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Anyone Use a 10+ Year Old Compound Bow?



Messages posted to thread:
Kurt in Memphis 21-Sep-08
Trebarker 21-Sep-08
JERSEY BOB 21-Sep-08
elmer 21-Sep-08
jefff57 21-Sep-08
ahunter55 21-Sep-08
No Bark 21-Sep-08
Carpshooter 21-Sep-08
Still_Learnin' 21-Sep-08
Still_Learnin' 21-Sep-08
Huffskies 22-Sep-08
Hungry Horse 22-Sep-08
Tribe Shark 22-Sep-08
Scum Frog 22-Sep-08
Acoupstick 22-Sep-08
Z Barebow 22-Sep-08
switchback07 22-Sep-08
Straight —» Arrow 22-Sep-08
Hunter29 22-Sep-08
Brian M. 22-Sep-08
bfisherman11 22-Sep-08
goober 22-Sep-08
Coyote 65 22-Sep-08
ldsgeek 22-Sep-08
Trebarker 22-Sep-08
Crusty 22-Sep-08
vinemaplesavage 22-Sep-08
MooseJohnson 22-Sep-08
tonyo6302 22-Sep-08
leftybearfan 22-Sep-08
tjharmon 22-Sep-08
TomS 22-Sep-08
Kurt in Memphis 15-Nov-08
Kurt in Memphis 15-Nov-08
EDS 16-Nov-08
Kirkus 16-Nov-08
fen tiger 16-Nov-08
hewy 16-Nov-08
The Rooster 16-Nov-08
nijimasu 16-Nov-08
Dagwood_55 16-Nov-08
Eagle Eyes 16-Nov-08
racer76j 16-Nov-08
bwlacy 17-Nov-08
tonyo6302 17-Nov-08
FXRScotty 17-Nov-08
Desperado 17-Nov-08
Sage of the Sage 17-Nov-08
masemaamed 17-Nov-08
bugleum 17-Nov-08
guidermd 17-Nov-08
Forager 18-Nov-08
FOBROB 18-Nov-08
Mike the Cheesehead 18-Nov-08
bwhntr 18-Nov-08
surfnturf@work 18-Nov-08
harris611 19-Nov-08
Browtine 19-Nov-08
bmotg 19-Nov-08
Matt2 15-Mar-09
ButchA 15-Mar-09
Rattus 16-Mar-09
CJ Gregory 16-Mar-09
TONTO 16-Mar-09
sandman20 16-Mar-09
Preacher Man 16-Mar-09
Bowcrazy2 16-Mar-09
CurveBow 16-Mar-09
bigdadee 16-Mar-09
JLBSparks 16-Mar-09
whitetailer 16-Mar-09
CHUCK IN PA. 16-Mar-09
Kathi 17-Mar-09
IdahoHunter 17-Mar-09
metro911 17-Mar-09
Razorhead 17-Mar-09
B4LITE 20-Mar-09
Newkirk Jerry 20-Mar-09
huntr4477 21-Mar-09
White Falcon 22-Mar-09
White Falcon 22-Mar-09
White Falcon 22-Mar-09
White Falcon 22-Mar-09
White Falcon 22-Mar-09
hewy 22-Mar-09
gryphthemyth 13-Apr-09
B4LITE 16-Apr-09
12yards 16-Apr-09
DonSchultz 28-May-09
RookieBowhunter09 29-Mar-10
TJS 29-Mar-10
ole thumper 29-Mar-10
Ron 30-Mar-10
guidermd 30-Mar-10
Kurt in Memphis 30-Mar-10
Grunt-N-Gobble 30-Mar-10
Ironbow 30-Mar-10
The Old Sarge 30-Mar-10
Bowbender 30-Mar-10
LH 30-Mar-10
WisBowhunter93 30-Mar-10
BOW-HO 30-Mar-10
B4LITE 30-Mar-10
MtMan 30-Mar-10
jarocki 30-Mar-10
CAMPER 30-Mar-10
nalgi 30-Mar-10
ole thumper 31-Mar-10
bow shot 31-Mar-10
Bones 31-Mar-10
Bones 31-Mar-10
Crusty 31-Mar-10
Bou'bound 31-Mar-10
MuddyBull 31-Mar-10
thesquid 01-Apr-10
Greywolf 01-Apr-10
pdubs 01-Apr-10
Mike the Cheesehead 02-Apr-10
arctichill 02-Apr-10
BigCnyn 02-Apr-10
bugler6 02-Apr-10
Ironbow 02-Apr-10
JDB 03-Apr-10
polar@work 02-Jun-10
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Joe The Teacher 04-Jun-10
Bow Crazy 05-Jun-10
ColoradoScouter 07-Jun-10
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NvaGvUp 16-Jun-10
herdbulll 16-Jun-10
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fuzzy 26-Sep-11
sundowner 26-Sep-11
Kurt in Memphis 26-Sep-11

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From: Kurt in Memphis Date: 21-Sep-08
Just curious who hunts with an old wheel bow? I have a Browning Heat that I bought used in a pawnshop 9 or 10 years ago. I have killed a bunch of deer with it and it just 'fits' me. Every year I ponder buying a new one, but can't seem to justify spending the $$$$$ with my kids, family, etc. Not even sure how old the bow is,but it is 'old' by compound bow standards! Not sure of the let-off---but it is not 80%! It is louder than the newer bows, but it gits-er-done! What about you?


