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Bear bait barrel



Messages posted to thread:
Brock-ID 01-Mar-09
Brock-ID 01-Mar-09
Brock-ID 01-Mar-09
Brock-ID 01-Mar-09
Brock-ID 01-Mar-09
Brock-ID 01-Mar-09
Mr Wapiti 01-Mar-09
Mt. man 01-Mar-09
Brock-ID 02-Mar-09
Stickflinger 02-Mar-09
Brock-ID 02-Mar-09
Waughman 12-Mar-09
Mike Ukrainetz 17-Mar-09

Chubby Bear
by mangonboat

by No Mercy

Black Bear hitting Feeder
by Warhammer

Smoked in Canada
by Deepstep

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From: Brock-ID Date: 01-Mar-09

Brock-ID's embedded Photo

I built another bait barrel this morning and am looking for any ideas to improve it. Here are a few photos..

From: Brock-ID Date: 01-Mar-09

Brock-ID's embedded Photo

The pipe we cut to weld on the side of the barrel to hold the chains.

From: Brock-ID Date: 01-Mar-09

Brock-ID's embedded Photo

Welded some rod around the hole to eliminate sharp edges, and then used the grinder to smooth it off.

From: Brock-ID Date: 01-Mar-09

Brock-ID's embedded Photo

Side view.

From: Brock-ID Date: 01-Mar-09

Brock-ID's embedded Photo

Inside view, welded this bar on the inside to hlep open the paw when it is scooping out bait.

From: Brock-ID Date: 01-Mar-09

Brock-ID's embedded Photo

Finished product.

From: Mr Wapiti Date: 01-Mar-09
hey thats nice can i borrow it :)

i like the bar on the inside i might have to do the same thing on "mine"

From: Mt. man Date: 01-Mar-09
That looks familiar. Good job. I think I saw one just like that today.

From: Brock-ID Date: 02-Mar-09
Mr. Wapiti, I have a "special" one for you...

From: Stickflinger Date: 02-Mar-09
What does the bar do? Keep them from getting everything out?

From: Brock-ID Date: 02-Mar-09
I am hoping it will open up their paw when they are pulling out food scraps from the bottom of the barrel.

From: Waughman Date: 12-Mar-09

Waughman's embedded Photo

The only suggestion I would make is make the hole smaller. Attached is a photo of the barrel I hunted over last September in NW Saskatchewan. If you look at the lower right corner of the picture you can see the size of the hole they had in their barrels. The hole was the size of a Skoal can. If you like filling the barrel with bait often your barrel is fine. If not you should consider making the hole smaller.

Just my thoughts.

From: Mike Ukrainetz Date: 17-Mar-09

Mike Ukrainetz's Supporting Link

I don't mean to be a know-it-all but it looks like the hole is around 6 inches across? That gets to a dangerous size where a yearling cub or 2 yr old can get his head stuck in the barrel. I've had it happen, fortunately we check most of our baits almost every day so we could get him out, which wasn't easy though. I have found either keep the hole less than 5 inches, preferably 4 inches when using small bait pieces or go bigger than 10 inches, preferably a foot. We have used a bigger hole when we can only get bigger meats scraps, bone attached stuff. We can jam it all in the barrel and the bears can still get it out. A foot wide hole as apposed to just an open ended barrel at least keeps the ravens out too.

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