08
Ty 27-Jul-08
Bou'bound 27-Jul-08
medicinemann 27-Jul-08
hunterdad 27-Jul-08
bb 27-Jul-08
BTM 27-Jul-08
Aubs8 24-Aug-08
Bou'bound 24-Aug-08
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From: archer Date: 27-Jul-08
I am going To Newfoundland the third week in September. At what stage of the rut may the Moose be in? I was wondering how they respond to calling around this time? Please, don't tell me to ask the outfitter. I know I can ask him but I want other people's opinions. Thanks.

From: medicinemann Date: 27-Jul-08
That's a great time to be there. You'll hit the beginning of the rut....

From: Ty Date: 27-Jul-08
That is the best week for Moose and is the peak of the rut. Caribou will be starting too, but I would say they peak in early October for their rut. You will have a great time. Newfoundland is a wonderful and beautiful place. Book your hotel early for your arrival day. I waited too long and had trouble finding a room; got the last one in town. Who are you hunting with?

From: Bou'bound Date: 27-Jul-08
prime time

From: medicinemann Date: 27-Jul-08
Last year, when I hunted there, I hunted the week that straddled the 19th of the week progressed, the action seemed to pick up. The following week was the peak of the rut per the guides in camp.....I'm guessing that rut lasts 1-2 weeks, so you should be in great shape for a shot opportunity.

From: hunterdad Date: 27-Jul-08
Your timing is perfect. I was there the 3rd week of september in 2001. The bulls were very responsive to calling. The bull I shot had 3 cows with him.

From: bb Date: 27-Jul-08
I have called them in up there as early as the end of August. The rut is typically the 1st of OCT give or take. 3rd week of Sept. is a good time to be there.

From: BTM Date: 27-Jul-08
I hunted NF the first two weeks of October last year, and it was pretty obvious that the rut had almost wound down. Sounds like you picked a good time.

From: Aubs8 Date: 24-Aug-08
I have booked a hunt in NF for 2009. Our choices were September 20-27 or October 4-11. We are leaning towards the October date, hoping to hit both the caribou rut (if they issue tags) and the moose rut.

I would appreciate your thoughts about going October 4-11. Certainly, there would most likely be more bulls alive earlier in the hunting season. Would it be "better" to go during the September date for the moose?

Thank you in advance. Mike

From: Bou'bound Date: 24-Aug-08
these best bet would be the week in the middle. go late.

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Subject: RE: Moose rut in Newfoundland

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