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Lion Charges Man



Messages posted to thread:
Rupe 02-Mar-09
Oakie 02-Mar-09
Rhody 03-Mar-09
leftybearfan 03-Mar-09
Jimbo 03-Mar-09
Rupe 03-Mar-09
elmer 03-Mar-09
elmer 03-Mar-09
mn_archer 03-Mar-09
owensdad 03-Mar-09
Dale Cover 03-Mar-09
70lbdraw 03-Mar-09
Thumper 03-Mar-09
Thumper 03-Mar-09
Rupe 03-Mar-09
Thumper 03-Mar-09
Oakie 03-Mar-09
RK 03-Mar-09
Waterfowler 03-Mar-09
Zbone 03-Mar-09
AZ~Rich 03-Mar-09
AZ~Rich 03-Mar-09
missingstrands idaho 03-Mar-09
RK 03-Mar-09
TD 03-Mar-09
Matt2 03-Mar-09
David Alford 03-Mar-09
tobinsghost 03-Mar-09
wildman 03-Mar-09
David Alford 03-Mar-09
Trophy8 03-Mar-09
chip 03-Mar-09
Africanbowhunter 04-Mar-09
Africanbowhunter 04-Mar-09
David Alford 04-Mar-09
Acoupstick 04-Mar-09
fuzzy 04-Mar-09
Cassman 04-Mar-09
RK 04-Mar-09
Clark 04-Mar-09
Zbone 04-Mar-09
jaybee 05-Mar-09
fuzzy 05-Mar-09
Rupe 09-Mar-09
Shuteye 09-Mar-09
fuzzy 10-Mar-09
city hunter 10-Mar-09

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From: Rupe Date: 02-Mar-09
Last few seconds are intense!!!

From: Oakie Date: 02-Mar-09
Wow! I don't know how the guy stands up and shakes their hands. I think I might have keeled over and laid there a bit myself. Pretty cool footage.

From: Rhody Date: 03-Mar-09
somebody placed a life saving shop

From: leftybearfan Date: 03-Mar-09
Wow. It's amazing how fast those things can cover 50 yds.

From: Jimbo Date: 03-Mar-09
Can you imagine having a bow in your hands at that moment?!

From: Rupe Date: 03-Mar-09
I'm amazed every time I watch it. That was TOO close

From: elmer Date: 03-Mar-09
Holy CRAP!! I'd need a shower or bath to clean up after that!! How do you just stand there?

They say to do the same thing with a grizz, but when you watch these things full speed it just amazes me and makes me wonder often if I could really just stand there when they charge.

From: elmer Date: 03-Mar-09

From: mn_archer Date: 03-Mar-09
That is nothing,

I go through scarier things on a daily basis- it is called being engaged! lol


From: owensdad Date: 03-Mar-09
coool video.

From: Dale Cover Date: 03-Mar-09
Nice head shot there.

From: 70lbdraw Date: 03-Mar-09
Mommy!!..."I think I made dirty pants!!"

From: Thumper Date: 03-Mar-09
Safe, he slid in under the

From: Thumper Date: 03-Mar-09
Why was everyone down in the semi-prone kneeling position?

From: Rupe Date: 03-Mar-09
" Why was everyone down in the semi-prone kneeling position?"

Because they were praying as they aimed. LOL

From: Thumper Date: 03-Mar-09
Rupe you just might be

Maybe its why the lion charged, saw the hunters as(smaller) prey trying to hide.

From: Oakie Date: 03-Mar-09
Possible better bullet trajectory? Being above the animal, albeit slightly, you would have to compensate for lion travel versus bullet down travel. Whereas on the same level, your bullet is traveling flat and you are only likely to miss left or right.

Standing shots might not lead enough and rake his back or only punch his haunches, whereas kneeling shots go through his chest/head, and along his body. Better chance for success? I don't know.

The lesson I took away from this is like the 'outrunning your buddies from the bear' joke. Don't be the fool that's 20 feet closer to the lion than everybody else.

This reminds me of the grizzly hunt Pat has in the archives. I still tell people about that story.

From: RK Date: 03-Mar-09

They are down to shoot under the limbs and brush. Where they made their biggest mistake was to spread out that far. They should have had a unified front so the lion charged all of them. Concentrated fire at that point.

The lion charged because he was already wounded and it was follow up on him.

Dicey stuff for sure and they lucked out with the head shot at the last.

Standing there with a bow? Dinner for the Lion LOL !

From: Waterfowler Date: 03-Mar-09
That PH looks like Johan Calitz. I'd have to clean my shorts for sure.

From: Zbone Date: 03-Mar-09
Was it the guy it slide into with the killing head shot?

From: AZ~Rich Date: 03-Mar-09
It looks like that is the case, he sure had a head-on shot so to speak!! The look on that lion's face I'm is surely ingrained into that dude's brain forever!

From: AZ~Rich Date: 03-Mar-09
Geez cant type sometimes...Meant to say: "The look on that lion's face is surely ingrained into that dude's brain forever!"

From: missingstrands idaho Date: 03-Mar-09
Look at the lions back leg when it runs. It looks like his leg is broken. Amazing how fast the thing is with a broken leg. Lucky shot the guy saved his on life that is for certain. if you watch carefully the PH's first shot missed by a mile and hit a tree branch.