From: Trebarker Date: 21-Sep-08
Been archery hunting since the 80's. I'm currently shooting the 2nd used bow I bought many years ago. Never have been a gadget guy, nor one to have to buy the latest greatest, fastest bow out there. I'm in the same boat as you with kids, family and keeping them clothes and fed, but I suppose being tight with my jingle has a part in it too. If it aint broke, don't fix it is a motto I learned well.

From: JERSEY BOB Date: 21-Sep-08
I have every bow I've ever bought except one that got stolen from me.

I still go out with my Hoyt SuperSlam from 1991 with E-wheels. The draw cycle is great in our winter bow season.

With the old Beman "skinny" carbons I was shooting about 248 fps @ 70# with a Thunderhead 100.

The Beman ICS weighs about the same. The top pin is still a solid 25 yds.

And it's as quiet as you'd want.

From: elmer Date: 21-Sep-08
I've gotten 2 bows in the last 10 years. the one I have now I got 6 years ago. I"m one of the school that thinks, if it works, why change. I am tempted every year by the new bow and am having some shoulder issues so may break down and see how the new bow help that.

From: jefff57 Date: 21-Sep-08
still using the 1988 M-44 Martin Firecat, comfortable, smooth, need to change.

From: ahunter55 Date: 21-Sep-08

ahunter55's embedded Photo

I have 3 Dartons 1 is 18 years old, WH600 55#70# 40% let off-shoot at 70#s (1990 Caribou pic when it was new) I have another WH600 16 years old 50% let off shoot at 60#s & my current single cam Darton going on 5 years old 75% let off & shoot at 60#s.

I also have my original recurve purchased in 1956 that I killed my 1st deer with in 1958 AND a CARROLL (1970s) metal handle take down 60#s that I plan on killing a Deer with this fall. I have taken 38 biggame animals with recurves in the past consisting of Black Bear, Whitetail, Hogs, Mule Deer.

From: No Bark Date: 21-Sep-08
1992 PSE Fireflight Express


no sights

From: Carpshooter Date: 21-Sep-08
I shoot a Hoyt Alphatec[3d speed bow used it at a shoot today]about a 95 model and hunt with a 97 Hoyt Accutec ,my deer slayer bow,both have the carbonic limbs.

From: Still_Learnin' Date: 21-Sep-08
I dont have them anymore, upgraded, but for the first 5 years I had an old Polar Bear and a Jennings. I have no idea how old they were but even the old timers would see them and go "what the !@#$"

From: Still_Learnin' Date: 21-Sep-08
I dont have them anymore, upgraded, but for the first 5 years I had an old Polar Bear and a Jennings. I have no idea how old they were but even the old timers would see them and go "what the !@#$"

From: Huffskies Date: 22-Sep-08
I did until this year... I used a pse polaris until 02 after that I took over my dad's pse mach 4. Those were both over 10 years old. I've also got a golden eagle from the mid 80's that has the wooden limbs on it. Its become sort of a collector's item to me.

From: Hungry Horse Date: 22-Sep-08
I still shoot my 1978 Bear Alaskan, round wheels, 28% let off. Shoots a 2216 XX75 30" shaft 125 gr Thunderhead, at a blazing 176 fps. This old compound still has the arch in archery. I will retire it soon, but until then, my old friend of many hunts will still be my companion. HH in Pa

From: Tribe Shark Date: 22-Sep-08
I still have my old Hoyt Raider that i bought when i was 15. I just put new sights on it and a new stealth hunter rest.It still hits the target hard at 65 pounds.0-30 and im deadly with it.

From: Scum Frog Date: 22-Sep-08
In two years I'll be hunting with a 10 YO compound bow. 2000 Bear Silverback

From: Acoupstick Date: 22-Sep-08
25 year old martin bobcat w/ wooden grip and 50% let-off.

From: Z Barebow Date: 22-Sep-08
Getting there.

2000 Hoyt Aspen

48" A-A. ~9" Brace height.


2315-2317 Arrows tipped w/150 G Snuffers

Springy Rest

They don't make them like this anymore. The newer bows have too short of brace heights for this finger guy.

Just killed my 3rd deer this year on Sat night with it.

A slow hit is better than a fast miss.

From: switchback07 Date: 22-Sep-08
I don't, but my dad does, its about 20 years old. Its a High Country Safari I believe. It kills deer just as dead as my Mathews Switchback....

From: Straight —» Arrow Date: 22-Sep-08
Almost.....I have a 1999 Mathews Conquest. I keep trying to buy a new one...just can't find one that is really any faster or more forgiving. The amount of improvement is just not worht the grand I would part with to setup another one.

From: Hunter29 Date: 22-Sep-08
For the last couple of years I've been shooting a Golden Eagle Evolution that I bought for $40 at a garage sale and I love it. Before that I had been shooting a Hoyt Supreme. Both bows are I believe from the early to mid 90's.

From: Brian M. Date: 22-Sep-08
Until this year, when I switched to a recurve, I had been using the same Hoyt Eclipse for the last 17 yrs or so. 20 deer, 1 gray fox, 1 rabbit, 1 woodchuck later..I gave it to a friend to use.

From: bfisherman11 Date: 22-Sep-08
How old are the strings on your bows? I have a couple compounds and the strings are the only thing I worry about. They look OK and I do wax them.... A new custom string at a bow shop cost a bunch around here... $75 - $125 for new string and cables I think.


From: goober Date: 22-Sep-08
'89 Model PSE Thunderflite. Hits where I point it. If it ain't broke why fix it?????

From: Coyote 65 Date: 22-Sep-08
Oneida Tomcat

From: ldsgeek Date: 22-Sep-08
Mine is at least close. I bought an old Darton Maverick and the dealer said it was originally sold in 1999.

