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best broadhead target?
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LIBuck 20-Nov-08
Joebowhunter 20-Nov-08
hunterdad 20-Nov-08
wyobullshooter 20-Nov-08
Holger Danske 20-Nov-08
Maverick10 20-Nov-08
J.E. Travis 20-Nov-08
CAS_HNTR@UC 20-Nov-08
beau 20-Nov-08
wtailchaser2 20-Nov-08
HuntinHabit 20-Nov-08
vtbowhunter307 20-Nov-08
x-man 20-Nov-08
Mason1 20-Nov-08
Baggr01 20-Nov-08
FXRScotty 20-Nov-08
Maverick10 21-Nov-08
zachbow 21-Nov-08
Holger Danske 21-Nov-08
fen tiger 21-Nov-08
x-man 21-Nov-08
Maverick10 21-Nov-08
Dooner 21-Nov-08
Pat Bischoff 21-Nov-08
Mike Sohm/Magnus 21-Nov-08
BTM 21-Nov-08
Bush Pilot 21-Nov-08
Bou'bound 22-Nov-08
x-man 22-Nov-08
MeanV2 22-Nov-08
Maverick10 22-Nov-08
fen tiger 22-Nov-08
tonyo6302 22-Nov-08
5 shot 23-Nov-08
gopher707 23-Nov-08
x-man 27-Nov-08
leftybearfan 27-Nov-08
ITapeIt 28-Nov-08
badjuju 28-Nov-08
trophyhilll 05-Dec-08
Bearcaller101 05-Dec-08
fen tiger 05-Dec-08
Gobblestopper 05-Dec-08
Will 05-Dec-08
Bowfreak 05-Dec-08
DevilFan 05-Dec-08
>>>---WW----> 05-Dec-08
Canuck 06-Dec-08
Mike Sohm/Magnus 06-Dec-08
mrelite 11-Dec-08
wahyeh 11-Dec-08
From: LIBuck
so i bot my first broadhead target a while back... a cheap one ($30 or so)from Dick's sporting goods... within a few days i was getting pass throughs which obviosuly defeats the purpose of the target...

any suggestions? this could prove to be an expensive part of the sport...

From: Joebowhunter
I replaced mine again this year with a Rhinehart 18-1 and am very happy with it. Comes with a guarantee too. It was more than I was hoping to pay but I can see it will outlast my other targets by at least 3 times. Joe

From: hunterdad
The Yellow Jacket is an excellent "broadhead only" target for about $50

2nd the Yellow jacket, although the Rhinehart looks like it would be a great target also.

+1 on the 18-in-1. Awesome for BH's & FP's.

Only problem I've had w/ it is that it's a bit smaller than the cube-shaped targets, so when you start to BH tune, start close.

From: Maverick10
Look at the reviews on Cabela's:

Morrell: 6-shooter 2.4 out of 5 Yellow Jacket 3.3 out of 5

The Cube 3.1 out of 5

BLOCK 4x4 4.2 out of 5

BLOCK 4x4 certainly got the highest review from Cabela's customers. I know I love mine

From: J.E. Travis
Neverwear...mine is 8 years old and still stops 'em without a passthrough.

Of course I think Katrina put them out of business. Too bad for you guys....I do have another one IF this one ever dies.

18-1 target....make sure your inserts are glued in well though when you first start shooting it though, I had a couple pull out in the target as it pulls pretty hard to start with.

Eventually you would wear it out with BH's, but it would take a long time and a TON of shots. Don't think FP's would every wear it out.

From: beau
does anybody here use the McKenzie ShotBlockerâ„¢ Utility Target? it actually has a 4.3 rating on cabelas (only 3 ratings though). any experiences good or bad?

From: wtailchaser2
Definetly not the any of the block targets or glendel targets if youre looking for a long lasting target go with a rinehardt or mckenzie yellow jackets are good also.Too many blocks gone threw ina summer withnone left for the archery season.

