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BIG buck found dead



Messages posted to thread:
tuckerman9 11-Jan-09
itshot 11-Jan-09
tuckerman9 11-Jan-09
illin 11-Jan-09
Chickendove 11-Jan-09
blazelefty7 11-Jan-09
Bonebuster 11-Jan-09
Buckhunter 11-Jan-09
Rupe 12-Jan-09
Africanbowhunter 12-Jan-09
LKH 12-Jan-09
pappy 12-Jan-09
nightstalker 12-Jan-09
guidermd 12-Jan-09
pappy 12-Jan-09
neverdull 12-Jan-09
Western MA Hunter 12-Jan-09
fuzzy 12-Jan-09
Bill VanderLaan 12-Jan-09
Animal Killer 12-Jan-09
TargetPanic 12-Jan-09
TargetPanic 12-Jan-09
Jon Simoneau 12-Jan-09
JTV 12-Jan-09
XMan 12-Jan-09
nightstalker 12-Jan-09
don richardson 12-Jan-09
AdamX3 12-Jan-09
TargetPanic 12-Jan-09
nightstalker 13-Jan-09
Shuteye 13-Jan-09
Shuteye 13-Jan-09
Shuteye 13-Jan-09
tobywon 13-Jan-09
BowSniper 13-Jan-09
longbeard 13-Jan-09
tobywon 13-Jan-09
TD 13-Jan-09
AdamX3 13-Jan-09
Shuteye 14-Jan-09
Shuteye 14-Jan-09
overspined 14-Jan-09
Chickendove 14-Jan-09
mountian man 15-Jan-09
Wages 15-Jan-09
nightstalker 15-Jan-09
Zbone 16-Jan-09
Standman 16-Jan-09
Zbone 17-Jan-09
Manitoba Bohuntr 17-Jan-09
Two Shot 19-Feb-09
Gray Ghost 20-Feb-09
Earl E Nove...mber 20-Feb-09
wisheds 20-Feb-09
wisheds 20-Feb-09
wisheds 20-Feb-09
wisheds 20-Feb-09
wisheds 20-Feb-09
Missing Whitetails 20-Feb-09
wisheds 20-Feb-09
Iowa bound 20-Feb-09
Iowa bound 20-Feb-09
Iowa bound 20-Feb-09
midwest@work 20-Feb-09
coke13 20-Feb-09
herd bull 20-Feb-09
Iowa bound 21-Feb-09
Rex Featherlin 24-Feb-09
Rex Featherlin 24-Feb-09
ozarkian 26-Feb-09
howler 26-Feb-09

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From: tuckerman9 Date: 11-Jan-09

tuckerman9's embedded Photo

I got this in an email and I have no info on it..thought someone here might..It was supposedly found in Illinois this year..

From: itshot Date: 11-Jan-09
uhhhh, i'm speechless

From: tuckerman9 Date: 11-Jan-09

tuckerman9's embedded Photo

here's another pic

From: illin Date: 11-Jan-09

illin's Supporting Link

Big thread on it in the illinois forum. A guy posted a trailcam photo of the buck. Says he had it just out of bow range this year. Here is a link.

From: Chickendove Date: 11-Jan-09
ugh! That is a kick in the nuts for sure.

From: blazelefty7 Date: 11-Jan-09
Yeah about 5 miles from the farm I hunt here inIL too....Disappointing to find him dead, but I do know there are two other bucks sporting his same genes running around that area.

From: Bonebuster Date: 11-Jan-09
That`s what chasing too many females will do to you!

From: Buckhunter Date: 11-Jan-09
nice lookin 1 1/2 yr buck ......... we grows em big in illinois ............ ROTFLMAO

From: Rupe Date: 12-Jan-09
Nature can be brutal.

Beautiful buck.

From: Africanbowhunter Date: 12-Jan-09
Note bullet wound in the head

Not a shotgun slug i would say!

From: LKH Date: 12-Jan-09
Bullet wound????

From: pappy Date: 12-Jan-09
I dont see where you see a bullet hole,,,I see ruffled hair and animal damage.

From: nightstalker Date: 12-Jan-09
Talked to people that had trail camera pics in the IL forum... NOthing was said about that being a bullet. He said he had the deer at about 50 yards a few times. "armchair jealous experts" What? Its a found deer? NOthing to be jealous of at all....

From: guidermd Date: 12-Jan-09
that's just a zit between his eyes, not a bullet. maybe some proactive jessica?

From: pappy Date: 12-Jan-09
I agree with nightstalker 100%

From: neverdull Date: 12-Jan-09
Nice buck, in Kansas it is against the law to pick up a skull that you find. You have to try and obtain a permit from KDWP before you can move it. Anyway that is a fine buck.

From: Western MA Hunter Date: 12-Jan-09
wow... what a shame...

