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Messages posted to thread:
BowNewB 26-Sep-08
Apex Predator 26-Sep-08
BowNewB 26-Sep-08
BowNewB 26-Sep-08
BowNewB 27-Sep-08
The Rooster 27-Sep-08
Robin Hood 27-Sep-08
NYSupersportsman 27-Sep-08
camampure 27-Sep-08
BowNewB 28-Sep-08
Stealth 28-Sep-08
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From: BowNewB Date: 26-Sep-08
I am looking for an inexpensive good shooting compound bow... they have a good deal at the local sporting goods store here on the fred bear pursuit $149.00 new... is it a good deal? stay away from? I will be using my traditional bow more than this bow.. just curious if its a good starting point

From: Apex Predator Date: 26-Sep-08
Stay away from the bright light!!! Starting point for what?

From: BowNewB Date: 26-Sep-08
hunting, not target shooting or anything. I use my traditional recurve for target... and now hunting this year....not planning on trickin it out with a ton of stuff just a quiver and maybe a sight and arrow rest but thats about it...

From: BowNewB Date: 26-Sep-08
anyone? lol

From: BowNewB Date: 27-Sep-08
back to the top, any help would be appreciated

From: The Rooster Date: 27-Sep-08
If you're just hunting deer, it should be fine. You don't need a $700 bow for deer. My dad took his deer with a "buckmasters" bow he bought at wal mart for $200 last year. Even todays cheapest bows far surpass the speed and accuracy of early compound bows which killed countless deer.

In summary, I say go for it. You'll do just fine with that bow.

From: Robin Hood Date: 27-Sep-08
Not sure on the Pursuit, but I know a couple of guys who have Fred Bears and they like em.

From: NYSupersportsman Date: 27-Sep-08
As long as it is set up right for ya (draw length, peepsight etc.) and you are shooting well then go for it.

From: camampure Date: 27-Sep-08
I bought one on sale for 99.00 bucks and put the smackdown on a doe opening morning!

From: BowNewB Date: 28-Sep-08
thanks guys any negatives about the bow?

From: Stealth Date: 28-Sep-08
Iused a Bear Pursuit bow for 5 years. Iused it for deer, hogs, turkey, small game and just about everything you can legally huntfor with a bow.

The bow is fast, acurate and quiet. It is not as smooth drawing or shock free as my mathews but it certainly gets the job done.

using a 380 grn arrow I got 270 fps @ 70lbs with a 28" draw legnth. The Pursuit will get it done.


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Subject: RE: FRED BEAR PURSUIT Opinions Please

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