From: Trebarker Date: 22-Sep-08
Just had the string and cables replaced with custom built ones on my old PSE this year bfisherman. I also added a whisker bisquit, new string silencers, new peep, all installed for $80. Much better than spending $400-$1000 for a new bow.

From: Crusty Date: 22-Sep-08
I use a Mathews Q-2 the first one with dampners. It has to be getting close. If it aint broke don't fix it....

From: vinemaplesavage Date: 22-Sep-08
Yes ,

At my age I am now using a Gennings Carbon Extreme the one they first came out whith. It is still doing its job..............Now if I can only do Mine.


From: MooseJohnson Date: 22-Sep-08
1998 Mathews Ultra Max.....just gettin it broken in!

From: tonyo6302 Date: 22-Sep-08
My Bear Whitetail Classic is 16.

Still killing critters with it.


From: leftybearfan Date: 22-Sep-08
My dad's main hunting bow is a early-70s Super Kodiak. until last year his backup was a Jennings Model T (circa 1973 or so). Unfortunately, the top limb broke. His "new" bow is an old Hoyt that he purchased used in 1994.

If it works, don't mess with it.

From: tjharmon Date: 22-Sep-08

tjharmon's embedded Photo

Yep, I have an 80# PSE, XSR, with 80% HL Maxis cams that I hunt with. And a 70# PSE, XSR, with 80% HL Maxis cams for 3-D. Same setups on both bows except for arrows, sights, and poundage. I bought both bows new in 1998, and still drive nails with both.

From: TomS Date: 22-Sep-08

TomS's embedded Photo

1992: 80% let off, tosses a 400 grain arrow at 275fps into little groups:

From: Kurt in Memphis Date: 15-Nov-08
Happy to report the old bow is still performing well! I shot this doe at 7:30 this morning. CE Maxima shaft, 2 blade Magnus Stinger. 20 yard shot, 70 yard recovery. Had a great hunt!


From: Kurt in Memphis Date: 15-Nov-08

Kurt in Memphis's embedded Photo

Happy to report the old bow is still performing well! I shot this doe at 7:30 this morning. CE Maxima shaft, 2 blade Magnus Stinger. 20 yard shot, 70 yard recovery. Had a great hunt!


From: EDS Date: 16-Nov-08
Give me a couple months and I will. '99 Hoyt Aspen with Carbonite limbs. Slick shooting fingers bow. Wish I could find another.

From: Kirkus Date: 16-Nov-08
1992 High Country Sniper with round wheels.

My buddies tease me about having the heaviest bow among us, but it still gets the job done

From: fen tiger Date: 16-Nov-08
How old is a Martin Impala?

From: hewy Date: 16-Nov-08
I have a mathews featherlight that i purchased in '97 still shoots great probably the last bow i buy

From: The Rooster Date: 16-Nov-08
My dad used a Browning Ballistic Mirage circa 1992 until last year when he finally broke down and bought a new bow. The Ballistic Mirage is still an excellent hunting bow. I don't know why he bought a new one...

From: nijimasu Date: 16-Nov-08

nijimasu's embedded Photo

1999 High Country Four Runner- kills stuff dead.

From: Dagwood_55 Date: 16-Nov-08
I have a mid '80's TSS Quadraflex. I don't shoot it anymore, but it is still a good shooting bow. Though it only has about 15% let-off and no back wall. So far as I know, it was the first split limb bow.

From: Eagle Eyes Date: 16-Nov-08
my roommate shoots a PSE Phantom, does anyone know anything about this bow? it shoots fine but it sure looks old hahhaha its got some nice treebark camo wow its a looker

From: racer76j Date: 16-Nov-08
golden eagle predator icw/bottom land camo.with tru glow sights(9.00 at wallmart)wisker biskuit,30"2216 aluminum arows,and plain ole muzzy 125' has the oval cams so with the draw wght set about a little more than hallf way thinking around 58or so i can hold it back for a bout 2 solid mins before i start to shake really bad.good enough let of for me i guess. one of my sons shoots a bear whittail 2 around 50# a freind of mine gave him and the ofther shoots a pse silver back 40#(think its a pse) i bought used. all these bows are respectivly old but get the job done very well setting them up our selves completly we shoot tight groupings at 30 yrds..Besides its not the equipment that makes us better hunters its how we use the equipment that we have.the indians did it just fine with what they had.

From: bwlacy Date: 17-Nov-08
I have a CSS system 1 bow that I bought new in 97. Shot alot of arrows out of that bow and still works great. I also have a Mathews Conquest that is a 97 or 98 not sure. Shoots just like it did when it was new.

For a $1000 for a new bow and rest there isn't really much gain in performance over my old bows and I just can't justify buying one.

From: tonyo6302 Date: 17-Nov-08

tonyo6302's embedded Photo

My last Deer taken on the 3rd of November.

The old Bear Bow will "get r done".


From: FXRScotty Date: 17-Nov-08
Still shooting ny Jennings Uniforce XLR with over draw and 2216 XX75 5" feather fletched arrows. I think I bought it about 15 years ago. new Bowtech Allegiance is on law away though. Scotty.

From: Desperado Date: 17-Nov-08
I only shoot trad anymore (Black Widow recurve) but I wouldn't give up my 4 XI Legend Magnums. They just hang there pleading take us out and let's kill something, but now they only provide memories...albeit sweet ones. Desperado

From: Sage of the Sage Date: 17-Nov-08
Oregon Nitro Express. It's a finger bow. I've killed a pile of deer with it. I've been giving some serious consideration to upgrading this spring, though. I haven't decided definitely yet, though.

