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Timberline No Peep Sight Eliminator



Messages posted to thread:
Jeeper 19-Jan-09
Huey 19-Jan-09
piton 19-Jan-09
spikehorn 19-Jan-09
BR Stinger 20-Jan-09
bow shot 20-Jan-09
diamondLangus 20-Jan-09
smarba 20-Jan-09
Will 20-Jan-09
c3 20-Jan-09
Troy/OK 20-Jan-09
Sirhuntsalot 20-Jan-09
SNYPER31 20-Jan-09
Jwillman6 20-Jan-09
GregE 21-Jan-09
Timbow 21-Jan-09
Jeeper 21-Jan-09
Mystic Arrow 22-Jan-09
EkBreathFlapMeCollar 22-Jan-09
Jeeper 28-Jan-09
x-man 28-Jan-09
Jeeper 28-Jan-09
x-man 28-Jan-09
Jeeper 28-Jan-09
Jeeper 04-Feb-09
Huey 04-Feb-09
diamondLangus 05-Feb-09
Jeeper 05-Feb-09
Will 05-Feb-09
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From: Jeeper Date: 19-Jan-09
I did a search for this topic and didn't come up with anything in the forums. So, here is my question. Have any of you used the Timberline No Peep Sight Eliminator? If so, what are your thoughts....positive or negative?

Thanks Jeeper

From: Huey Date: 19-Jan-09

Huey's Supporting Link

I have one and love it. Really shows you hand torque.

Here is a link to another thread on NoPeep's.

From: piton Date: 19-Jan-09
I have it and love it as well. I've gust recently taken my sight completely off and put my release in the closet. I'm shooting my HOYT VECTRIX with fingers, instinctively and I defiantly think there no peep help get me there.

From: spikehorn Date: 19-Jan-09
I wouldn't be without mine. More accurate and consistant for me, especially in awkward positions.

Try the search again, there should be plenty ...

From: BR Stinger Date: 20-Jan-09
Yeah, there is a ton of old threads on this. Just type in No Peep.

But yes, I have one and can't figure out why anyone would want to use a peep sight anymore.

From: bow shot Date: 20-Jan-09
Love it. Good for older eyes like mine. As I got older, looking through a peep dims my sight pins (even with a very large peep), and with the no-peep that issue is gone. Really good for showing you if your grip or anchor drifts.

I wonder though.. I don't think any target shooters use them.

From: diamondLangus Date: 20-Jan-09
I have one also. Have been using it for about, well long enough I really can't remember, but I do know I have no intention of ever not using one.

From: smarba Date: 20-Jan-09
Works awesome. Also, has an advantage that peeps don't have: it immediately tells you if you are torquing your bow with your hand on the handle.

Do a search for no-peep and you'll find lots of info.


From: Will Date: 20-Jan-09
Great little addition to my bow. I have found it really useful and my accuracy at long range has improved since starting to use it.


From: c3 Date: 20-Jan-09
They are great for sorting out form issues like torque, but are not as accurate as a normal peep. Top target archers all still use a normal peep because you develope a shot sequence that aligns all the pieces down a tunnel sort of speak until you are looking at the target and the release goes off.

Eye to peeep, peep to housing, dot to spot, focus on the spot, boom you see the arrow center punch the spot.

The No Peep is out of this line and is more difficult to develope a subconcious shot routine around. You can train yourself to see it in your peripheral vision well enough, but it's just not down the line of sight to keep it concentric during the complete shot sequence.

They are an incredible tool for developing a perfect torque free shot though.

Just my $0.02

Cheers, Pete

From: Troy/OK Date: 20-Jan-09
Put one on my bow in 1998. It is a mandatory accessory on my bow. I have gone through 3 bows, but still have my NoPeep.


From: Sirhuntsalot Date: 20-Jan-09
LOVE IT....I know some that didnt like them but most guy really like once they get used to them.

From: SNYPER31 Date: 20-Jan-09
I HAVE 2 OR 3 BUT prefer the anchor bow site instead.its basically the same thing but has a larger aperture. i agree w/ others--it takes getting used to.i can never go back to a peep sight again..

From: Jwillman6 Date: 20-Jan-09
I do not know if mine was set up right, but I could not hit anything with the one I had. I've heard better things about the Anchor sight. I would check this out before I bought a device like this.

From: GregE Date: 21-Jan-09
"I do not know if mine was set up right, but I could not hit anything with the one I had. "

Hmmm, I think you answered your own comment, JWillman.

It does take some time and effort to set the No Peep up corectly, those that don't/ can't usally don't care for it. I used one sice they first came out until two years ago. Back to a G5 blue peep because it's so much lighter but am thinking about putting a NP back on.

