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Home made tree stand designs



Messages posted to thread:
mb-archer 15-Sep-08
WhisperCreekShooter 15-Sep-08
White Falcon 15-Sep-08
White Falcon 15-Sep-08
White Falcon 15-Sep-08
White Falcon 15-Sep-08
White Falcon 15-Sep-08
XMan 15-Sep-08
AR34 shooter 15-Sep-08
live2hunt88 16-Sep-08
mb-archer 16-Sep-08
Hunterson 16-Sep-08
BigWoods 16-Sep-08
rooster 16-Sep-08
vtbowhunter307 16-Sep-08
Sad Daddy 16-Sep-08
onlybow 16-Sep-08
Still_Learnin' 16-Sep-08
Autumn Oak 16-Sep-08
White Falcon 16-Sep-08
Bearcaller101 16-Sep-08
Owl 17-Sep-08
Hunterson 17-Sep-08
bill brown 17-Sep-08
Bushbow 18-Sep-08
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From: mb-archer Date: 15-Sep-08
Does anyone have a good design they would be willing to share? I can not afford to buy alot of stands so I am looking at getting some home made ones welded and am looking for some designs. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

From: WhisperCreekShooter Date: 15-Sep-08
Get the tree safety harness...then spend the extra money on a set of good light weight climbing sticks (lone wolf or such) and/or pegs. Saddle hunting is great! Chad.

From: White Falcon Date: 15-Sep-08

White Falcon's embedded Photo

From: White Falcon Date: 15-Sep-08

White Falcon's embedded Photo

From: White Falcon Date: 15-Sep-08

White Falcon's embedded Photo

From: White Falcon Date: 15-Sep-08

White Falcon's embedded Photo

From: White Falcon Date: 15-Sep-08

White Falcon's embedded Photo

I mand both of these, one 1/2 conduit and the other 4x4 and plywood.

From: XMan Date: 15-Sep-08
got to agree here with ladder, why build one when you can buy a steel hang on for less than $50. I would rather be in a gorilla than anything I could ever make on my own.

From: SILVERADO Date: 15-Sep-08
you can buy hang on stands at dicks for 35.00. I used to make homemade ladder stands with my dad, now its just not worth it.

From: AR34 shooter Date: 15-Sep-08

 AR34 shooter 's embedded Photo

I built this and one other. 1 1/2" aluminum square tube, deck is 1" round tube and all tig welded. I shot blasted it to rough up the surface to take paint better and to provide traction. The deck is 34"x27", and a 20" seat height. Im replacing the wood seat that screws to the angle bracket. Brian

From: live2hunt88 Date: 16-Sep-08
ladderstand why do you say that? just curious. my grandpa and i have built and hunted out of many wooden stands. we have never had a problem. we only have one left now as my grandpa is getting to old to help me get in the trees and build them so we just hunt metal stands now. but we never had a problem with them.

From: mb-archer Date: 16-Sep-08
I think i might have to take a trip down across the border to the USA to pick up some stands. I have not seen any for less than $100 here in Winnipeg. I was also thinking of making a "wooden ladder stand". Basically a small deck with 2x6 frame and 2x4 deck and 2x4 for the ladder. I have used 1 before and worked great just not as portable as a hang on. Thanks for the comments.

From: Hunterson Date: 16-Sep-08
For the most part, I have given up on trying to duplicate any other type of stand or do any home made type of stuff. I live near a Menards that caries Treestands and climbing sticks in the fall. The smaller treestands are around $35.00 give or take a buck. I also live near a store called Rural King, which has tree stands for around $35. I don't mind the smaller platforms if it means that I can have a couple more setups. I just bought a 20' climbing stick for $45. and a stand for $35 at Rural King. Not a bad deal.

From: BigWoods Date: 16-Sep-08
Man, with the low prices on decent quality hang on stands, I can't believe ANYONE would think of building one to save money! If you want to build one that's bigger and better than you can get on the market (and you have the skills and equipment)then go for it, but don't try to save money by building one.