From: masemaamed Date: 17-Nov-08
Still shoot a old PSE got it brand new when I was in HS. So its over 10 years

Love it though, Im a finger shooter and there is no way you can shoot fingers comfortably with 99% of the new bows.

I shoot trad too.

From: bugleum Date: 17-Nov-08
tjharmon: if im not mistaken thats a picture of Dan Evans from trophy taker. Just curious why you have that picture saying that you shot it?

From: guidermd Date: 17-Nov-08
i shoot a MOUNTAINEER 3D that is 20 years old this month, and i shoot a mathews ultra maz that is about 9 years old. both still shoot like the day i got them, and once the arrow makes a pass thru, everything else is a mute point. the mountaineer was the first 80% let off bow on the market, and it shoots just as good as it did then, and alot of deer don't like it.

From: Forager Date: 18-Nov-08
Shoot a mid 90's XI silverhawk. Still shoots at least as well as I do, and we get lots of practice together, that bow and I.

From: FOBROB Date: 18-Nov-08
Forager,I used to love my XI's I had two legend mags and my favorite was a Ultra mag 80.

From: Mike the Cheesehead Date: 18-Nov-08

Mike the Cheesehead's embedded Photo

1998 Mathews MQ1, still love it.

This year I did some deer hunting with my 1958 Bear Kodiak Recurve, but haven't killed anything with it yet.

From: bwhntr Date: 18-Nov-08
I have a recurve I made using the riser from an early 90's PSE Marauder....does that count?

From: surfnturf@work Date: 18-Nov-08
92 Darton Xcel still shooting 260s. GTs 5575/Wenzel woodsman BH and FPs hit dead on at 30 yrds. Went to get a new Compound a few yrs ago, left with a new longbow.

From: harris611 Date: 19-Nov-08

harris611's embedded Photo

Got out of hunting for a couple years and grabbed my Golden Eagle 3D out of the closet. Made me feel pretty old to realize that its over 21 years old. My bow is of legal drinking age!

But, nice way to retire it. Looking at a new Matthews Reezen for the fall!

From: Browtine Date: 19-Nov-08

Browtine's embedded Photo

My Hoyt Havoc is getting up there. I just keep putting new strings on every year and update the accessories as new things come out. Its like mainting your truck-just keep changing the oil and put new tires on-for as long as it lasts. It still works!

From: bmotg Date: 19-Nov-08
'83 or 84 Pro-line point blank new wave cr43(8?)

From: Matt2 Date: 15-Mar-09
Hoyt Superslam with ecentrics.

From: ButchA Date: 15-Mar-09
I used to shoot an old PSE Precision Edge 1000C back in the day. Awesome bow, deadly accurate too. I shot Easton XX75 2315's with it.

But then one day, (just a few seasons ago) it happend... It blew up on me! The bow string snapped right at 100% full draw! Thank God I didn't get hurt! All I got was a whip mark around my wrist. But the bow itself was ruined. One of the limb pockets got bent and one of the round wheel cams got messed up a little too. The old PSE 3 pin sights got shattered and the XX75 arrow got bent. Like I said, thank God I didn't get hurt!!

Old bows are still great, but PLEASE... check them out and make sure they are still going strong and have no problems!

From: Rattus Date: 16-Mar-09

Rattus's embedded Photo

1989 Martin Lynx, 50% let-off, 64#. Still kills as dead as anything made. Last time I hunted with it was about 3 years ago, but will likely use it again in the future.

From: CJ Gregory Date: 16-Mar-09
My brother in Kentucky still shoots a Martin Bobcat. He kills deer every year. I think the marketers WANT you to buy a new one as often as they can. If your not killing game with an old one...a new one isn't going to help any. Save your money and buy yourself something cool or something your family actually needs.

From: TONTO Date: 16-Mar-09
Although I mostly hunt with longbows only anymore, I still love that ol High Country Supreme I was given many years ago when I competed for High Country Archery. It has put a lot of trophys on the wall and in the memory. One heck of a bow!!!

From: sandman20 Date: 16-Mar-09
Although I have newer bows, I'm still using my Buckmaster 2000. It's not quite 10 years old but closing in on it. It still shoots better than I do.

From: Preacher Man Date: 16-Mar-09
Just gave my 93-94 year model PSE Fireflight II to my brother in law. Still in good shape.

From: Bowcrazy2 Date: 16-Mar-09
Been shooting a Matthews Legacy for about 6 years, but the old PSE Fireflight I retired before that was my bow for about 15 years. Working backwards, I shot a Jenning Shooting Star, a Bear Polar II and recurve.

From: CurveBow Date: 16-Mar-09
I own a PSE Laser Magnum. I bought that in about 1979 as near as I can recall. 80#, 50% let off, 31" draw length. I shot 2219's with Rothaar Snuffers at 230 grains! Very few arows were not total pass throughs! One Snuffer/arrow combo killed 7 bucks. I don't shoot it anymore, but did kill my largest bow buck with it in 1990. A 130" 9 point. I aoso own a Herters Sitka recurve that I bought from a friend back in the 1960's. 47#, 62". Still have that. Now that I'm into paralell limb bows, it would be ahrd to go back....

BUT, I won't part with them either! :-)


From: bigdadee Date: 16-Mar-09
Hoyt/Easton ProHunter from '84. Shooting at 70#. Beautiful rainbow shooter but so quiet. Always take my second deer of the season with this bow. My first shot is with my more modern Jennings Barracuda from '94 or '95.

From: JLBSparks Date: 16-Mar-09
22(maybe 24) yr. old PSE MagnaFlite Express, still used for turkeys.