From: HuntinHabit
My buddy and I bought targets at the same time a couple years ago, and we shoot together 90% of the time. My Yellow Jacket is pretty well worn through, but his Block 4X4 is still in great shape. I'd say it's a better target, but at over twice the cost, I can get a new one and still be ahead. 6 to one, half a dozen for the other.

My next target will be a Rhinehart though.

18-1, enough said.

From: x-man
Best store-bought would be the Rhinheart 18-1

Best home-made is a sand pile.

Second best store-bought is the Morrell YellowJacket BH

Absolute worst store-bought is The Black Hole.

Worst "value" is The Block ( lasts about the same as the Y.J. but is three times the cost for the same size)

From: Mason1
Look for anything that says "Multi Layer Density." The layered foam can't compare! I've shot at least 100 shots at the middle target painted on the front and absolutely no passthroughs or problems.

From: Baggr01
I've tried several; The Block, Morrell YellowJacket, Rhinheart 18-1 and another that I can't remember the name. In my opinion, the 18-1 is the best by far.

From: FXRScotty
been using the yellow jacket all season and seems to be holding up pretty well.

From: Maverick10

Have you owned and shot all these yourself?

From: zachbow
I have been shooting my 18-1 for 3 years now. It is still in pretty good shape I will probably get another year or 2 out of it. That is well worth the 90 bucks.

"Absolute worst store-bought is The Black Hole. "

+1. good value for FPs... nice & light and I like all the different spots to shoot at, but BH's tear the crap out of it.

From: fen tiger
x-man please. What depth of sand needed 230-260 fps for 450-550 gn arrows, in a box. I have not tried the Rhineheart but have "pruned veggies and shrubs or left foam bits and slivers in the garden with several expensive others!

From: x-man

Yes I have shot all of these, and tried to sell all of them as well. We all realise you are employed by Field Logic and must defend your company, but anyone and everyone who has shot BH's into a Black Hole or any other layered target knows just how poorly they hold up.

As for the sand... just pile it on the ground. It makes it's own backstop. Your arrows won't go through more than 14" - 18" of sand. As long as there aren't any large stones in it, you won't damage the BH's either(other than needing to re-sharpen them).

From: Maverick10

Again, you have no clue on what you are talking about. I am not employed by Field Logic. And by the way, did I defend them by just throwing out my opinion or making things up? NO,I simply stated FACTS about the reviews on Cabela's website.

If you have shot into them all and tried to sell them am I to assume you own a archery shop and if you do what is it called.

From: Dooner
I have been shooting into a 3-sided box filled with sand for close to ten years. So far the sand looks as good as new. It will most likely out last me.

Over that time, with regular shooting habits, I have likely saved ~$3,000 on conventonal targets. My vote is for sand.

My friends and I have been shooting the same 18 sided Rinehart and it still is in good shape.I will buy one of their broadhead deer targets next year.

the mckenzie shot blocker is a GREAT BROADHEAD TARGET. it held up extremely well on our bullhead broadheads, plus the folks at delta are great people. thanx

From: BTM
My CUBE has taken thousands of BH hits and has many more thousands left in it.

From: Bush Pilot
18-1 Rinehart and a YJ.But as Dooner said you can't beat a box of sand.It is freeeeee

From: Bou'bound
not portable but a sand pit is great

From: x-man

My shop is Page Lake Archery, come see me sometime.

If you'll notice, I spend most of my Bowsite time on the equipment forum trying to help those who ask, to make good choices.

I just checked your record here and since becoming a Bowsite member, you have made a few hundred posts. All but FIVE have been Feild Logic product defensive posts. In one of them you claim to live in the home town of Field Logic. Putting two and two together, I assumed you must work there. If I am wrong about that, then I am sorry. Maybe you're just "hoping" to work there someday when you're old enough? ;)

Lighten up dude, don't take life so serious.

From: MeanV2
I've used and sold dozens of different Broadhead targets, and nothing beats the the Cube by American Whitetail.