From: fuzzy Date: 12-Jan-09
nice buck, but I don't see it as "a shame" at all actually, if it was natural causes, I'm kinda happy for him, he won the game! :-)

From: Bill VanderLaan Date: 12-Jan-09

Same thing here in Illinois. John (man in red vest) called the CPO to get a salvage tag and they told him that they would not be able to get there until the next morning. His repsonse was that he was not going to leave the rack until he had a salvage tag. The CPO told him to take the rack to his house and he would be out in the morning. If you look at some of the pics on the IL Forum thread (check the links) you will see that there is a salvage tag around the drop tine.

From: Animal Killer Date: 12-Jan-09
Nice buck. I found like that a few years back but about 5 times smaller 8^) That will look nice as a European mount.

From: TargetPanic Date: 12-Jan-09

TargetPanic's embedded Photo


From: TargetPanic Date: 12-Jan-09

TargetPanic's embedded Photo


From: Jon Simoneau Date: 12-Jan-09
Holy cow! I bet that old bow had a hard time getting through the brush with that wide rack on his head. Aside from the spread, the brow tines on that thing are amazing!

From: JTV Date: 12-Jan-09
Wow....look at those brows !!! Also what animal killer said :0) .....Jeff

From: XMan Date: 12-Jan-09
I gotta move, those are both friggin HUGE!

From: nightstalker Date: 12-Jan-09
Target panic that is likely a rare scoring deer because i doubt it gets all its spread credit.... You dont see those everyday.

From: don richardson Date: 12-Jan-09
i'm pretty sure you only need to get a tag from the dnr to pick up a skull if you intend to have it mounted which i would definetly have that monster mounted

From: AdamX3 Date: 12-Jan-09
i am not sure, but I think if the inside spread is greater than his beam length then he only gets a scrore credit for the longest beam...that would count as an inside spread. example...deer has a 32 inch spread but only has a 24 inch main beam, then the inside spread is 24. I could be wrong.

From: TargetPanic Date: 12-Jan-09
I'm not sure of the rules on the greatest spread???

Where this buck was allegedly found would be extremely rare for that part of Wisc. (rare anywhere for that matter).Dont have any info on how it died???

From: nightstalker Date: 13-Jan-09
Yes thats what i ment by not getting full spread credit. He would only get the length of his longest beam. Kinda a stupid rule i think..

From: Shuteye Date: 13-Jan-09
That was a nice buck for sure. Some hunter is sick about losing it. If you notice the nose is missing and my guess is that he was bleeding from the mouth and nose when he died. In my area the scavangers go after the rear end, entry/exit wound or any place they are bleeding. Just a guess.

From: Shuteye Date: 13-Jan-09

Shuteye's embedded Photo

Here is one I found.

From: Shuteye Date: 13-Jan-09

Shuteye's embedded Photo

This was inside of the buck. Not mine, I use Jak-Hammers only. A neighbor shot the buck.

From: tobywon Date: 13-Jan-09
Nice deer, can you imagine the comments on this thread if this had been a mechanical head??

From: BowSniper Date: 13-Jan-09
Or if you knew it was a gut shot and the number of hours the guy waited..?

From: longbeard Date: 13-Jan-09
OH Tobywon you took the words right out of my ironic that it was a just goes to show you, a bad shot is a bad shot no matter what broadhead you use!!

From: tobywon Date: 13-Jan-09
Longbeard, usually I don't think like this, but I have seen threads debating back and forth regarding this issue.

Oh, by the way, I see you have your hands full in the CT forum.

From: TD Date: 13-Jan-09
Serrated heads.... tisk, tisk, tisk.... =D

What Shuteye said, makes sense. Somebody somewhere is likely still laying awake in bed at night reliving their shot over and over and over....

From: AdamX3 Date: 13-Jan-09

AdamX3's embedded Photo

I shot this buck with my bow on 11-3-08. I hit the buck high and only got about an inch of penetration. I stopped the buck with a grunt which made him nervous. A split second before the shot the buck dropped and actually wheeled towards me to take off running. I heard the arrow hit with a loud smack and I new it wasnt going to be good. I looked for two days and never found him. We found the buck on 1-9-09 about four hundred yards from were I shot it. Both back legs were broken and he was only fifty yards from the road. I think it was hit by a car about two weeks before we found him. Sure enough my broadhead was lodged in the top of his shoulder and back bone.

From: Shuteye Date: 14-Jan-09

Shuteye's embedded Photo

I cut off the bucks head and took it and the broadhead to the guy that shot it. At least he got the antlers and the foxes in my woods didn't have to eat rabbits for a few days. This is a picture I took after I cut off the head and carried it to my yard.

From: Shuteye Date: 14-Jan-09

Shuteye's embedded Photo

Same buck, different angle.

From: overspined Date: 14-Jan-09
yep, it shows character to give it to the guy who shot it, even if it wasn't found until later. Tough to be proud of a pick-up when you know who killed it...

From: Chickendove Date: 14-Jan-09
way to go man - that is what it is all about. I respect that a ton. I can only imagine how happy he was to get that set of headgear.

From: mountian man Date: 15-Jan-09
What Adamx3 said is true. In B&C measuring on Whitetail Deer inside spread credit can't be greater than the longest main beam.

From: Wages Date: 15-Jan-09
congrats to you Shuteye, that was a very honorable thing to do.