From: whitetailer Date: 16-Mar-09

From: CHUCK IN PA. Date: 16-Mar-09

From: Kathi Date: 17-Mar-09
I have two old timers..much like their owner. A '96 High Country Mini Z Force and a '98 Darton, which is my favorite. I've only shot one deer with it. I like archery better than hunting.


From: IdahoHunter Date: 17-Mar-09
I just up graded this year! I was hunting with a 1995or 96 PSE Nova with the stage III cams, it worked fine but I made the mistake of shooting a Bear showdown and bought one, I will say it is much faster and quieter than my PSE but that is what tech. does for ya!!!

From: metro911 Date: 17-Mar-09
istill hunt with a 15 ttear old oneida aero force

From: Razorhead Date: 17-Mar-09
Late 70's Bear Grizzly II, is still my carp bow. Before that I had a Jennings Super T and before that a Bear Polar II. I know a guy that still has one of the original Allen compounds with the D cross-section fiberglass rod style limbs, and about 10% let-off. I know he was still hunting with it about 10 years ago, but not sure where it is at now.

From: B4LITE Date: 20-Mar-09
Matthews Ultra Max, even won some 3Ds with it.

From: Newkirk Jerry Date: 20-Mar-09
Oneida Eagle circa 1983? High Country Brute Force sometime in the nineties.

I do have a 2006 longbow though so I'm not too out of date right?

From: huntr4477 Date: 21-Mar-09
Just dug up the sales receipt for my Golden Eagle Lightspeed. Next month it will be 11 years old.I went out and shot a new Hoyt Alphamax this morning,what an awesome bow!!! Then when I started looking at price tags and told myself "maybe I'll keep the Golden Eagle one more year".After all, I'm not having any problems with it, and it still kills me a lot of deer and bears.And a new bow isn't going to kill them any deader!!!

From: White Falcon Date: 22-Mar-09

White Falcon's embedded Photo

Might sight this one in this year and give it a try. I don't think it has ever been shot!!

From: White Falcon Date: 22-Mar-09

White Falcon's embedded Photo

From: White Falcon Date: 22-Mar-09

White Falcon's embedded Photo

From: White Falcon Date: 22-Mar-09

White Falcon's embedded Photo

From: White Falcon Date: 22-Mar-09

White Falcon's embedded Photo

Bear, What can I say!!

From: hewy Date: 22-Mar-09
i Give up my darton SL1000 in '97 and bought a mathews featherlight. still use it all the time shoots great

From: gryphthemyth Date: 13-Apr-09
I have some old bows that I recently purchased that maybe you guys can give me some info on. I shot a lot in high school and at the time I used a bear compound. Been 15 years and got the itch again. I purchased a Hoyt Provantage Hunter, a Hoyt Reflex Xpress, and for my boy I got him a Darton Falcon. As I said I have been out of the game quite a while and trying to find info on old bows seems to be pretty tough if you don't know where to look. Any info, advice and opinions on these bows would be nice. Thanks guys

From: B4LITE Date: 16-Apr-09
Matthews Ultra Max great light weight bow. Even won some 3D with it last year.

From: 12yards Date: 16-Apr-09
My 10 year old Jennings Promaster is the backup to my backup. I also have a 22 year old PSE Jet Flite Express if I really get desperate.

From: DonSchultz Date: 28-May-09
My backup is a 1996 XI Legend Extreme. I'm very comfortable with it as a hunting bow.

From: RookieBowhunter09 Date: 29-Mar-10
Shooting a used 94 jennings barracuda could shoot just as good as if i spent 500 bucks on a bow. Havent tried it on anything but it seems as if it will get the job done. the pin on there is 7 years old.

From: TJS Date: 29-Mar-10

TJS's embedded Photo

Am shooting a Jennings Quasar, and shooting very well. New string/cables a few years ago. Smooth and accurate. Chronoed once and was told it was 276 fps. I guess that is okay. Shoots well against much newer bows in some 3-D shoots.

From: ole thumper Date: 29-Mar-10
I still have my old Jennings 4wheeler #55 - #70lbs. I brought it new in 1973. It has about 12 percent let-off with a wooden rizer and at the time, they said: that you didn't have to worry about animals jumping the string anymore and deer don't look up, right??? Ha

It weighs about as much my Varmint Rifle with the Bull Barrel!

From: Ron Date: 30-Mar-10
I didn't even knew Tom Jennings built a 4 wheeler. I would love to see that one. I think the old 4 wheelers had about a 35% break over. I still have my old Browning 4 wheeler but never could find out where my old Allens went.

From: guidermd Date: 30-Mar-10
my ultra max is about 10 years old at least, but my mountaineer is about 22 years old. nothing out there kills them any deader than these two bows do. archery is still zero to 30 yards. shot the same 6 wheel bear compound for many years as well, gave it to my buddy so he could learn bowhunting, wish i still had that bow now. i also use a martin warthog compound, wood riser and wood limbs, that was the ticket back in 85.

From: Kurt in Memphis Date: 30-Mar-10
I have to admit that last fall I broke down and bought a brand new PSE Brute. My old Browning was making some noises when I would draw it back and I was afraid it would cost me a deer. It was a great run for 'Old Faithful.'

The new bow shoots great, it very quiet and only cost $379.00. I took my old components off the Browning and put them on the new bow. I did kill two does this season, so I am happy.


From: Grunt-N-Gobble Date: 30-Mar-10
I'm going to shoot 3-D this year with a 1998 Mathews Ultra Max set @ 64-65lbs and a nice, light weight arrow.

