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Anyone dry out their deer feet??



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hunter722 11-Nov-08
soldier,bowman 11-Nov-08
soldier,bowman 11-Nov-08
Skip 11-Nov-08
Skip 11-Nov-08
Skip 11-Nov-08
Skip 12-Nov-08
steve 13-Nov-08
steve 13-Nov-08

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From: SILVERADO Date: 11-Nov-08
I would like to make a bow holder out of the feet of my last buck, anyine know the proper way to do this?

From: hunter722 Date: 11-Nov-08
bend them how you want them, and put them on a bed of granular salt and then cover them up in salt. the more salt, the better. salt them for a good month or two, and they will be just fine. ive done many this way, and it really works good. it helps to turn them over every once in a while and change out the salt.

From: soldier,bowman Date: 11-Nov-08
tHE ( CORRECT WAY ) IS TO SKIN THEM OUT AND TAN THE SKIN AND THEN GLUE THEM OVER THE DEERFOOT FORM MADE FOR THAT PORUSE. hOWEVER IF YOU LEAVE THEM A LITTLE LONG DUE TO THE SKIN PULLING UP A LITTLE. wIRE THEM INTO POSISTION AND LET DRY FOR A COUPLE MONTHS.tHE BONE MARROW INSIDE THE BONE WILL TURN TO MUSH AND NEEDS TO BE DUG OUT. i USED THE HEAD OF A 8 PENNY NAIL.Match them up to a plaque of some sort and the screw goes through the plaque into the bone. Put a little epoxy sculpt or bondo into the bone before you run the srew into them ,then let set up. Mine was made in the 80,s and are still fine but My DAD tought me to do it this way and I still have mule deer feet he did in 52.

From: soldier,bowman Date: 11-Nov-08
sorry for all caps, the key stuck on me.

From: Skip Date: 11-Nov-08

Skip's embedded Photo

I dry most of the feet from the deer I shoot- I have gunracks almost 20 years old. I alos have shoe boxes of dried hooves waiting for a project. Mty technique: I take a rubber band, or some string and tie the hoof at a 90 deg angle to the leg. I then thow it into the basement refridgerator for a couple months (don't try this with the kitchen reefer if you're married). The refridgerator dries the soft tissue (dessicate) while preventing spoilage. I take the leg out, salt the cut end liberally, or salt it with borax. When I'm ready, I drill out the marrow space using a large bit (size depends on the size of the bone)then fill the space with salt or borax for a week or so. Clean out the salt, and epoxy a length of all thread in the clean, rounded marrow space. the leg/hoof can then be attached to a countersunk base board with an appropriate washer/nut. (the all thread can be cut with a dremel tool or hacksaw to length). Since the direction of the hair is away from the board, there is a small area next to the board that doesn't look great- so I dress that area with a short length of three strand line (rope for the landlubers and pollywogs)of a proportionate diameter placed around the leg and glued to the board. If you want to get fancy, you could tie a turk's head knot at the same place, or you could make a wooden rosette (cut a circular piece of solid wood. Cut an oval out of the middle to match the oval size and shape of the leg. Shape and sand and stain as you want...You can also polish and shine the hooves if you want. Good for gun racks, coat racks, back scratchers (small deer), lamp bases, cane handles...

From: Skip Date: 11-Nov-08

Skip's embedded Photo

From: Skip Date: 11-Nov-08

Skip's embedded Photo

Pics show with 3 strand line, plain, and wood rosette- and dust...

From: SILVERADO Date: 12-Nov-08
Currently I have them tied, like you stated but in a zip lock bag in the freezer, would that work???

From: Skip Date: 12-Nov-08
The freezer doesn't dehydrate- esp in a ziploc. The moisture freezes and stays there-When it thaws, there will still be moisture which allows decomposition. Maybe in the freezer unwrapped would work, I haven't tried it- but the refridgerator works faster.

From: steve Date: 13-Nov-08
So there in the frezzer !!!! You told me you thru out them stinky things .


PS you thought I would not find them !!!!!!!!

From: steve Date: 13-Nov-08

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Subject: RE: Anyone dry out their deer feet??

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