From: Maverick10

My apologies. I didn't think stating the facts of Cabela's website unbiased review's would get you so upset.

Thanks for checking me out though. You know more about me than I do.

I don't want an argument. You like what you like and I'll like what I like.

From: fen tiger
Dooner. Box size please, apx arrow weight/speed too. CATS are always one poop or very small kids bow blunt ahead of me! Would be easier to make kitty proof ! thank you.

From: tonyo6302
For me, the absolute best broadhead target is a relaxed whitetail deer, quartering away at 15 yards.

It usually won't stop an arrow though!



From: 5 shot
I shoot more broadheads than anyone I know. The 18 in 1 is about the best I have tried. The morell Yellow jacket would be 2nd followed by the "cube" targets. It took me 4 months to shoot out the 18 in 1 from Rinehart a good bit longer than most. A lot of those shots were with big simmons shark heads as well as a lot of 4 blade Zwickeys.

From: gopher707
took me 4 months also to shoot out a 18 n 1 kinda bummed me out and i was only using montecs

From: x-man

Again, you have no clue on what you are talking about. I am not employed by Field Logic."

Rocky Mountain 101 Main St. Superior, WI 54880 715-395-9955 800-282-4868 FAX: 715-395-9959 VP: Chad Stoll Fixed blade and expandable broadheads.

I rest my case.

From: leftybearfan
Although it may not be quite as durable as some others, the Yellow Jacket gets my vote due to the low cost. You can wear out two Yellow Jackets for the cost of one of the others. Just DON'T shoot field points into it.

From: ITapeIt
I would not recommend The Cube. My Buzzcuts shot right thru them in 2 months. Man these broadheads shoot in the same spot every time. Tough on fletchings..... I agree with Mike, the Mckenzie Shot Blocker is the best.

From: badjuju
yellow jacket for the price. haven't tried any others but the YJ is inexpensive, stops the shot and the removal is quite easy.

From: trophyhilll
good info out there, i too wore out a block 4x4. i read you should practice with broadheads 1 month before hunting season so i did. it took me 3 weeks for 2 hours a night and i was getting pass thrus with my firecat using tiburon 100 broadheads

Mckenzie shot blocker is pretty tough but it slivers just like the other layered targets, field points dont seem to harm it but broadheads tear it up fast. I liked the first one so well I bought another but havent shot it much yet it probably has 1000 shots so far and stops arrows very well even with magnus stingers.

From: fen tiger
Tight groups destroy any broadhead target within that grouping! Outside that group the target is fine. Duh!

I like the block 4x4 better than the yellow jacket (especially for removal). The bigger black hole is awesome for field points, but DON'T shoot broadheads into it...won't last a week.

Used sand up in quebec and I was quite surprised how well it worked.

From: Will
yellow jacket. BH's only but works AWESOME and lasts. I hear good things about the 18-1 but I have never shot it.

From: Bowfreak
After X-Mans last post, I only hear crickets.....

My 2 cents are. Best overall broadhead target is the 18-1. Blades with steep angles like the Slick Trick are rough on this target though.

Best bang for buck is the Yellow Jacket

Worst bang for buck is the Block 4X4.

From: DevilFan
Does the sand eventually damage the finish on carbon arrows?

Laugh if you want, but the best I have come up with is good old horse $-it. No fooling. I clean out the barn with the tractor and pile it up. After it sits there for awhile and dries out, it makes one heck of a good backstop. I isn't abbrasive like sand is. I just set a cardboard target up in front of it and fire away.

For you city slickers, you can usually get the stuff for free at a near by stable. They are always looking for a place to dispose of it. Many of them will even load it for you.

From: Canuck
18-1 by far!!!!

we tested the shot blocker alot on our bullheads and broadheads and still using and stopping arrows. works great

From: mrelite
The Block 4x4 is a good FT target but a horrible BH target blew it out on all sides in less than a month.

Trying a yellowjacket now and it seems pretty good so far.

From: wahyeh
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