From: Ironbow Date: 30-Mar-10

Tom made several 4 wheelers, the Arrowstar being the last one. There was the wood handled one, the "S" metal handle, and I think one more other than the Arrowstar. I had an Arrowstar one time, great shooting bow.

From: The Old Sarge Date: 30-Mar-10
I use a PSE Nova 4 I got back in the mid'90s ... can't remember what year exactly. It's set at 74 lbs and has never let me down.

From: Bowbender Date: 30-Mar-10
Still shooting my Mathews Feathermax I got in 2000. Still killing deer....

From: LH Date: 30-Mar-10
I have a Mathews Q2XL it shoots as good as anything I have shot. It may not be as fast as the newer modles but I have robinhooded arrows at 60 yards with it.LH

From: WisBowhunter93 Date: 30-Mar-10
Grunt-n-gobble, that's what I shoot and really like it compared to some of the newer bows today. Shoots really straight and it it light with 75% let-off.

From: BOW-HO Date: 30-Mar-10
Shooting MQ1 that has to be 10 years old. Still smooth and quiet.

From: B4LITE Date: 30-Mar-10
I shoot a Mathews '98 Ultra max and have compound York age unknown.

From: MtMan Date: 30-Mar-10

MtMan's embedded Photo

1997 Martin Scepter. Still putting them down with it. Hope to fill a few more tags with it.

From: jarocki Date: 30-Mar-10
Been useing an old Bear Black Max, just passed it on to my daughter.

From: CAMPER Date: 30-Mar-10
Alright... She is not 10 rather 7 1/2. But she has taken two falls out of the tree. Hit my sons stand hung in the same tree when I took a shot. PLUS! fell off the roof of the car on a turn doing 40+. BOWTECH Extreme VFT

From: nalgi Date: 30-Mar-10
how about my Browning Safari; It's 43 years old!

From: ole thumper Date: 31-Mar-10
Nalgi Did you put wheels on the Browning? LOL

From: bow shot Date: 31-Mar-10
Mathews MQ1 finally put away with a cracked limb, My guess is very close to 10 years.

My Son is still shooting an early 90s (as I recall) high Country Brute Force, its so old all the logos are on in adhesive tape style.

You should see him drill bulls eyes.

Keep your bow, Kurt. Its 10% bow, 90% shooter.

From: Bones Date: 31-Mar-10
Yes a Hoyt Aspen, Great bow have taken lots of game with it.

From: Bones Date: 31-Mar-10
Yes a Hoyt Aspen, Great bow have taken lots of game with it.

From: Crusty Date: 31-Mar-10
Mathews Q2 -

From: Bou'bound Date: 31-Mar-10
Anyone use a 10 yr old bow?

To shoot with or as a waking stick????? LOL

just kidding i actually occassionally did but probably won't use it any more.

From: MuddyBull Date: 31-Mar-10
Presently shootin a Reflex Tundra I bought the first year it came out ( 2000?). I have always kept a bow for a long time in spite of the only "pre-nup" with my dear wife of 16 years that states " a new bow every year if I want it". Alas, I am getting a Rytera next week. I will retire the Reflex in a place of honor after it faithfully taking 7 Bull ELk, P&Y Whitetail, Shiras Bull Moose, P&Y Antelope and hanging with me in pursuit of Bighorn. Old bows are old friends. MB

From: thesquid Date: 01-Apr-10
Still using an old Jennings Arrow Star, I don't know when I bought it but I have a target hanging in the basement that says - first 300, 1981 - I know I had it at least three years before that, maybe five even. Still use the old baby and she has been good to me.

From: Greywolf Date: 01-Apr-10
I just recently bought a back up 2005 Ultratec for my 1988 Hoyt Proforce 75-90 Fastflight. It's nickname is Ole Faithful for a reason. Killed a lot of animals with that Proforce.

From: pdubs Date: 01-Apr-10
Almost. Shooting a High Country I bought summer of 2001. This past year, killed my biggest ever; 10 point. It still works!

From: Mike the Cheesehead Date: 02-Apr-10

Mike the Cheesehead's embedded Photo

Last year's bull killed with my 1998 Mathews MQ1

From: arctichill Date: 02-Apr-10
This thread really brings back some memories. It's been a long time since I saw an overdraw. I remember when people used to give me a hard time for using an overdraw with my finger release. Now they give me a hard time for using my WB with a finger release. I wonder what the next cause for my ribbing will be?

From: BigCnyn Date: 02-Apr-10
I shoot a 1990s Firecat,, indoors,, wooden recurve limbs still shooting 300s. I also shoot a PSE BEAST.. 2003 I think,, Viper cam single ...

Love all my recurves..

From: bugler6 Date: 02-Apr-10
One of my boys is using a hand-me-down 1998 pse nova v4 set up 28 @ 70. shoots great never had any problems with it.

From: Ironbow Date: 02-Apr-10
I have a 1987 Hoyt Pro Hunter that I still shoot. Killed a truck load of deer with that bow, my first turkey, first bobcat, and biggest coyote. Wish I would have killed a P&Y whitetail with it, I would retire it.

From: JDB Date: 03-Apr-10

JDB's embedded Photo

Ok, here goes.

My NEWEST compound bow is a 1974 Bear White Tail Hunter. It's just a little bit older version of the one White Falcon posted above. I still shoot it for fun from time to time, but I never liked the weight or balance and it's too noisy for me to hunt with.

My hunting compound is a....I think....1973 Bear Black Tail hunter. I say think, because it's been so long ago when I bought it new, I don't really remember. I was living a very different life style then after all. LOL

At any rate, it's only a 50# and 2 pulley bow, but I love this old girl. And as you can tell by the condition of the squirrel, at least at 12-15 yards, she gets er done. And I've knocked down a ton of white tail with the bow since 73.