I lost the first buck i ever shot with a bow when I was 15. Partly because because I took a shot that i shouldn't have, and partly because I was 15 and didn't know not to take a shot i shouldn't. :)

Our neighbor's son came down to hunt and found it on their place, and was kind enough to return my arrow, and tell me it was a good buck, but i never even got to see the rack, or even a picture of it. I felt real guilty about loosing the deer, so I didn't feel like he cheated me or anything, but it would have been nice to at least get to see it.

From: nightstalker Date: 15-Jan-09
I lost my first record book deer. A 4.5 year old 130s 9 pointer. Made a bad shot. he made it half a mile and we ran into people that were putting up stands for gun hunting. They didnt want us to cross their corner of the property after the deer. A man found the deer next to a pond a week later. He told my father where he found it. It was 75 yards from where we stopped. I told the man the deer had vines likely still tangled in his rack and had 5 points on his right side and 4 on the left. The man told me i could come and get the rack sometime. He wasnt a hunter. I made about 10 trips to the mans house and each time he had " loaned" it to someone. A buddy was dating his daughter and he told him " some kid keeps bothering me about this rack i have i wish he would just go away" So i did. Probably deserved it. Took a 15 yard quartering toward me shot and with a small 2 bladed head. Lesson learned.

From: Zbone Date: 16-Jan-09

Zbone's embedded Photo

Attached discovered Veteran's Day 2005.

I videod this buck throughout that summer.

This is not a staged photo, was taken as walked upon.

From: Standman Date: 16-Jan-09
Zbone, very intresting picture. Any idea who might have shot the deer?

From: Zbone Date: 17-Jan-09
Standman - Sent you a PM

From: Manitoba Bohuntr Date: 17-Jan-09

Manitoba Bohuntr's embedded Photo

I found this one dead 100 yards from the road. Definitely poached!

From: Two Shot Date: 19-Feb-09
Why was it "definitely poached"? If I find dead Deer within a hundred yards of a road, I figure road kill.

From: Gray Ghost Date: 20-Feb-09

Class act, my friend.


From: Earl E Nove...mber Date: 20-Feb-09
I know in my area when I find a deer dead close to the road I figure road hunters. aka poachers.. Secondary road traffics is seldom fast enough to kill anything. Now if it's 100 yards from a four lane,, yeah I would say possible road kill, but then again most of those,their antlers have a bit of road rash on them.

From: wisheds Date: 20-Feb-09

wisheds's embedded Photo

From: wisheds Date: 20-Feb-09

wisheds's embedded Photo

From: wisheds Date: 20-Feb-09

wisheds's embedded Photo

From: wisheds Date: 20-Feb-09

wisheds's embedded Photo

From: wisheds Date: 20-Feb-09

wisheds's embedded Photo

From: Missing Whitetails Date: 20-Feb-09
What's the stories WISHEDS?

From: wisheds Date: 20-Feb-09

wisheds's embedded Photo

Found them all this year shed hunting. We have sheds from the top buck at 3 and 4 years old. Found him dead this year at 5. He was laying about 40 yards from where we found his antlers the last two years.

The next buck was a not too far off the highway. Figured it must have been a roadkill.

The next one, 8 pointer, was found about a week after the close of the CWD season. Nothing had really started eating on it yet, but couldnt find any holes in him. Anyone who put in any effort to find that deer should have found him because he was in a OBVIOUS spot.

I dont know how the last guy died. Wounded or winter kill im guessing. Hard to say though.

Heres one more that I forgot about. Kind of a knarley guy. Feel bad for the guy who couldnt find him.

From: Iowa bound Date: 20-Feb-09
Way to go Shuteye, What Gray Ghost said.

From: Iowa bound Date: 20-Feb-09
Way to go Shuteye, What Gray Ghost said.

From: Iowa bound Date: 20-Feb-09
Way to go Shuteye, What Gray Ghost said.

From: midwest@work Date: 20-Feb-09
You can say that again, Iowa bound.

From: coke13 Date: 20-Feb-09

coke13's embedded Photo

Found while shed hunting

From: herd bull Date: 20-Feb-09
wisheds, that's pretty weird almost disturbing. You either have somebody in the neighborhood who isn't a good shot, a paocher/violater, deer that have a love attraction (fatal) with cars, or some cases of CWD. You did mention a CWD hunt, are you down by Madison?

Either way that's a major bummer and maybe even worth reporting. Seems way to coincidental to find decent bucks like that dead in such a short period of time. No arrow pieces in any of them?

From: Iowa bound Date: 21-Feb-09
LOL!!! I have no idea how that happened. first triple post for me.

From: Rex Featherlin Date: 24-Feb-09

Rex Featherlin's embedded Photo

Found this one after the first firearm segment in Illinois.

From: Rex Featherlin Date: 24-Feb-09

Rex Featherlin's embedded Photo

Another pic

From: ozarkian Date: 26-Feb-09
nice pictures everyone. but sure is a sad sight!

From: howler Date: 26-Feb-09
I think its great that some of these guys die of Old Age,

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