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Mid priced bow suggestions ?
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From: redbeard
I did a search and found some info but I thought I'd ask a pretty specific question.

Due to my broken collarbone and weak shoulder I plan to get a lighter weight bow 50-60 pounds. I've been looking at the mid price range. The PSE Brute looks tempting. I hear a lot about Mission bows. What's the story, never heard of them? Any other ideas?

I'm kinda ignorant about compound bows. I just don't have much interest in them except as a hunting tool. I don't keep up on the new models or technology at all. I've owned a few and shoot them some but I really like to shoot my longbow but it is out for this elk season since I can't shoot at all right now. I have a Mathews LX, 60-70# that I need to get rid of I guess. I liked it OK but I'm not sold on any brand. I want a smooth, reasonably fast, quiet, forgiving bow with a 29-30" draw. for under $500.

Comparisons would be helpful.

Thanks, Chris

From: Horn Donkey

Go pick up a copy of the current month's Peterson's Bowhunting. They have a great "Budget Bow" article that breaks down all the mid priced bows available right now. Most of the bows in the comparison fall into the specs you've given.

From: jungleman06
parker or martin. last years model hoyts

From: Dooner
Buy a Premium bow on E-Bay that is 1-2yrs old. I would go with Hoyt or Mathews.

From: HunterJoe
You can not go wrong with the 07 Bear Truth. You can still get them on Ebay $339 with free shipping. Here is the link.

From: Buckfvr
Mission Archery is Mathews ....just in a slightly lower, and I mean slightly, market. The BuckMaster looks like a great hunting bow. R

From: buffsnuffer
That LX is a great bow. Spend a hundred and a half and get 50 Lb. limbs for it.

From: Ward
Watch ebay for some used 50-60 lb. limbs..they go for about 50 to 70 bucks (LX Limbs)

From: sipe

they have brand new in box 07 bowtech commanders in 50-60lb for $450 + $7 shipping in US.

I bought one and it is great...but long.

From: Mathews Man
They also have another model on sale for $450. That sale is a great deal for someone wanting to get into a top end bow at a mid-level price.

From: buckhntr162
Quest bows are a dang nice shooting bow

From: mathewsfan
The mission is nice, maybe look at the fred bear lights out or game over

From: redbeard
Thanks guys. Still shopping online. Since I am not supposed to be shooting for another few weeks I can't really try a bunch of bows or even spend much time sighting one in. I know I'm good for a few shots but I don't want to push my luck. Something that is already mostly set up would be good. A used bow sounds right.

The 07 Truth looks like a good deal. Any specific feedback on that or the PSE Brute (08 model)?

Have you looked at the reflex line up? Life time warranty on all but the strings.

From: kuru
Haven't really considered Reflex. Are they good bows? I thought they were a sub brand of another bigger company? Which one would you suggest?


From: DoubleLung
Reflex - made by Hoyt, awesome bows. The Ridgeline is super nice but prob. a bit out of your range, I think you can get it for like $550. Well worth it if you want to spend a little extra. Personally I wouldn't do the Ebay thing, I've had less than favorable experiences doing that. I would buy a brand new Reflex and rest happy that you have a warranty if something happens.

From: MoBowhunter
Heard that Reflex will be dropped from Hoyt's offerings after this season. I would suggest looking at Bear, PSE, or Mission.

Diamonds are nice.

From: Sad Daddy
Bear Truth II

07 truth is a solid bow. I love mine. Ebay $355.00 to my door. going cheaper now.

From: buglemaster
I just bought an 07 Drenalin with Winners Choice Strings,STS system, G5 meta peep & loop for $450.Picked it up off the classsifieds on another archery site.

From: camoman73
The brute is a great bow. You can afford the thunderbolt x also pse is having a great rebate deal going on so that puts it in your price range. I own a x-force dream season,and i am seriosly thinking of picking up one of the pse stingers for 299 as a backup.For the money you have your options are huge shoot them buy the one that feels the best. I will second the hunters friend idea i bought from them when they just started out on the net,they are a truly great company.