Anyway, this picture is from season before last on a slow white tail day. A few weeks later I got my new favorite bow. A 1972 Bear Super Kodiak recurve. It's 70#s at my draw and we've already started making some new memories. A freeze full of squirrels, rabbits and deer. ;~)

Heck, I'm gonna whack a turkey with it in a couple days if if get half a chancel LOL


From: polar@work Date: 02-Jun-10
Golden Eagle Evolution,Golden Eagle Revolution,Golden Eagle Predator,Golden Eagle Wildfire,Golden Eagle ZenMaster-I'm currently hunting with,Partial to New York!!!

From: MDW Date: 04-Jun-10
Still my favorite bow to take to the woods is a Darton SL 50 that I bought back in 1980.

From: Joe The Teacher Date: 04-Jun-10
My NEWEST compound bow is a 1974 Bear White Tail Hunter.....-JDB

My wifes cousin shots one that my or my not be a little younger. I bought him a new string for it ($8.00), although he won't change it. I am worried about this. Anyway he takes a nice buck every year. It is not the bow it is the Indian. I bought an Indian a month or so back. Anyone know anything about it?

Enjoyable thread.


From: Bow Crazy Date: 05-Jun-10
I'm surprised by all the Mathews Ultra Maxes out there, I shoot one as well. Great bow! I was going to upgrade but had to upgrade my oldest to a used Mathews Outback instead. Next year?


From: ColoradoScouter Date: 07-Jun-10
I shot my first bull with a 25 year old Whitetail II bow, flipper rest and single pin, which I still use - a single pin that is.


From: GregS Date: 16-Jun-10
I shoot a Browning Ambush-X. Great bow and has classic looks.

From: mkmgbble Date: 16-Jun-10
wish i had my darton SL50 1984 96 BUCKS OFF TE SHELF

From: NvaGvUp Date: 16-Jun-10
I bought a Martin Fury at a silent auction in 1999. I've taken a 160" Dall sheep, a 134" Shiras moose, a 205" Muley, three antelope, two bears, and two bull elk with it (the last one was a 339" 6x8). I've got a NV elk tag this year and that's the bow I'll be using again.

From: herdbulll Date: 16-Jun-10
I also had a Darton SL50 and killed a lot of deer with it.

From: Hillcapper Date: 19-Aug-10
Darton SL50, that brings back some memories! i was shooting a Jennins T-Star around that time. I've heard the average bowhunter buys a new bow every 3 years, unbelievable. Bowhunting has to be one of the most overmarketed, gimicky industries out there. But as a die-hard free market capitalist I realize thats what makes America work. I'm shooting a 2000 CSS Swampmaster. From 1986 to 2000 I shot a Hoyt Gamegetter, 75 lbs and 50% let-off. I've read that the average whitetail bow kill is like 23 yards, so I dont know what all the new gimmick stuff really gets you, at least at that range. With all that said, I am looking at some new bows this year. The marketing is working on me.....

From: whitetailer Date: 20-Aug-10
In the fall issued of the magazine from the Wisconsin Bowhunters Association, there is a guy with a picture of his buck, he was using a 1988 Jennings...... got to love that

From: Catfish Date: 20-Aug-10
I too still have every bow I have ever owned. The first real bow I ever bought new was a 1968 Bear Kodiak Magnum recurve. I shot my first deer with a bow with it, and still hunt with it occasionally. For the last ten years of so I've been hunting primarily with my Oneida Lite Force Magnum. I've taken maybe 30 deer with it. I just simply love the bow and wouldn't trade it for a new anything.

From: Czech Date: 20-Aug-10
Browning Rage 2003 or so, not sure what year. It works for me.

From: ben Date: 01-Sep-10
Clearwater Archery Power Mag

From: okiedad Date: 01-Sep-10
The MQ32 I use now has to be about 10 years old now (got it used from my brother-in-law). It hardly counts as a "vintage" bow, though.

It would sure be interesting to still have that original Bear 4 wheel compound I bought (also used) as a high schooler in 1981. Can't remember the exact name. It looked like a whitetail hunter, but it had a silvery-black body. I had to cover it with camo tape. It was #50, #55 or #60, depending on where you put the brackets on the two inner wheels.

From: Hillcapper Date: 02-Sep-10
Okiedad, if it had laminated limbs, I think it was a Bear LTD compound. I had a friend that had one and if I remember right it was sort of a high end bow. I bet you can find one of ebay if you were serious. I was in a shop recently in SC and he had quite a few old vintage compounds, great to look at, not sure I have any interest in hunting with one anymore though.

From: mike-s Date: 03-Sep-10
1989 Golden Eagle Turbo hunter. golden eagle overdrawl Lyons release Proline cross hair sights Saunders cable roller easton ALuminum Arrows

Heck the kids behind the counter in the bow shop today just stare at it.

wooden recurve limbs were made by craftsmen.

From: slade Date: 03-Sep-10
I mostly shoot trad these days, but I still have and shoot my 1993 Blue Mountain Gray Wolf, but I took off the 3 inch overdraw rest and my 1998 Mathews Conquest.