From: Timbow Date: 21-Jan-09
They're awesome, especially in treestands. I've lined up on deer before just to look at the no peep and realize I was not bending at the waist enough. I know it's saved me from missing/wounding more than one deer.

From: Jeeper Date: 21-Jan-09
Thanks for all the comments guys. In general, with a few exceptions, most of you love it. Well, that's really good to hear because I ordered one last week and it should arrive any day now. I've been pretty good with a peep sight but just keep thinking that one of these days that tube is going to pop off and wack me in the eye. Ive tried the G5 blue (tubeless) peep sight but got a little frsutrated with trying to get it to line up properly. Besides, it wouldn't be any fun if you didn't try something new occasionally.

From: Mystic Arrow Date: 22-Jan-09
Is it better to use a kisser w/ these no peep devices or not really ?

From: EkBreathFlapMeCollar Date: 22-Jan-09

From: Jeeper Date: 28-Jan-09
EkBreathFlapMeCollar....That's good to hear. Last night I spent about 2 hours setting it up. I haven't sighted in my pins yet given that it is dang cold outside and we are getting a ton of snow.

However, I do have a question for all of you who use the No Peep. I'm left handed but right-eye dominant. Theoretically, the No Peep should be a huge advantage for me since I can now sight in using my dominant eye rather than closing it and looking through my peep sight with my left eye. Are any of you in this position (i.e., shooting right or left handed but having the opposit eye dominant)? If so, did it take you longer to adjust to the No Peep? Just curious.

From: x-man Date: 28-Jan-09
You should be shooting a right handed bow, no matter if you use a peep or a no-peep. It doesn't matter what hand you are in archery, just what eye dominance you have. I doubt you'll have enough sight adjustment to use your dominant eye with the pins, and your non-dominant eye with the no-peep.

From: Jeeper Date: 28-Jan-09

I've been a left-handed bowhunter for 25 years. I don't think I'll be switching to a right-handed bow anytime soon. I've got the No Peep set up as per the instructions (i.e., if I keep the exact same anchor point each time the black dot lines up perfectly) and this is with using my dominant (right eye). I guess my real concern is how long it will take before this becomes an instinctively repeatable anchor point under hunting conditions. With the peep sight it's pretty basic....look through the peep and put the appropriate pin on the target. Obviously I would like to switch to the No Peep (for all the reasons they advertise), but it will depend on how comfortable I get with it. As many mentioned above, it takes some time so I think I'll stick with it for awhile and see what happens. The worst case scenario is that I'll just return to using my peep sight.

From: x-man Date: 28-Jan-09
Just last year I convinced a guy in his 50's to try a left handed bow for a while(he is right handed left eye dominent). He had been shooting right handed bows his entire life. His league scores went from the mid 280's to the high 290's with his first ever perfect 300. It took him about 100 shots to get used to drawing with the other hand. Now he kicks himself for not switching decades ago. All that time, strugling with shots in low light where his dominant eye would take over. Now he can shoot with a 3/16" peep and never loose the animal in low light, because he can shoot with both eyes open.

All I'm saying is don't knock it unless you've givin it a honest try.

From: Jeeper Date: 28-Jan-09
Well, I can't deny your point. I met a guy this past fall while deer hunting (he actually shot the buck I had been scouting) and he told me that he switched from left to right after a few years. Obviously it didn't hurt his accuracy...dang it)! I'm not too concerned after this evening about the No Peep learning curve. I just finished 50 pulls of my bow in 5 sets of 10 and the anchor point was bang on every time. Hence, the No Peep worked as it should. I was just a little discouraged after I set it up late last night and didn't seem to be able to centre the black dot without consciously focusing on my anchor point. As we all know, there is enough to think about when you are drawing on big game without having to worry about your anchor point. Now I realize that a consistent anchor point can become pretty instinctive with a little dedicated practice.

From: Jeeper Date: 04-Feb-09
Okay one more question on the No Peep. I haven't been able to try it outdoors yet, but it strikes me that if bright sunlight is coming from behind you, there would be a lot of glare on the No Peep lense, making it difficult to see. Am I correct?

From: Huey Date: 04-Feb-09
I've never noticed that. It's great not to worry about seeing through a regular peep in low light too.

From: diamondLangus Date: 05-Feb-09
I have never noticed any glare with the sun behind me. It has been easy to see in all light conditions.

From: Jeeper Date: 05-Feb-09
Thanks guys. I think I'm really going to like the No Peep. It definitely improves your consistency in form and, I imagine, once you become consistent with your anchor point the need to even look at the no peep will diminish substantially.

Happy hunting No Peepers!

From: Will Date: 05-Feb-09
I will admit that with some very direct sun/light angles the no peep has some glare. Not so much that I couldnt shoot it well... but enough that it was noticeable.

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