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Best socks for cold weather stand?



Messages posted to thread:
mavrick 22-Oct-08
bill brown 22-Oct-08
Kevin Dill 22-Oct-08
wannabe 22-Oct-08
LongbowBob 23-Oct-08
Woodman@work 23-Oct-08
BMN 23-Oct-08
sheepaddict 23-Oct-08
Steelj 23-Oct-08
glacier 23-Oct-08
KW 23-Oct-08
pykiller 23-Oct-08
Two Feathers 23-Oct-08
Bear Track 23-Oct-08

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From: mavrick Date: 22-Oct-08
What have you folks found to be the best sock or sock combination for cold weather stand hunting? Do you use a base layer and then a heavier sock over it? I typically have a pretty good walk from the truck to the stand in the morning which gets my feet sweating. What brands and where to find them?

From: bill brown Date: 22-Oct-08
Wicking layer and wool outer. I like to have some silver in the wicking layer to kill bacteria. Many good socks on the market. I use the ones that have a little pocket for foot warmers. These things are fabulous, but take spares because they are pretty erratic in terms of how long they last.

From: Kevin Dill Date: 22-Oct-08
For really cold weather: A medium-light all wool or blended sock followed by a pair of Cabela's Ultimax Extreme Cold Weather Socks...calf high. I use this combo for ice fishing (and good pac boots) and my feet stay in great shape. Dry feet = warm feet.


From: wannabe Date: 22-Oct-08
Good advice so far....

Those boot dryers are worth their weight in gold!

From: LongbowBob Date: 23-Oct-08
I picked up some Alpaca socks the last time I was in Maine. They are what mountain climbers use. I've tried them, albiet not in deep cold, and they seem to work great.


From: Woodman@work Date: 23-Oct-08
Combination of Kevin and Edge's advice. I wear thin all-wool socks out to the stand and then put on my heavy socks. Otherwise, my feet get hot and sweaty on the way to the stand and slowly freeze while on stand.

My thin wool socks are plain old dress socks and I've got too many random pairs of heavy socks to recommend a certain brand. I have a pair of medium-weight Cabela's Ultimax socks and they are awesome in warm weather. I don't notice any foot sweat even while wearing knee-high rubber boots. Haven't worn them in cold weather yet.

From: BMN Date: 23-Oct-08
Spray your feet with antiperspirant before putting on your socks. Agree, dry feet are warm feet.

From: sheepaddict Date: 23-Oct-08
What I do in Saskatchhewan is I walk in with normal boots. Then I have boot blankets. I take off my normal boots. Put on the boot blankets and put in a couple hand warmers in the boot blankets. No matter how cold, my feet feel like I am watching tv in my recliner.

From: Steelj Date: 23-Oct-08
I use boot blankets too, a little differently. I walk in wearing the same rubber Lacrosse boots I wear when it's warm, with just a single pair of wool or polypropylene socks. Then put the boot blankets on over everything else. Boot blankets are big, but extremely light and easy to pack in.

From: glacier Date: 23-Oct-08
To answer your question directly, I like the heavyweight smarwools, and I make sure they are not tight. I actually carry a second pair of socks and change into them when I get to the stand. If I have a really long hike, I actually carry my warm boots and hike in some lighter ones..

I assume you are asking becuse you have problems with cold feet. I'll throw some suggestions out and you can see if any of them are helpful.

Things that cause cold feet:

-Lack of insulation - It is easy to fix this. Just buy warmer boots or wear thicker socks. Most of the time, though, insulation is not the problem when people have chronically cold feet

-Wet feet (even slightly damp from sweating) - another easy fix for stand hunting. Wear things that wick moisture, and in my case I actually carry a second pair of socks to put on after I get to my stand (take the damp ones off, put fresh, dry socks on). Also, wearing things that are too warm can cause sweaty feet and you end up with cold feet. I have heard of some people that will even spray anti-perspirant on their feet to keep them from sweating. Last, and I can't stress this enough: AVOID COTTON SOCKS! Wool or wicking synthetics only!

-Lack of circulation - This can be harder to fix, depending on what is causing it. First things first, stop smoking and chewing since nicotine causes the blood vessels to constrict. Second, make sure your socks, boots and clothing are not tight. I even loosen my bootlaces if I am on stand for any period of time. Along with the extra socks, consider carrying your warm boots and wearing some lighter hiking shoes if you have a long, tough hike to get to your stands. I'll tell a story about a friend to illustrate what happens when things are too tight.... this friend always complained about cold feet. He kept buying warmer boots and wearing more socks, but still had cold feet. He wound up with some boots rated to -100 degrees and was wearing three pairs of wool socks inside them, and his feet were colder than ever. We finally convinced him to get a half size bigger boot and wear only one pair of socks and to loosen his laces when he got to the stand, and his problem miraculously went away!

-The rest of your body is cold - When your body starts to get cold, it directs circulation to the core, and away from the extremeties. So keeping your body warmer might make your feet warmer. Wear a good, warm head cover. I really like a neck gaiter or silk scarf to keep my little red neck warm. The biggest improvement I made was when I quit wearing cotton t-shirts and underwear. Nothing chills you faster than slightly damp underwear from sweating on the hike in. Get some synthetic undershirts and underwear!

From: KW Date: 23-Oct-08
I had a hunting buddy tell me 30 years ago,the best thing you can do to keep your feet from getting cold is to washed your feet before you go hunting. Your feet sweat while you sleep. He was right, hope this helps.

From: pykiller Date: 23-Oct-08
I wear the same socks i wear skiing. Walmart low cut socks. They do not cut off your circulation thus increasing the tempature via the movement of warm blood. I have hunting - degree weather and been fine with this. I wear a 1,000 grain thinsulate boot.

From: Two Feathers Date: 23-Oct-08
I like two pair of heavy socks with a chemical toe heater between the pairs. Or a light pair and a heavy pair with a chemical toe heater between the pairs.

From: Bear Track Date: 23-Oct-08

Bear Track's Supporting Link

Here's one I can answer too.

When I was 11 I froze my feet and almost lost them. Today to hunt or fish in 20-30 below, this is what I HAVE to do with these sweaty feet....

First layer is polypropoline with baking powder poured in. About 3 tablespoons full shoud do. then 2 layers of pure knitted wool socks, then felt pack boots with that wafer insole under the felts inside. And do not tie your boots on tight.

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Subject: RE: Best socks for cold weather stand?

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