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From: JensenLane
I'm looking at buying my son a bow. I have been looking at the mission menace. What do you guy's think?

From: x-man
I think(know) it's a two cam version of the Genesis. I'm not real fond of the skinny split limbs and the stamped metal axle retainers unless your son is young, and would get into a better bow before he gets to hunting size.

There are many more options in youth bows that have higher quality limbs, axles, and machined aluminum risers instead of extruded risers like the Menace has.

The Menace is cheap in every meaning of the word in my opinion. If all you are looking for is a starter bow to get him interested, then it's a fine choice. But if you're looking for a serious high quality youth bow, look into the higher end bows.

Sorry if I burst your bubble about this bow, but you did ask, and I'm not one to suger-coat anything. The Mathews marketing mega giant that it is, will no doubt sell a ton of these bows, and since guys don't like to admit being dooped, there will no doubt be a bunch of guys on here to sing it's praises. That is life.

From: gh-1
i just bought a mathews mission menace on friday and set it up today with a bisquit ,sight,peep,loop.i am amazed how well it shoots.this will be a good starter bow for my grand children and other relatives children.the draw length is from 18 to 30 inches,weight adjust 15 to 50 lbs.this bow will also be fun for first time lady shooters, I also found it fun to shoot.well worth the money.time will tell about the quality and durability i will keep you posted on that issue.

From: bowaholic
I don't think you will find a starter bow with any more adjustability than the Menace. It might depend on how old your son is and how serious he is about shooting. If you don't like the split limbs you might look at the Mission UX2. Years ago I bought my son the Browning Micro Adreline and had excellent luck with it. They have upgraded it since that time. It might be worth a look. I think it is comparable in price to the Menace.

From: gh-1
tryed a browning adrenaline ,is a nice youth bow but wanted awider range of weight adjust that the mission menace has.

From: x-man
The Menace weight range is dependant on the draw length(you only get 50# at 30"). I'm not sure most poeple realise that. The "other" youth bows with 10" draw length adjustment are similar in that reguard.

From: Buffalo 1
I tried the UX2. It offers a 22-30" draw with draw weights from 30-70#. It is very smooth and might be a good "starter" bow. UX2 is 2 1/8" longer and about a pound heavier. With cam new cams the bow could be expanded weight-wise.For $70 you would be getting more bow and probably a little bit better resale value.

From: TKrets
Talk to your pro shop guy/gal...I was looking at the UX2 and X3 from Mission. Ended up I think we're gonna go with the Parker Wildfire XP for my son (16). I shoot a Matthews SB LD, but not looking to spend that kind of money these days. The Wildfire we're looking hard at has a 29" draw with a module to go to 30" if his draw gets any longer. Comes in a 50-60 lb draw wt, but they have others, 40-50 and 60-70 I believe. I also believe there are other draw lengths available. It's a nice little bow for the price, about $400 with the "outfitter package", which is a 3 pin sight, hostage rest, and a quiver.

From: DeerMount
I'm a die hard Mathews shooter, but I bought my son a pse spyder and have been very happy with it. Theres plenty of adjustment, he was 12 when I bought it and by the time hes ready for heavy poundage it will be passed down to one of my youger kids. I looked at the menace for my wife but she'll probably get a spyder too.

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