From: sikahunter Date: 04-Sep-10
ALMOST THERE 2001 Mathews SQ2

From: WVDanimal Date: 04-Sep-10
Get a new one every 10yrs wheter I need it or not. Never had the $$ to get one every year like many people do with bows and trucks. My first keeper was a PSE edge series in 1990. Shot it until 2000, bought a MQ32. Shot that until now, recently got the Monster 6. For the price of new bows any more, I may have to bump it up to a new one every 15 yrs! Seems like the changes in bows were huge from early 90's to 2000 but to be honest, I don't think we've really improved much in the last 10. I can still shoot my little MQ32 right beside the highly praised z7 in the pro shop and can't see enough difference to justify a nearly $400 price increase between the 2.

From: SERBIANSHARK Date: 04-Sep-10
LOL...You guys all remind me of a friend of mine who also happens to be here on Bowsite....SHAMROCK.

He came to my home and had a Mathews Signature bow he was shooting. He thought the same thing..."my bows just fine". Until he shot my Mathews SWXT that is. He then went to the shop and bought a Mathews DXT, and lets just say this....he couldn't believe the difference in the bows once the new bow was all set up with all the bells and whistles.

His groups now not only shrunk by a lot...but he now doesn't limit his shooting to 20-30 yards at best. He's practicing at 80-100 yards and 20-30 yard shots are killing the aroows he just shot!!!

Don't knock the newer bows of today. They are certainly much better then the bows of just ten years ago.

From: okiedad Date: 05-Sep-10

Thanks-you were right! I looked on ebay and found one. It was actually called the Polar Bear LTD. Not going to buy it, but it sure brought back memories looking at the pictures...

From: 20 ft up Date: 05-Sep-10
Just gave my PSE Durango a shop tune up. This'll be year 10.

From: YeOlBoHunter Date: 06-Sep-10
Yep....and it's an upgrade. LOL

Cant shoot my old Super Ks anymore. Just flat too old (or just falling apart) bad hand, bad shoulder, bad back.....yish.

Picked up one of Parker's first bows on flea bay that Parker said was made in 97.

Dang near NEW! lol

Aint how fast they are going that kills.

I shot a last year's issue thanks...I like to see my arrows FLY, tyvm. Fast, quiet, easy to shoot...yep, yep , yep..for me? NOPE.

Even with 625 grain arrows it was "too fast for me". Sounds odd to the speed demon lovers but no thanks. Just not my cup of tea.

I shoot barebow so trajectory isnt an issue for me at ranges I SHOOT. Once I get a bit of practice in....I dont notice a bit of difference but I CAN see the arrows fly AND hit.

Just part of the equation needed for me is all. No offense to any that need the speed.

God Bless

From: cymru_archer Date: 22-Oct-10
I'm still shooting a Darton from 1980 that was marketed for Western Archery under the label - Pioneer II #2700. I think it's a great bow, but I feel like I'm caught in the twilight zone. I'm not traditional and not hi-tec. The bow has shot cedar, aluminum, graphlex, and now carbon.

From: Paul @ the fort Date: 23-Oct-10

Paul @ the fort's embedded Photo

Killed eight Colorado big game species with my old Oregon Dechutes bow I purchased in 1989. Retired her just three years ago so she was at my side for 16 years. She still is my number one back up bow.

From: Fitzdogg Date: 23-Oct-10
I'm using an older PSE thunderbolt. Bought it used in mint shape 5 years ago. I know it's probably a mid to late 90's bow. Shoots great and I'm comfortable so that's all that matters

From: Scotty C Date: 27-Oct-10
Best bow I ever owned was a Mathews Feather Max. I could really save alot of money if I still had that bow!! Since then I have owned the LX, The Outback, Ross cr34, the Cardiac, The DXT and finally the last two years a Hoyt Alpha Max 35... By far the best of that group is the Aplpha Max.. See you in ten years hopefully lol!!

From: travis@work Date: 27-Oct-10
I still use a PSE mach 8 I bought used over 12 years ago I would guess...maybe older..I freak`n love it..

From: Foodplot Date: 27-Oct-10

From: proline Date: 27-Oct-10
I still use a Proline New Wave Point Blank I bought new around 15 years ago. I've replaced the limbs once, but I still like that bow.

From: izatt82 Date: 26-Sep-11
I shoot a jennings with recurve limbs got it in 2000. still shoots very well. a little heavy pull but i am a bigger guy with long arms so i get good speed out of it. 31" pull

From: Roger J Date: 26-Sep-11
Almost - Math Legacy, I think came out in 2002? I'm getting close anyway. I've shot some of the newer bows in the last few years and they are light years apart. My Legacy chonographs at 232fps with a 450g hunting rig. 290fps was typical with a few of the newer gadgets I tried. I really want one but have opted to keep it inside 30 yards with what i've got. Kids gotta have a college fund I guess.

From: Saxton Date: 26-Sep-11
The Legacy was smacken the deer in 2002; so why would they not now? The deer have not changed.

From: NvaGvUp Date: 26-Sep-11
I bought a Martin Fury in 1999 and still use it with great results.

From: Fitzdogg Date: 26-Sep-11
Still Rockin' the old pse thunderbolt,still kills $hit

From: fuzzy Date: 26-Sep-11

fuzzy's embedded Photo

I hunt with an 18 year old Compound that I repaired 14 years ago (by bolting on a set of recurve limbs and adding a flemish string) it's a much better bow now than before :-)

From: sundowner Date: 26-Sep-11
1999 Matthews Conquest Lite. Fast, accurate, and 41" ATA. Crazy long by today's standards, but kills stuff every year.

From: Kurt in Memphis Date: 26-Sep-11
Fuzzy, the question was "who hunts with a 10+ year old compound bow?" Not, "Who uses a 10 year old camera and 20 year old camo!?!"

Just kidding, nice deer, btw!

I retired my old bow for a PSE Brute and am very happy with it.

Good luck to all of you this season.


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