PS there is another lion charge on with an amazing shot in it also. search for LION ATTACKS MAN.

From: RK Date: 03-Mar-09
Just a word to the wise..investigate how many lion, leopard, elephant, hippo, buffalo chargers your PH has ACTUALLY had...if you are booking that kind of hunt. What you will probably find is NOT that many. Times have changed from the old days when many PH's had many of them. Choose wisely grasshopper.

From: TD Date: 03-Mar-09
Pretty neat, you could see the bullet hit him square in the head. Cool as ice shooting.

They spread out because that's what hunters do. You throw one of your own to the lions in hopes you're the last one to be eaten.

From: Matt2 Date: 03-Mar-09
I think it is Johan Calitz I remember him from Under Wild Skies Africa with Tony Makris and Wayne LaPierre.

From: David Alford Date: 03-Mar-09
He basically saved his own arse. 5 hunters and only 4 might expect 10 shots, but I admit it was a fast charge.

Now here's a question for the safari experts: in deer hunting when you wound an animal and it's not a solid hit, it's very common to wait until the next day to take up the trail. While that might have been the case here, it seems in Africa when dangerous game is hit, they don't wait THAT long before beginning the tracking, an hour or whatever...why not wait at least as long as you would in regular deer hunting?

From: tobinsghost Date: 03-Mar-09
Did you guys look at the other clips on that website?

From: wildman Date: 03-Mar-09

From: David Alford Date: 03-Mar-09
Here's an even more exciting lion attack, although possibly a canned hunt!

From: Trophy8 Date: 03-Mar-09
Now that's up close and personal...great video.

From: chip Date: 03-Mar-09
I believe that when a lion charges he will pick out one man and focus just on him. Heck of a video.

From: Africanbowhunter Date: 04-Mar-09

Africanbowhunter's embedded Photo

It was Johan Calitz in Botswana i guess Mopani trees-

he runs a PH School in RSA is is one of the best PH alive

By getting down the lion has a chance ce to go over him rather than raking him with fang 7 claw

It was well planned and since you have no idea which direction the formation was proper half the time wounded buffalo and lions leopard come from the rear, hitting the folks in the back e back.

dropping a male lion an a full Charge has to be one of the greatest hunting experience of a Lifetime.

elephant are easier to hit Lions are faster and more lethal.

The cemetery in Nairobi Kenya at the turn of the century had this written.

"There are many graves of fine young hunters here that shot high on a lion charge"

There are hot professional hunters, and Old professional hunters, but there are no HOT OLD professional hunters. anon

Jolly Good show as they say

Well Done!

Tink Retired African PH

PS Thats me wrassling with a Male African Lion who bit my wrist and gave me a nasty infection!

From: Africanbowhunter Date: 04-Mar-09
He has just lost his spots and was getting mean

I took Jacquis .38Spl just in case!

From: David Alford Date: 04-Mar-09
Hey Tink, I was charged by a racoon once! Come to think of it I've also had a few girl friends go into full out feline attack mode as well. You can't stop them, the only option is full out retreat or at best, deflection.

From: Acoupstick Date: 04-Mar-09
What Tink didn't tell you is that after you shoot a lion at full charge you have to walk around pulling a cart behind you for the rest of your life.


From: fuzzy Date: 04-Mar-09
RK, I was unclear on your advice. Are we to look for PH who have MORE experience with stopping charges, or less?

(ie:better ar avoiding the situation, or more proven at the "game")

From: Cassman Date: 04-Mar-09
Hey Tink. I had the same thing happen to me in Zambia. The wounded lion charged and the trackers all ran and climbed trees.I shot him with a 375 H&H and dropped him in his tracks.

From: RK Date: 04-Mar-09
Fuzzy...more experience with charging game..LOL Less is not a good thing.

From: Clark Date: 04-Mar-09
From what I've heard, it was Johan in Botswana. Cat was wounded by a lady hunter and they brought in the cavalry -- several PH's. You get low on a cat charge so you take them head on and don't miss.

From: Zbone Date: 04-Mar-09
If ya look good, can see where the cat was wounded in the right rear leg.

From: jaybee Date: 05-Mar-09
All I can say is that - If you Play with fire you can get burned!

From: fuzzy Date: 05-Mar-09
jaybee, shoulda told that to the Cat! ;-)

From: Rupe Date: 09-Mar-09
That cat still moved pretty fast despite the wounded back leg.

From: Shuteye Date: 09-Mar-09
That was pretty impresive. I saw a show about hunting elephants back some time ago and the hunter and PH stopped a bull elephant's charge with head shots. He went right down. The show was dedicated to the PH because he was killed by an elephant after the film was done.

From: fuzzy Date: 10-Mar-09
thats what I'd thought, thanks! :-)

From: city hunter Date: 10-Mar-09
I wouldnt mind beng in a fox hole with that group of PH hunters .Thats hunting american game cant even come close .. even the largest bears are no match for the cats,, they lower there bodies to direct there shots straight into the frontal head sending the bullet into the back of the skull providing best bullet placement ,, insuring the animal drops.. also it would instill the cat to attack as he sees a chance to attack his chasers as they stand at bay,, its a do or die situation ,, somebody or someone isnt going home,, whats funny i wouldnt want to be pone of those trackers no gun ,,,,lol

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