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Any Cabela's Employees here?



Messages posted to thread:
JERSEY BOB 05-Nov-08
john ryan 05-Nov-08
lareva 05-Nov-08
Frankie 2 Times 06-Nov-08
Bush Pilot 06-Nov-08
breid 06-Nov-08
Hunts_with_stick 06-Nov-08
JERSEY BOB 06-Nov-08
Northwoods 06-Nov-08
Deerman1 06-Nov-08
Hunts_with_stick 07-Nov-08
jb@work 07-Nov-08
Ty 07-Nov-08
breid 07-Nov-08
Calhoun 07-Nov-08

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71# Morrison ILF Max 1 limbs.
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VPA Non-Vented Broadhead Flight
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From: JERSEY BOB Date: 05-Nov-08
If you don't mind, can you tell me what the employee discount is? I just got a Cabelas Visa invitation to a Christmas sale at "employee discount prices" and I'm wondering if it's worth the drive.


From: john ryan Date: 05-Nov-08
I'm not an employee, but I'll bet that it's 10% off sale prices to the public. I had a friend that was a Wal-mart employee, and he said that employee discounts usually run around 10%. Don't know how far you have to drive, or what you want to spend, but 10% doesn't excite me at all, and I'm a loyal Cabela's customer. JR

From: lareva Date: 05-Nov-08
Since this a Cabela discussion, why is it that you can purchase Predator Camo at the store but can't from the catalog? lareva

From: Frankie 2 Times Date: 06-Nov-08
I've had and used these promotions inthe past. I have a buddy that works at Cabelas and forwards them from time to time. The discount varies. Its not a straight percentage. Its a percentage over cost. The best deals are on Cabelas brand clothing. I used the discount to purchase some micro-tex lite items. I think the discount got me abut 25% off.

Some of the other items were only about 5%, so those items were much of a deal. But if you were planning on buying it anyway, every little bit helps.

From: Bush Pilot Date: 06-Nov-08
it very's from 5% to a high as 10%.I used to work for the competition.Gus,bow,optics were at 5%.All other items were at 10%.

From: breid Date: 06-Nov-08
My wife works there. Like someone said earlier, it varies with each item. The Cabela's brand is the best. If you are looking at expensive items, you won't get much off. The lower priced items they get a better mark up on. That's where they make their money. Still, any little bit helps.

From: Hunts_with_stick Date: 06-Nov-08
what about guns? I got an invite too

From: JERSEY BOB Date: 06-Nov-08
So it's probably not worth a 2 hr drive each way to get 5% off on a pair of Swarovski binos. I can mail order 'em cheaper, after I figure gas.

From: Northwoods Date: 06-Nov-08
I have participated in a "employee price" deal at Cabelas. The discount is up to 40% on Cabelas brand gear. Optics and guns have little or no discount available. If you do go, you can ask an employee and they can run the item in their computers and tell you the discount available before you buy.

From: Deerman1 Date: 06-Nov-08
Been reduced to 25% on Cabelas brand merchandise. Otherwise Northwoods post above is spot on

From: Hunts_with_stick Date: 07-Nov-08
Thanks everyone for the info. I was planning on going until I read this thread

From: jb@work Date: 07-Nov-08
I spoke with an employee last year and they mentioned at the stores you get 25% off non-Cableas branded items and 40% of Cableas items.

From: Ty Date: 07-Nov-08
I worked there about 5 years ago. You got about 0-5% off of guns and optics,about 20% off of most archery stuff, and up to 40% off of clothing and footwear. The highest dicount would be on Cabela's brand stuff. Each item was differant, it all depended on the margin of mark-up. We would have to look up each and every item to know what our disscount was going to be. Unless you were bying a couple grand in stuff, it was a better deal to just wait for a club card weekend and get the $150 off a $500 purchase. They didn't let employees use those discounts even if they had the card so it was not worth making $8.19 per hour for the discount.

From: breid Date: 07-Nov-08
My wife said that the invite deal is different than their normal % off. Ask whoever invited you what the % off will be. Or call the store and ask them.

From: Calhoun Date: 07-Nov-08
If you look at Ty's post above he is right on as the items he mentioned are the lowest to highest markup items on the to pseak. Even at those discounts, Cabelas is still making money.

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Subject: RE: Any Cabela's Employees here?

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