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Arrowslinger92 20-Jan-09
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Arrowslinger92 20-Jan-09
Millsie 20-Jan-09
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Millsie 21-Jan-09
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Plowjockey 23-Jan-09
Ive heard a lot of guys with awesome hunting ringtones like elk bugling or turkey gobbles and was wondering where i could get these ringtones.

Thanks Scott

From: Millsie
I googled up "free elk ringtones", picked a site, and got a elk ringtone for free. They have other animal sounds also. A barred owl lets me know I have a message.

what site did you get it from

From: Millsie
Honestly my wife downloaded them while I was watching hunting videos. Wifes sleeping now. Will get back to you as soon as I can. There's plenty of great ones if you don't mind paying. Google up "elk bugle ringtones".

From: wild1

Don't pay - they're free, or find another free one.

From: TD
I got my elk bugle ring tone from RMEF. Not sure if they still have it or not. It wasn't free, but I just figured it a donation.

Pretty cool. Women hide their children when it goes off in the supermarket.

From: Cigma
20-Jan-09 this site has most any download you would want. right click on your selection, select 'save target as' and save to your desired location.

From: live2hunt88
21-Jan-09 has free ringtones, and i got my duck, deer, and elk ringtones off there

From: Longhorn
My son put his phone up to the computer and recorded one and sent it to me, then he put it on my phone as the ring tone. I have no idea how he did it, but teenagers seem to always know how. I was at a convience store and another man heard mine and wanted it. He had his daughter with him and she took our phones and put my ring tone on his phone...

There is a website where you can buy them if you want at redneck ringtones....

From: Millsie
My wifes awake!

live2hunt,, can you help me download a ringtone,, realy new to this.. many thanks

From: Kodi
I do not think I can download elk ringtones on my phone. US Cellular LG Phone. Any luck with this???

22-Jan-09 has elk, turkeys, lions & tons of others for FREE !!!!!!!!

From: Plowjockey
We found some on Redneck ringtones.. Has elk, turkies, ducks wolves ect... My son downloaded the pig squealing for my number little twerp.. So when we are someplace I will dial his phone and he gets some funny looks from alot of people...

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