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Blood Glow, Tinks or Blue Star??



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woodsy 02-Oct-08
dustyvarmint 02-Oct-08
BowSniper 02-Oct-08
jfish 02-Oct-08
Rock 02-Oct-08
dustyvarmint 02-Oct-08
Africanbowhunter 02-Oct-08
Africanbowhunter 02-Oct-08

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From: woodsy Date: 02-Oct-08
Who out there has used some kind of blood glow? Does it work? Did it help you find your deer? Is there a difference between the stuff that Tinks puts out versus the product called Blue Star?



From: dustyvarmint Date: 02-Oct-08

I haven't used Blue Star, but check out the most recent podcast from (the Colorado muley trip). The host seems to be an every day, ordinary guy and had good luck with Blue Star on a recent CO hunt.

I looked at it, but felt it might be a little bit pricey.


From: BowSniper Date: 02-Oct-08
I tried the Blue Star spray, and technically it works. But the problem is that it works so well that it is totally useless !!

I was tracking a tough blood trail one night, and broke out the emergency supply of Blue Start to try. You drop a couple special tablets into water in the squirt bottle. Then you shut out your lights and spray the stuff on the ground. And sure enough there was a thin trail of luminescent spots that we were able to follow. It seemed amazing! But the trail never got better or worse. Just a tiny trail of luminescent spots that you could easily follow.

But after a while tracking this way, I got a bad feeling that this might be too good to be true. So I took the spray and sent it in a few different directions from the same spot... AND EVERY DIRECTION had the same kind of luminescent trail. Even straight up the side of a tree! This stuff reacts with biologicals in such a way that it lights up tiny specs "everywhere" in the forest. So wherever you spray it you get a trail in the dark. Works so good its useless. Found every bit of microscopic spider crap and bug juice in the forest, but never found the deer.

Might be great indoors. Who kows. But in the woods there are a million things it detects other than just blood.

From: jfish Date: 02-Oct-08
I was worried that would be the case. If it is like Luminol which is what the CSI folks use it reacts to protein. I figured everything from snail slim to spider poo might set this stuff off. Darn it!!

From: Rock Date: 02-Oct-08
Peroxide is the best thing I have ever tried, it will foam or bubble when it come in contact with Blood.

From: dustyvarmint Date: 02-Oct-08
BowSniper, that is great info! Thanks, dv

From: Africanbowhunter Date: 02-Oct-08

Africanbowhunter's Supporting Link

Tinks sells 995 of Tinks Starlight Bloodhound to the FBI & Law enforcement agencies

It Works

But you have to swirl it not shake it and when you spray you have to turn off all the lights

It Works

Tink Nathan

From: Africanbowhunter Date: 02-Oct-08

Africanbowhunter's Supporting Link

Suppposed to ahve said Tinks sells 99% of Tinjks Starlight Bloodhound to the FBI and Law Enforcement depts.

it works.

Tink Nathan

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Subject: RE: Blood Glow, Tinks or Blue Star??

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