From: promod1385
I shot the Bear Lightyear tonight. I was impressed by it. For a $400 package bow it was a great shooter, split limbs etc... I would imagine you can get a bare one for around $250 for a new one.

From: camoman73
Lights out. They are $329 bare bow. Great lil bow 300 fps and darn close to a 9 in brace height.

From: IowaTomKilr
Martin Bengal, you can't go wrong there!

From: LongbowBob
The archery shop I trade at sells both Diamonds and Ben Pearson. Either one would probably fit your criteria nicely.

Now if you want to get into a "real bow"....

Just kidding guys.


From: Redbeard
I prefer to shoot a "real bow" Morrison Dakota Longbow. I had planned to hunt elk with it this year but the broken collarbone put that to rest.

I just talked with my local shop owner and he recommended the 09 Hoyt Super or Power Hawk. I read a review on the Powerhawk and it appears to be identical to the Reflex Growler. Same price too. What do you guys think of that bow? Top of my price range. I'm not a big fan of Hoyt but I've never shot one so I'm open to the idea. I just think their bows are ugly. But then again I think longbows are a work of art. I had been thinking of buying a new takedown Morrison longbow this year so it is hard to spend money on a wheel bow when I already have one (that I can't shoot right now) I am going to take my LX into the shop to see if he can find some limbs for it.

I'll second the Martin Bengal...or any of the Martin bows for that matter. In truth there are a ton of mid priced bows that will suit your needs, but of them all, the Martin's are my favorite.


From: Greybeard

I have the Reflex growler (Dealer didn`t have the Power Hawk yet) I have had it about three weeks and I love it. It`s very quiet, nice grip, no hand shock. Cam seems to roll over nice for me. Hope this helps. GOOD LUCK!!!

From: kuru
I just found the Hunters Friend website and they have some great deals on packages. Anybody have any experience with them? I could swap most everything off my current bow but the problem is I can't shoot much to get it set up. Also If I buy one already set up I could sell mine as a package and get more $ for it.

BTW I'm Redbeard just on a different computer.

From: medley
Again, you cannot go wrong with HuntersFriend. Those guys are fantastic. They will help you better than anyone as far as walking you through the ordering process. The only problem, you won't shoot before you buy.

But, when you go to sell in the future, you are selling a package including a hard case, ready to go.

They have great deals right now. Look at the Parker Wildfire, Bear Lights Out, and PSE Stinger. Those are awesome packages extremely affordable.

Good luck

From: Standman
I too have a Reflex Growler. I am shooting better than ever. Bad shoulder-50# with 28" draw, 100 grain Muzzy's on Carbon Express Hunters, Great set up! I truly hope Hoyt doesn't drop them!!!

From: MeanV2
Diamond makes some nice bows and don't forget the BowTech TomKat. It's one of the best values in bows on the market.


From: breid
I got a Browning Mirage recently from Cabelas Bargain Cave for $280. I have an older model that cost about the same 12 years ago.

If you are looking, I was sold on the reflex's, the Browning my wife just happened to pick up :)

Reflex and Hoyt have been around a long time, so has Martin and PSE. I think any of those that feel good would be good bows.

From: Happy Hunter
I have had 2 PSE's ( I thought I would never change from my Thunderbolt ) and just got a Diamond Justice and really love it. Smooth draw, good back-stop, and very quiet. Shoots tight groups out to my max 50 yard range.

I just cannot pony up the big bucks for an Allegiance.

why not just get 50-60lbs limbs for the LX?

Seems like a done deal for me.

From: ucsdryder
I must agree with the limb change. If you like the bow, find a set of limbs on ebay or archerytalk and have a bowshop swap them out! No need to spend 300-400 when you can spend 50-75!