From: rooster Date: 16-Sep-08
I've built a butt load of stands. Most of mine are the typical hang on variety. Find a design you like a go for it. As mentioned above you can probably buy one cheaper than you can build it. The last ones I built, a friend and I went together on the material we needed ( some we had) and built six stands. I think we made out alright cost wise on that deal. MO

From: vtbowhunter307 Date: 16-Sep-08
I would never use a home made stand. Last year my assistant coach from my legion baseball team fell out of a home made stand when a cable that was attached to the platform broke. He ended up falling to the ground and landed on his rifle scope (gun was slung across his chest). He Punctured a lung and ended up crawling out of the woods with just the use of his arms. As far as a safety belt, he was right in the middle of hooking it to the tree. You can do what you want, but I think I will spend $50-$100 for a TMA approved treestand.

From: Sad Daddy Date: 16-Sep-08
White Falcon, those wooden ones look like the ones from the company named "May Fall Treestands", LOL- they offer "no" guarantee that you won't fall. In seriousness though, I'm sure that you're a fine craftsman and I thought I'd add a little humor.

From: onlybow Date: 16-Sep-08
buy a good stand.........the liability is to great for a man made.

From: Still_Learnin' Date: 16-Sep-08
I know what you mean on expesive stands. I used to try to make my own stands, mostly ladder but a few hang on but gave that up after finding some good cheap stands. Building them turned out to be more expensive and i'm not a very good craftsman. and i could never get one to be light. The stands that i buy now are made by Big Dog and its a hang on called the Beagle. I get them from and they're around $35-$45 and are very light. The seat is thick and fairly comfortable (i've never pulled an all day in any stand so i don't know how that will be). My only complaint is the platform. Its in a tear drop shape and seems small but I don't plan on square dancing on it so i can deal with it for the price.

From: Autumn Oak Date: 16-Sep-08
Dicks sporting goods store had them for 30$ and 16ft sticks for 30$ before the season 9-13-08.

From: White Falcon Date: 16-Sep-08
I think MB-Archer just wanted some ideas :) :) I hunt with trypods and climbers most of the time. If you use wood you need to change it every year and check it real good before you use it.

From: Bearcaller101 Date: 16-Sep-08
I built a climber a few years back, it worked real good except it was heavy, looking back I was a fool for even trying it. I just bought two climbers one for my son and I, and Im sure they were cheaper than the one I built that might be a suiside trap.

From: Owl Date: 17-Sep-08
"buy a good stand.........the liability is to great for a man made. "

- I did not realize The Divine was in the treestand business. :) Just a little humor, I know what you meant, onlybow.

Incidentally, I agree. This is an instance where the industry can provide a better value - even at face - than can be met by backyard fabricators. The only legitimate reason to "build your own" is for the personal satisfaction one would receive in doing so. Then it becomes a risk/ reward proposition.

From: Hunterson Date: 17-Sep-08
I have a nephew who is a first rate welder, and we did build some climbing sticks. The only reason it was cheaper to build them ourselves is because he got the steel for free. We still had to come up with straps for them, paint them, and you also have to consider the time involved in building them. If you are building out of steel and welding, then welding rod and electricity has also to be condidered. If we had to pay much of anything for the steel, we would not have saved much if at all.

From: bill brown Date: 17-Sep-08
Gorilla King Kong is a great stand, very roomy and comfortable. Just checked Bass Pro. About 80 bucks. We also use River's Edge hangons. Again, they are comfortable and moderately priced.

From: Bushbow Date: 18-Sep-08
I must agree with much of what has been said. I am a welder by trade and have access to FREE welding equipment and with the price of steel and my time considered I cannot build tree stands and save money. Back in the day when all good stands cost more than $100.00 I could, and did, but not any more. I will say that for the money you will have a hard time finding better that Gorrila. Strong, solid, quiet and comfortable. All for a very reasonable price. Much less than I could build one for. Keep an eye on the Wally worlds and those type stores - often Gorilla stands go for under $50.00. Pick one up on sale every now and then and pretty soon you have a pile of stands w/o busting the bank. Gorilla come with nylon washers at every joint so they are ready to go but if you go with some other brand(or make your own) get a bag of nylon washers and use them. A stand that seems quiet when practicing in the back yard in 75 degree weather can become a rock concert in 20 degree weather at dusk in the deer woods. Check Sportsmans Guide for good stand deal as well. Like Bows, Guns and knives - a man just cannot have too many treestands!! Bob Urban

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