From: bear code
swap limbs out would be the best way to go. unless you are just wanting a different bow. if that is the case, bear bows, are a safe,sure,and good thing. my code will kill any game just as good as a mathews,hoyt,or what ever. and i still got beer money after buying it. HA! HA! HA!... don't fall into a sucker's game.

From: C-Man
Definatly go with mission> i shoot a hoyt vectrix and i bought a mission as a backup bow. I am using the mission instead this year. nothing wrong with the vectrix, i love that too, but the mission shoots great and is really slim like the mathews. and if you didnt know, mathews makes mission bows. at a great price

From: Firsty
I have a Reflex Growler and love it.

From: RLong
PSE Brute. Excellent bow, smooth draw, great speed. My next choice would be a Bear Lights Out.

From: Highlander
I shoot the Reflex Highlander and I really like the bow. When I am home and looking at catalog and the internet I always waht to upgrade to a new bow...that is until I go out and shoot....mine just shoots real quite and very consistent.

From: Bowboy

Bowboy's Link
You might want to look at the 2009 Hoyt Superhawk and Powerhawk.

From: Redbeard
Thanks again guys. I backed off my LX 5.5 turns and got it to 50 pounds. I did shoot it a couple time just to see if I could but it was s l o w. I think I probably went too far since it is a 60-70# bow. I need to turn it back in to maybe 4.5 turns and see where it is then.

I looked into limbs but Mathews is so busy I wouldn't get them in time for my hunt. My poor planning, no fault of theirs. I may go ahead and get limbs still but it doesn't help me now.

I went to the doc today and he said to go ahead and start shooting but be careful so I'm going to start with my borrowed 45# bow and see if I can work up (by next week) to 50-55 on my backed off LX. I bought some arrows that are properly spined for this lower weight (PSE X weave 200, 29", 7.5gpi) They ought to tighten up my pins at the lower poundage/speed (was using 29" Easton Epic 340). I have just been waiting for this Dr. appt. before I started shooting so nothing is set up yet. I'm hoping I can shoot enough to get the LX ready.

If i don't get new limbs I will probably try to buy a new bow before our Dec./Jan. archery deer season here in AZ so I'll keep your advice in mind. I looked at the Diamond Black Ice today. Of course I couldn't draw it yet but I should be able to test drive some soon.

On a side track...Ironically, my doc crashed on his dirt bike a month ago the day after my last visit and busted his shoulder blade. We had planned to go riding when I was healed up but now we both have to wait. Ha!

From: Hunterson
If you like the Diamond Black Ice, you might consider the Diamond Nitrous. Very similiar, suppossed to be a blend of the Black Ice and Marquis. Just as smooth as the Black Ice, because it is supposed to have the Black Ice cam. I bought one and love it. It is as smooth as they say it is. Only it is much cheaper, than the Black Ice. Under $500 from sportman's wharehouse, $529 at Mountain Archery for the are bow. Check out for details. They can set you up with a nice package for the price of a bare Black Ice. It comes shipped in a hard case, ready to shoot. I was impressed with their service, and their product.

From: Redbeard
Well guys and gals I said I'd get back to you to let you know how my broken collarbone, bow issues, and hunt worked out. In the end I was able to get my old bow down in draw weight enough and get in enough practice and strength with the borrowed 45 pound bow that I didn't have to buy a new one. Although now that I've followed up on all these suggestions I really want a new one.

Here's a loooong story about how my elk hunt played out.

From: MX142
reflex growler great bow for the money i have one and love it

From: Roughstock23
I shoot the Reflex Highlander and love it. Very affordable and dependable. I don't baby my equip and shoot as often as just about anyone and have zero complaints!

From: Scum Frog

I just wished Bear would put out a longer ATA compound bow for us finger shooters.

From: archer
You can't go wrong with a Bear Truth for around $350. Other than that, Martin has the best bows for the $$$$.

From: kellyharris
look into a Martin

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